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I liked the area the school was located in. The area was diverse and i was able to befriend a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds. Atascocita High School had great staff that were all enthusiastic to teach and made their learning environments fun. One thing i disliked about Atascocita High School is the amount of students that attended. There were so many students, the walk from class to class took almost all of the time i had to get to where i was going. I was late several times due to over crowded hallways.
I had a good four years at Atascocita High School, I successfully graduated with high honors and a high ranking. Many of my teachers were very caring and truly wanted us to succeed and the rigor of the classes was challenging enough to prepare us for the rigor of college. Although, there are a few teachers who do not seem to care and will give students high grades even if the student barely tried. Also, the security of campus is not necessarily strict enough to keep students safe from the actions of other students.
AHS is a great place to learn. It is a very diverse school and there are opportunities for everyone there. All the teachers are willing and ready to help all students. It is a great sense of community at the school.
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AHS is a pretty big public school. The pep rallies and teachers are fantastic. The AP offerings are great too.
I really enjoyed being at Atascocita High. The school was very diverse. I was a basketball player there and the student body was very supportive. The pep rallies were great and kept the students informed and engaged.
I enjoyed the studies,they pushed me to work hard and learn more. I did not enjoy the little security the school offered, it remains easy for anyone to bring in weapons and overpower what little security they have. I also did not like that there was not enough one on one attention between the students and the teachers.
I loved the diversity and how accepting everyone is. Most of the teachers are very nice and will help you with just about anything you need.
I loved the school spirit and how the school is one big melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures.
Atascocita high school showed a lot of great school spirit from sweaters to football games. I was in band and we always had school spirit playing and marching our way to success bringing light and fun to it. We always mingled with the other school and most of all our number one rival, Kingwood. After games we would play ride the pony in the parking lot and have fun with the Kingwood band. It was always about fun when it came to competitions and everyone came down to see us play. The one thing I would like to see change is punishing the whole school for fights that only two people were involved with. We almost were denied a prom due to someone's stupidity.
Atascocita is a great highschool with a lot of diversity, great teachers and athletics. The Principal is one of the best in the state and his staff is wonderful.
I loved my experience at AHS, during this time I found out who I wanted to be. I was involved in NHS and the drill team at the school and it made my experience very good because of the friends and support I had.
It was a good school. I liked the way the principles would involve the student in everyday life.they didn't treat their students like little kids. they treated them as young adults.
I love that Atascocita high school is home to many different students in relation to ethnicity, race, religion, and background. It provides me with multiple perspectives on political, social and economic issues.

The only thing I wish could change about Atascocita High School, is how much money is going to any sector/activity of the campus. The fine arts program for example does not receive as much funding as it deserves. Despite being awarded national championships, winning state competitions and doing extremely well in general, the fine arts program still lacks the proper funding and equipment it needs to continue to be successful.
I love the high education that is provided and the helpful administration. Many of the teams and organizations are well known in the nation, so standards are always high. Teachers are great at assisting students in achieving success in their classes.
i like that most of the teachers will help you if you need help with anything. and i like there FFA program. something i think should change is probably add another story because theres so many people at the school.
Very fun experience and great teachers. I loved choir so much because it shaped me into who I am and who I want to become. Mr.Weir, Braden, and mrs. N are phenomenal teachers and I recommend any and everyone that loves to sing, to join choir. Choir gave me a home and a place where I can practice my talent and be apart of something that is greater than myself.
It's a really nice school with next to no prominent bullying. Can float through with no worries or get involved and have fun it's up to you. Only complaint is that the counselors just do paperwork and aren't really all that great at providing actual counseling. Other than that though it's a pretty chill school.
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AHS is a beautiful campus, and I never felt unsafe there. Some policies/ rules are unnecessary, but overall I have enjoyed my time here.
the atmopshere of the school is amazing and the teachers are really hands on and are willing to help anyone.
I graduated from Atascocita a few years ago and my siblings currently attend. Although the school had thousands of students, I felt like I knew everyone. It felt like a close-knit community, especially when it came to rivalry week against Kingwood.
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