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ASU Preparatory Academy - Phoenix Middle School Reviews

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At ASU Preparatory Academy there is not a lot of diversity there are mainly Hispanics who are mainly catholic. There are also some very good teachers in the middle school staff but there are like 1 or 2 teachers that are very difficult to work with and don’t teach in a way that a lot of children can’t understand. These teachers make some students life’s very difficult I say this from experience. The sports at asu prep are all pretty bad except for the boys basketball team which was undefeated last year. Overall the middle school isn’t horrible but it isn’t great.
Being at Asu Preparatory Academy is great. The school really prepares me for college. I like how they help us academically for college and how we go on field trips to college. This school has helped me see my option for college and careers. I like how they invite different people from different colleges to help us explore careers. The atmosphere of the school is great, everyone is so polite. Something I don't like about the school is that their lunch is not the best. I wish their lunch was better. I take my own lunch to school everyday because the lunch at school is not good. Overall, the school is great.
Throughout the many years that ive been in this school the teachers and staff have always done the best of there ability to help the students get to a point where they can be independent and have control of their own life, and do there best in life.
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I appreciate the school being challenging and being very focused on our future in college.
Being a small school, the staff is approachable for the most part and are ultimately, there to help us.
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