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I enjoyed going to Atascocita. The school and the teachers were nice. I enjoyed the difference sports and programs they offered and the teachers were always available for the students when we needed help. The administration and counselors always made the environment inviting to come and talk about whatever problems we may have had.
The teachers are really involved with students. The faculty members are always wanting the best for the students and they truly like their job.
I would like to see changes in administration leadership such as more informed Assistant Principles and policies such as punishment for IDs and dress code.
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I enjoyed the many times I was able to understand the curriculum in each class. I did not enjoy the lack of action towards today's bullying.
Atascocita High school is a large school with over 3,000 students and a little more than 700 in my graduating class. I am particularly proud of AHS's highly competitive sports teams. Our 6A varsity football team and varsity basketball team made the playoffs for at least the last four years that I have attended with all other sports placing high as well. Another key feature and attractive quality to this school is the diversity of our students. This gives AHS students better a advantage in cultural awareness and equality. If I had to critique one thing, I would say that the hallways can get too crowded between class periods - due to volume. Overall, Atascocita High School is a very good choice!
Atascocita High School has been a second home to my home town. It has offered me so many new friendships, new relationships, and new bonds. Before even attending, the students and faculty make you feel right at home. It is a positive environment where each teacher and administrator have only one goal and that is for their students to succeed.
I had an amazing time at atascocita, the staff and the students were amazing. Going to the home games, the pep rally's were always amazing especially if it had a group of friends to go with.
There is quite a bit of diversity. When I lived in Missouri, mostly White people went to my middle school but upon arriving I’m Atascocita High School, there is a lot of diversity that enables me to meet new people that have become some of my closest friends.
the discipline program is too strict for some offences that are out of students control, for example, detention for a morning arrival tardy.
Most of the teachers genuinely care about your education and are willing to work with you and help with college recommendations.
Atascocita High School is a very inclusive school that helps everyone and makes anyone immediately feel welcomed.
As a current senior attending, I can say that this school opens the doors of oppurtunity to those who want to succeed. The faculty and teachers won't hand it to you, they teach you what it means to work for what you want.
I spend my junior and senior year in this school after moving from Pakistan. Teachers are very cooperative and helping. Individual attention from my counselor played an important role in my success. She helped me get used to this new environment and new people.My school experience would have been much better if I knew more about different types of courses offered and I would have been able to make some friends.
Atascocita High School has had a major impact in my life and helped me grow into the person I am today. It is huge and it contains a lot of diversity which emphasizes the idea of non-racial issues and connects every individual in a way. I want to thank this school for guiding me towards my future and being able to teach me the "reality" of life. I absolutely love it
Its a great place with great people. Many of the staff there are friendly towards student and know how to set a nice and friendly atmosphere. Overall, its a amazing place to attend school and I would highly recommend it.
Its a great school. Most of the teachers are respectful and good at teaching. And the sports programs are great. Expectully the football program. I nevered had any problems with Atascocita.
Great environment for most students with outstanding programs! A lot of programs may be lacking, but overall a great school!
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I love this school! I was enrolled into another district and came to humble when I was in 8th grade. It was quite different. Once I got comfortable I loved it, the teachers are amazing and work hard to motivate you and advance you to the next level. The school is a big great community.
Atascocita was a great high school to go to. I was in student council and we always tried to help and create a good environment for other students. Most of the teachers care about each of their kids and provide a lot of resources.
There is nothing about Atascocita High School I would change at all. The faculty and Staff are very attentive over the students that are attending their school. Teacher there always make time for their students.
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