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ASU Preparatory Academy - Polytechnic High School Reviews

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I have had a very good experience at ASU Preparatory Academy. This school has really prepared me for college. I enjoy the few clubs and sports that I participate in, but I would love to see more involvement from the students during games and events. I like most of my teachers, a few them in particular I have known for three years and have built a strong relationship with them. I would like to see some change with the administration, but overall I have had a great time and made many friends over the years. I am very thankful for my teachers and coaches, and everything they have done to help. One thing that is so amazing, is how close all of the teachers and staff are with the students because of our small class sizes. I can not say enough about this school and how much they have prepared me for the future. It is not perfect, but I definitely have enjoyed my time here. Thank you to all the staff and students for such an amazing experience.
I liked how it gets you ready for college. It is very beneficial and helpful. The school has amazing staff and students who help support each other. It provides the best education possible. Everyone is friendly and accepting, and it is easy to make friends. The courses help prepare you for college and provide the best support for college.
ASU Preparatory Academy is a great school to send your children to prepare for college and receive great academics; however, this is not a school that is dedicated to athletics. Overall, I have had a great experience with the teachers here and they prepare you tremendously!
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As a student attending ASU Preparatory Academy-Polytechnic High School, I have experienced everything from a student perspective. Before the new building was built, it was a small school and we have expanded so much in the past year. With more students and space, there were more teachers. I have had a great experience with all the teachers! It definitely prepares your child for college!
I enjoy how this school prepares you for college and life outside of high school by the style of teaching and homework. This works well for many students because it puts the responsibility in the hands of the student which is how universities run. It is a safe school and space for people to grow in and become an efficient person. I would change the way capstone the class is for some students to prepare students for are specifically juniors to start the preparing for applying for certain schools or scholarships. Overall I love this school for how it has challenged me and prepared me for my future in college and starting a career.
I love that ASU Prep is a small school, because it offers me the chance to get involved in lots of different activities. I get to play multiple sports and be a part of clubs.
It is an amazing school that has taught me many things that I will be able to use in life. The teachers are amazing and everyone is very friendly.
The teachers are great and it is such a small school it is not hard to learn everyone's name and make friends. The classes are challenging and often times fun. There is also easy access to labs as you do not have to fight other classes for them.
I have been attending ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic for six years now. I officially joined the middle school in 7th grade, and have been apart of the community ever since. I know that school can be a drag, but compared to my old school, I honestly love ASU Prep. It's far from being perfect, but I was in a tough place in my life. By enrolling in this school, my life has become a lot better. I've met people who I want to spend time with, I've learned so many important skills, and I don't dread coming to school everyday. I would recommend this school to anyone.
ASU Preparatory Academy is an excellent high school to prepare students for college. It has rigorous courses to challenge students. There are many opportunities for students to help benefit them for the future. The staff is very kind and are always there to help when needed. This school wants the best for their students and is willing to help them succeed in any way possible.
ASU Prep is a great place to go to learn and make great friends. It is a very tightly-knit community where you know almost everyone by name. The academics are excellent and online or on-campus colleges are offered as well. Being next to and actual college campus will prepare you with life in college as there will be many visits to the college.
An all around positive learning environment. Great staff, great students & an amazing campus. The teachers go above & beyond with their support of the students. The administration is always very helpful with any questions you may have.
The teachers are wonderful. Not only are the teachers there to help you but everyone on staff is willing and able to help you. This school maybe a little challenging but if your up for a challenge to help you succeed in not only high school but college and even in life this is the school for you.
Being a small school, the family-like community makes you feel like you are included. The teachers and admin know all the students very well.
This is my first year at Asu Prep Poly high school and I am very thankful for the opportunity to attend. The academics are great and the curriculum is top notch. The school preps you for the 3 main universities in Arizona by giving informational sessions on how to apply for college and why. I am extremely satisfied with this schools organization and also great teachers. I would recommend any student wanting to go to a great university, to come here!
I love ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic High School. The school defiantly prepares students for collage life. From small things like our schedules to the curriculum, this school is all about collage readiness. The students are challenged and expected to do their best, while still having fun learning. Also the school is small enough to feel like a family. One of the perks to being right on the actual ASU Polytechnic Collage campus is that the students are able to use the collage campus. High School students are allowed to use the student union before and after school, and the science classes are able to use the science lab for labs. The school spirt and pride is amazing! Lots of students attend sports games to cheer on their fellow classmates and friends. The only thing I would change would be that students can wear ASU t-shirts on Fridays. It would be a nice break from the uniforms during the end of the week.
This school has higher expectations than all the other public schools I have been too. It's a smaller school so the teachers know everyone by name. They push you to do better and give you several opportunities to get the grade you want.
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High school at ASU Prep Polytechnic was interesting. I received a great education and made a lot of friends who I won't forget. High school forced me to grow up in many ways. I had to learn responsibilities like time-management and organization and the difference between right and wrong. I learnt more about who I am and what I loved to do.
This school is a great school I suppose academically speaking but it is lacking, where it is lacking is that the students don't have much of a social expierence that issue though would be fixed in the year that my senior class is gone because they are having a major expansion by then. I would say that was there only flaw as a school.
I enjoyed it because of the different way of learning that they used. This school is very focused on academic success but also college success due to is being a prep school. I was able to learn advanced topics while also learning how to use them in everyday life. This is what makes it really different from other schools. This school doesn't teach the students how to answer the same test question but instead teaches how to analyze a question to answer it. Plus if you are ever having trouble the teachers are extremely dedicated to helping their students. Most teachers stay after school or come before school and just have open office hours that any student can use to get help.
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