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ASU Preparatory Academy- Phoenix High School Reviews

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It's pretty diverse and has a good learning system. Being a student I'm able to graduate with extra credits.
ASU Preparatory Academy is a great school! However, I believe that they can challenge their students more. I wish they had offered the opportunity for me to take college courses or at least expose me to programs that would have helped me get ahead in college. I was unaware about college credit programs due to the lack of information the school provided me. Overall a good school.
I went their for my junior and senior year. Over the staff was very helpful and caring. They really do care about their students. They do have a waiting lest which is rather long, but totally worth the wait.
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ASU Preparatory Academy is a good school overall. I met cool people and most of the students seemed to get along with each other. Since the high-school department of the campus is small, the teachers are able to help out the students one-on-one. Most of the teachers are reliable, although I feel that I could have learned more in some classes. Nonetheless, the environment is great. I don't see any bullying. Most of the staffs are organized when it comes to schedule changes due to events and yearly exams for students. It is a school where students can improve on their work-ethic while not being overly-stressed.
what I liked about the preparatory was the teachers, service, and what I learned. I learned how to get scholarships what colleges recommend. also how much they cost and ways I can pay them off.
Honestly, I love attending ASU Prep. There very cool teachers who are dedicated to ensuring your success. Although the athletics and food aren’t that good, but what school doesn’t have flaws. I would recommend attending this school since the community is really involved.
I like ASU Preparatory Academy because they prepare you for college. For example, they allowed me to take a Pre-Calculus class over the summer so that when I came as an incoming senior I would be placed into Calculus, which would prepare me more for college. Something I would like to change is that I wish there were more electives to choose from such as cooking class or more languages. Otherwise, this school has prepared me for college by allowing me to take college classes to further my education.
ASU prep is a great school located directly next to the university. Its great because that gives other students motivation to want to some-day go to the university. I remember even taking classes with college students which I thought was pretty cool.
Asu preparatory high school has a small community which means that we receive more one on one attention with our teachers. Within our community most of our students are involved with sports, clubs and other activities. Our school is Cambridge based which means that it has a harder curriculum than most schools; which in the long run helps us for college readiness. Overall, this school prepares us for the real world ahead.
ASU Prep has proven itself to be a college ready school because of its tough curriculum yet achievable standards. Some teachers do a very good job with their material while others may not. The advantage with this is that you, as a student, are able to take matters into your own hands because, in the end, you are responsible for your education. I also like how there is some sort of freedom in terms of the education part of the school. Since it is a much smaller high school, you really don't feel the vibe you want, but you just have to make the best of it. ASU Prep offers great opportunities and it is up to you if you are willing to take advantage of it.
ASU Prep High School Phoenix is a great school. The environment of the teachers and students is helpful and kind. I feel very prepared for secondary education and so on because of this school. The academics gave me the tools to succeed in the real world, as well as the teachers.
Asu preparatory academy actually prepare me for college. I thought I wasn't ready for anything past college due to the fact I had a I.E.P which means I needed extra help and a little more time to do things. Which frighten me towards the end of my highschool career. I toke my Placement test and I past the scores I needed to become a nurse. The sports they have is not only a variety but the sportsmanship is great everyone on the team supports each other.
The education that I received at ASU Prep was overall, really well. Having such a small populated school made it that much better to make friends and be remembered by my teachers. All of the staff and students are really friendly and willing to help you in any way that they can. What I would like to see changed is the variety of classes offered there. I wanted to be able to take a cooking class or some sort of fashion class, I wanted to be able to take classes that would explore my many interests.
What I like about ASU Prep is that the teachers are dedicated to helping their students . I would like to see a better school culture and more students that actually pay attention and want to be involved .
It is a great school and i have been told that they have a great teaching education and that they are calm and peaceful that the environment is very relaxing and safe that they have a lot of fun school activities and it is very huge campus but they are conservative about how far your classes are so you are very attempted to get class and pass all of your classes
Most students find the work load challenging, but I think the curriculum does a great job of preparing us for higher education. There is a variety of sports and clubs or organizations to be involved in, and I could definitely say that attending ASU Prep has opened a lot of doors for me.
ASU Preparatory Academy gives you multiple opportunities. The classes are challenging and they try to bring the best of you. The majority of the teachers are amazing, with lots of experiences and advices. Although there are a few teachers that don't teach really good and that's a shame because their classes could help students to determine what they want to study. The college going advisor is always there to help students. I know ASU Prep is not an old school but they should focuse on creating more school culture so their students could gain interest in their activities. One of the biggest problems I see is that the quality of the food isn't good. Many students prefer not to eat the food. They achieve the idea of getting their students college ready, although it would be nice to have more opportunity of field trips so we can have more fun and we wouldn't get that much stress. More scholarship and job opportunities in school would be very helpful.
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I really have enjoyed my experience at ASU Preparatory Academy, the eduacation is amazing and the teacher truly care about you because they want to see you succeed. There is a lot of academic opportunities at this school. I just wish the academic program could have been better, with coaching as well as trying to bring up the programs to be better.
My overall experience at ASU Prep Phx has been pretty good. I have only gone to ASU Prep for almost 4 years and those have been my years in high school. I really like the academic aspect of this school, although the athletic programs could be a little better. ASU Prep offers many academic benefits as it uses the Cambridge System. ASU Prep is a very small school, with small groups in each class and this allows the students to be more one on one with teachers.
It's quite nice, although it is a bit small. I have been here since middle school and have seen the school change for the better. I cannot say that ASU Prep will offer an "authentic" high school experience, but it is quite nice. The people are average the teachers are great, and the staff is quite staff like.
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