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It's been mostly good. The principal is very interested in the music program, but they still get no funding. Football is king. Lower Math department is awful.
The schooling overall was very effective if kids were enrolled in classes like AP or honors. However, the basic classes with no advancement had very little expectations. Teachers in charge of those classes expected nearly nothing from those students and thus made a very lackadaisical learning environment. Also, sports teams that weren't football or boys' basketball got little to no attention from the athletic director. Coaching staffs for many of the sports need to be revamped.
Being in Atascadero High School was enjoyable but very unfair. There is almost no diversity within the school, the cafeteria food isn't good at all, and the bathrooms are always a mess. However, the teachers are very easy to get along with and there are tons of clubs, sports, and other activities you can participate in.
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Atascadero high school is great because since it is such a small school, everyone knows everyone and people are a very inclusive. Our ASB Leadership class is amazing and puts on events throughout the year that make everything more enjoyable and brings everyone together!
My experience at this school has been pretty tame, they don't do a lot in terms of school spirit, but nobody really cares, however the teacher and classes are where this school really shines. The teacher are always helpful and do their best to make sure that every student leaves their classroom understanding the materials, and all teachers are friendly and, even if you don't have their class, there are a lot of opportunities to get to know them and develop close bonds with the staff at Atascadero High School.
This is a small high school. Most of the parents of current students are former students. The same families are supporters of this school over many generations. Most of the students in leadership roles benefit from the many scholarships donated. It is rare that other students with just as good of grades receive the same benefit. It seems that if your family is well known or "involved" with the school your child will benefit. I find this highly unfair. Other than this I believe this school has been a wonderful school for both of my daughters. I highly admire and appreciate the teaching staff.
There are opportunities if you want to take advantage of them. Many students do not get involved, but those that do tend to be immersed.
Many parents are involved and contribute to the overall culture in the school
Most teachers are good and want to help. Just like anything else there are a few bad apples
The marching band and joining the throwing team in track is definitely my most favorite moments. The marching band is a good group of people with varying musical abilities, and those who have played longer definitely help out the newcomers and freshmen. Conrad is an awesome band director and really funny. The throwing team is a bit iffy, there are a lot of rude people, but the sport itself is really fun and amazing.
The teachers at AHS are very approachable and friendly. They all are very knowledgable about the subjects they are teaching, as well as some various real-world scenarios. In the science classes, there are always new articles that are discussed in class. There are a few teachers that tend to have inconsistencies in teaching and grading across all core subjects, but overall, the teachers are very good.
I love Atascadero High School because I share many great memories including dances and ways to get involved on campus! I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because the teachers are all so nice and seem to truly care about their students.
Teaching style is usually great! They try to exceed all possible learning ways to connect to each student and the way they learn. Knowlege is also great! Communication and grading could be a little better but nobody is perfect!
I think that the health and safety of this school is actually pretty poor. There are only three security guards for an open campus school. The campus is constantly at risk for threats from outside parties.
There are not many clubs or extracurricular activities that interest the majority of students at my school. All of the clubs are focused on very specific things and are generally very exclusive (ie. Homestuck Club, Anime Club, Bike Club, Yoga Club). There aren't many clubs that focus on are wider variety of things that other people would be interested in.
I actually haven't had much experience with parent groups at my school. In fact, I don't know if we even have a group of this sort. However, I have seen a few remarkable parents showing a genuine interest in their children's academic performances. Nevertheless, there are many students whose parents couldn't care less about their accomplishments or what they do in school.
The teachers at my school are very friendly and are willing to help anyone who is struggling as long as they are willing to put in the effort. I think this is an admirable quality that many of my school's teachers possess and demonstrate in the classroom. However, I believe that many teachers are too complaisant with their students; teachers often let their students get away with being disruptive during class without receiving any reinforcement. I also believe that our teachers do not really like to hear what students have to say. Most teachers are content with lecturing rather than asking questions or accepting the students' perspectives.
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At Atascadero High School I never feel unsafe or as if I will ever get hurt or such.
At Atascadero High School the students and parents both really care and are very spirited.
The teachers at Atascadero High School really care about their students.
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