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ASU Preparatory Academy - Phoenix Elementary Reviews

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Great learning environment to achieve a degree. Coming as a first time freshman I couldn't be having a better experience.
As a member of the first graduating class, I felt as though ASU Prep gave me the experience I needed to be able to be successful not only in the collegiate atmosphere but also in the real world.
My cousin attended there. When I went in, it seemed pretty nice and most of the time, he spoke nothing but positive about the school.
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It was overall a good experience, teachers are always there for you and help with homework. Personally i went to polytech campus but I did not see it on the list.
I liked going to school it was easy to walk there from parking and made going to class easy the weather was really nice this semester which was pretty cool too
Administrators and success coaches are always looking out to see how they can help students succeed. Their is an incredible amount of diversity among students and instructors really push to make students gain knowledge from their courses.
top school for science majors and computer majors. super fun when it comes to school activities, and theres never a dull moment when attending this schhool. there's always things to do. the professors are amazing; but then again its a A1 school so you would expect that.
I started off so fearful of what was to come. I was filled with anticipation hearing so many things like the amount of work and study time needed in order to succeed. For some reason I felt the teachers and anybody working there would have been very strict and not involve themselves with the student. It was the complete opposite, the work is totally manageable but it does have its moments when it piles and the teachers and facility are lively and do really care about your success here. It's a nice, small and quiet school and it really fits me and it has more than one resource in order to help me and many others succeed.
The teachers for the university are engaging and the enviroment is very academic and relaxing. You can walk around the campus later in the night and feel safe . There is a little something for everyone and overall it is a very posutive experience so far.
Overall Arizona State University is a very great school to attend with many great features to it. There are student resources all over campus that will help you throughout your school year. Some changes that could be made are more transportation options.
ASU has been an amazing school for me. They have a wide range of majors to choose from, someone is always available to help you in need whether that be in regards to your course material, to what is my next course to take to ensure I gradate on time, to how to study abroad affordably.
Arizona State University is a well obtained school, the classes they have can very from 15 to 30 students at a time; either way, no matter how large the class the professors put every student first on their list, to get the best of education. Arizona State makes you feel like your worthy to your dreams, in other word they make you feel like you can achieve success; complete your dreams.
Amazing professors, great academic asvisors who make sure you're on top of everything you need in order to graduate, beautiful campus
I like the activity in ASU. People talking with each other, people getting along with each other. The campus is really beautiful itself, with many places to explore as I walk around the campus. That is why I am planning to go to ASU to achieve my major career.
I enjoy the downtown phoenix campus's smaller size. The quality of education I have experienced through my 3 years of attending classes in Phoenix is superior to attending the bigger courses in Tempe. I have had closer relationships with my professors and TA's within my courses, they have been a big part of my successes in the last two years of education where I've seen my GPA increase by .5 since.
ASU has amazing people in each campus! Whether it be the teacher, or the actual students. Its very diverse, and very spirited! There are tons of clubs you can join and its just a great school in general!
It's a very fun environment! There's many activities to do on any given day. There is also tons of clubs and organizations to get involved in. The campus is also beautiful.
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The school in conversation was an interesting establishment at best. The teachers were friendly, but threw weird energy. I enjoyed my visit, and even caught a soccer match. Interestingly enough, I saw a small number of minorities present in the school's population. Overall, the visit was good, but was missing a spark.
It's been a great school for me! I have learned a lot even though I am a fully online student. It lets me be flexible and be able to work while going to school.
My experience was great overall. I think that there should be more signals to tell the students when to cross. Their bookstore was the best part because I really like seeing how organized everything was and how friendly the employees were.
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