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ASU Preparatory Academy - Polytechnic High School Reviews

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With the new building in place, the environment is much more compact and convenient for students to traverse. The only issue is how they handle college preparation; there is more than just the stressful aspects of applying and filing for money. If we could show, even encourage what college is like then there can be more engagement into preparing for the real world.
Currently I am a senior at this school, and for the time I've been here, I would have to say that the school has definitely surpassed most of my expectations. The academic program is rigorous while also being lenient, and the teachers are always open to giving advice and/or help when needed. The staff is extremely friendly, and parents are almost always involved with school activities, as teachers will reach out to parents to inform of struggling grades or school events. While the sports program here is more of a secondary focus, it has many upsides to it, notably with successes in soccer, basketball, and the new flag football program. Clubs are very much present too, with most of the student body participating in at least one. However, I feel that the attitude behind many of the students here can be hurtful as the appeal is given to logistics over emotion, therefore often impacting student-to-student interactions and causing for many people to become "fake" just for social approval.
The overall experience of ASU is amazing. The classes are small so it gives everyone opportunity to speak with teacher if they need help in the class. I am a senior so I am able to do more things that allow my year to go great before the real world. They are great at helping when it comes to applying for college and college readiness. There is also a big variety of sports and everyone on the team is willing to help out and give tips to everyone who needs help. The coaches are also very nice and always there for us. The teachers understand we have many homework topics to do so they aren't rude with rushing, they help out when we are in need. I love my school and the culture we have it is a great experience.
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Personally, my experience at ASU Preparatory Academy was amazing. I have been going to this school since I was in second grade and it has been my choice to stay here for 10+ years. This school is small which also means it is individualized, so I am able to speak with the teachers right away and set up a time to get help in a class if I need it. Also, I know everybody! Which is really cool in my opinion, not a lot of people are able to say they know everybody that attended their high school. ASU Prep is not only putting your education first, but your experience as a student getting ready for college.
The stem academy high school is a very good school. students have many opportunities to take college classes at a discounted rate. along with the friendly staff that are willing to do anything for the students. The counselor is amazing and she truly make seniors lives easier with college going and help on applications.
It is a wonderful opportunity. I feel so prepared for school.It is a wonderful opportunity. I feel so prepared for school.It is a wonderful opportunity. I feel so prepared for school.It is a wonderful opportunity. I feel so prepared for school.It is a wonderful opportunity. I feel so prepared for school.It is a wonderful opportunity. I feel so prepared for school.It is a wonderful opportunity. I feel so prepared for school.It is a wonderful opportunity. I feel so prepared for school.
At ASU prep polytechnic high school, the students are generally extremely nice. On my first day, random students introduced themselves and made me feel very welcome. The new building is spectacular, the space is very welcoming and bright. There are a variety of amazing clubs that are very involved in the community and offer great leadership opportunities. As or the curriculum, it is very intense. We use the Cambridge curriculum and are over-prepared when we graduate. However, this means they give so much homework that it makes college feel easy.
Not to toot my own horn but, I am a very academically gifted student. ASU Prep was the first school I have ever been to where I felt challenged and I actually wanted to wake up every morning to go back and learn more. The teachers actually care about the success, grades, and mental and emotional wellbeing of the students too. Throughout my four years of high school, teachers have come to me to ask if I needed any help or if I was feeling okay countless times; you don't get that in any ol' school. The school also uses the British Cambridge curriculum which means students spend less time worrying about standardized test and get to do actual learning. And when the standardized test do come around, ASU Prep students crush it all around every time! Through my entire life, I have been to many schools in a few different states. Of them all, ASU Prep is the best by leaps and bounds.
I have been at ASU since second grade, and I have learned valuable life skills, developed special bonds with not only my peers, but my teachers as well.
ASU Preparatory Academy - Polytechnic High School provides students with what they need to succeed in life and in school. I have been attending for the past eight years, and although there were many rough patches along the way, this school gave me the opportunity to find out who I am as a hard-worker and who I am as an individual.
I enjoy the many different memories I have experienced by attending ASU Preparatory Academy. I got to experience the many extra curricular activities such as Cheer, Key Cub, Student Ambassador, Cultural Diversity, and Yearbook. I received new opportunities each year. Changes I might like to see is more involvement from students and perhaps the school could do more in advertisement. Some new coming students are shy and don't like opening up and I think it would help if the school was more opened with capturing the attention of students.
ASU prep academy is a great school for incoming freshman to attend, There are many clubs and activities to try out and people will be more than welcoming for you to join. It is a really good enviroment for students to join, while being on the college campus it shows you the setting of what its like to be on one. Everyone at this school is very commited to their work, when you are surrounded by people who succeed you tend to as well. As a student coming from a different high school to ASU prep senior year i can say that this has prepared me for college 100% more than my other school would have, I have learned more about how to be prepared than i ever would have. I probably wouldnt even be applying for a scholorship if i was there. The safety is great we have a police officer and the ASU police officers close by. Every one is really nice and helpful, overall it is a great campus and enviroment to be in and is highly recommended.
The school is smaller than most highschools but the community here is amazing. The teachers go out of their way to help students to understand the material. I have never been to a school that has such caring teachers. This High school has really helped me grow as a student. From freshman year I have went from hating the idea of math to loving and excelling in the subject. I love that this school truly prepares me for college, I know that I am getting the best education at this school than any other public school I have attended.
I have had a very good experience at ASU Preparatory Academy. This school has really prepared me for college. I enjoy the few clubs and sports that I participate in, but I would love to see more involvement from the students during games and events. I like most of my teachers, a few them in particular I have known for three years and have built a strong relationship with them. I would like to see some change with the administration, but overall I have had a great time and made many friends over the years. I am very thankful for my teachers and coaches, and everything they have done to help. One thing that is so amazing, is how close all of the teachers and staff are with the students because of our small class sizes. I can not say enough about this school and how much they have prepared me for the future. It is not perfect, but I definitely have enjoyed my time here. Thank you to all the staff and students for such an amazing experience.
I liked how it gets you ready for college. It is very beneficial and helpful. The school has amazing staff and students who help support each other. It provides the best education possible. Everyone is friendly and accepting, and it is easy to make friends. The courses help prepare you for college and provide the best support for college.
ASU Preparatory Academy is a great school to send your children to prepare for college and receive great academics; however, this is not a school that is dedicated to athletics. Overall, I have had a great experience with the teachers here and they prepare you tremendously!
As a student attending ASU Preparatory Academy-Polytechnic High School, I have experienced everything from a student perspective. Before the new building was built, it was a small school and we have expanded so much in the past year. With more students and space, there were more teachers. I have had a great experience with all the teachers! It definitely prepares your child for college!
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I enjoy how this school prepares you for college and life outside of high school by the style of teaching and homework. This works well for many students because it puts the responsibility in the hands of the student which is how universities run. It is a safe school and space for people to grow in and become an efficient person. I would change the way capstone the class is for some students to prepare students for are specifically juniors to start the preparing for applying for certain schools or scholarships. Overall I love this school for how it has challenged me and prepared me for my future in college and starting a career.
I love that ASU Prep is a small school, because it offers me the chance to get involved in lots of different activities. I get to play multiple sports and be a part of clubs.
It is an amazing school that has taught me many things that I will be able to use in life. The teachers are amazing and everyone is very friendly.
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