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Atascocita is a great highschool with a lot of diversity, great teachers and athletics. The Principal is one of the best in the state and his staff is wonderful.
I loved my experience at AHS, during this time I found out who I wanted to be. I was involved in NHS and the drill team at the school and it made my experience very good because of the friends and support I had.
It was a good school. I liked the way the principles would involve the student in everyday life.they didn't treat their students like little kids. they treated them as young adults.
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I love that Atascocita high school is home to many different students in relation to ethnicity, race, religion, and background. It provides me with multiple perspectives on political, social and economic issues.

The only thing I wish could change about Atascocita High School, is how much money is going to any sector/activity of the campus. The fine arts program for example does not receive as much funding as it deserves. Despite being awarded national championships, winning state competitions and doing extremely well in general, the fine arts program still lacks the proper funding and equipment it needs to continue to be successful.
I love the high education that is provided and the helpful administration. Many of the teams and organizations are well known in the nation, so standards are always high. Teachers are great at assisting students in achieving success in their classes.
i like that most of the teachers will help you if you need help with anything. and i like there FFA program. something i think should change is probably add another story because theres so many people at the school.
Very fun experience and great teachers. I loved choir so much because it shaped me into who I am and who I want to become. Mr.Weir, Braden, and mrs. N are phenomenal teachers and I recommend any and everyone that loves to sing, to join choir. Choir gave me a home and a place where I can practice my talent and be apart of something that is greater than myself.
It's a really nice school with next to no prominent bullying. Can float through with no worries or get involved and have fun it's up to you. Only complaint is that the counselors just do paperwork and aren't really all that great at providing actual counseling. Other than that though it's a pretty chill school.
AHS is a beautiful campus, and I never felt unsafe there. Some policies/ rules are unnecessary, but overall I have enjoyed my time here.
the atmopshere of the school is amazing and the teachers are really hands on and are willing to help anyone.
I graduated from Atascocita a few years ago and my siblings currently attend. Although the school had thousands of students, I felt like I knew everyone. It felt like a close-knit community, especially when it came to rivalry week against Kingwood.
Many very good teachers. School is normally kept very clean. Great school spirit. Feels pretty safe with a few police on campus at all times and monitoring lunches and pep rallies.
The last 4 years has been a wonderful experience. The staff at Atascocita High School are very good and always willing to help. They always make sure we enter into a safe environment. The Athletics are top notch. Have loved my 4 years with the baseball team.
Atascocita high school is a great place for students who are dedicated and care about their education. I have gone to this school all four year and can honestly say I've loved my time here. The teachers and staff are amazing and truly care about their students. Overall, attending AHS has been great, and I can't wait to see where I go next in life.
Best high school experience i could ask for. Our pep rallies are one of a kind, and the Atascocita-Kingwood rivalry is probably the most intense rivalry between high schools out there. Top ranked athletic programs, outstanding academics, great variety of clubs and organizations, very involved students and staff...
I absolutely recommend this high school to anyone in the area who is debating whether to take their kids there or not.
I have attended Atascocita high school for four consecutive years, which I have enjoyed very much. The teachers are very connected to their students and other school activities. Everyone in the school is very supportive of the sports teams, especially football (We're in Texas of course!). The school is very diverse, but still predominantly Caucasian. When most people past by they often mistake the building for a college because it's so big, but yet students are still overflowing in the halls. Since I've been here they have added about 10 extra classrooms in temporary buildings outside.
Atascocita High School has a good sense of community. All of the extra-curriculars are very involving and inclusive of anyone who wants to be a part of them. Our pep rallies also show how communal the school is. They’re loud and positive to encourage our sports programs and clubs. Generally, the academics/teachers are average. There are some classes poorly taught and some are beautifully taught. Overall though, I think I’m lucky to go here.
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It is a good school, there’s a lot of school spirit. The AP classes are challenging but doable while the onlevel classes leave much to be desired. Beautiful campus with some really fantastic and award winning teachers. Great sport teams and community.
AHS is a very diverse school with an amazing social life, incredible fine arts program, talented sports programs.
Atascocita High school is good for the most part, but getting a high class rank is a game. All you have to do is take the right classes and do okay. You are often discouraged from taking what you want because it isn't and "advanced" credit, so it would harm your GPA.
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