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i have to say all good reports about this school. This school makes you feel welcome and feel good about yourself. Couldn't ask for a better school!
It's got a lot of very good AP programs and also a very nice Health Science Academy Program. Most of the teachers genuinely care about teaching.
Astronaut is generally a good school. The teachers are friendly and always there if you need them. They are also adjusting things around the school to make it more safe for us as students, such as adding gates and locking all doors except one once school starts in the morning.
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I was an honors student, so the teachers I had were much more involved and compassionate compared to the teachers of regular courses, from what I've heard. Most teachers genuinely care about their students and offer help whenever it is needed, but there are the select few that are there just to make money. Astronaut offers dual enrollment, which is incredible. BUT when it comes to scheduling and making changes to the school, it seems like not faculty/staff really cares about the negative impacts that has on the dual enrollment students, such as not being able to graduate with an AA. Overall, Astronaut is a pretty decent school, but there is definitely a lot of room to improve.
Throughout my high school career, I have moved five different times and attended a different high school for each one. Among this short list, Astronaut High is easily one of the better schools. They maintain a high amount of student organizations and activities that allow for a "national" standard and heavily encourage academics within the student body.
Astronaut High School is one of the best academic and social public high schools in Brevard County. Astronaut High School takes on a very large responsibility of being the most diverse and best school in Brevard. All of the faculty and staff are very personable and caring towards each of the students needs and drive to get the very best education. The student life on campus is second to none, as where sports, clubs, band, ROTC, academic clubs, are all 100% supported by the community and staff at AHS. I am, without a doubt, fully satisfied with my experience at AHS and would defiantly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing high school experience.
The AP classes that I have taken have been challenging and I enjoyed them very much. They are taught by great teachers, and the classes are filled with great students. The growing performing arts department will fulfill anybodies creative needs.
Astronaut High School was a small to medium sized high school. This school has a plethora of teachers that are just biding their time until they retire. I did not feel like I got the best possible education offered. I feel that without me taking classes at the local state college I would not be prepared for the coursework at the University I am at now.
I liked everything about Astronaut the academics,sports and teaching staff. My four years here have been amazing. I'm happy that I'm graduating but also sad that I'm leaving
I would like to see more real world classes that teach you how to become an adult. More career classes. I would also be happy if they got better food to serve. My freshman year I was eating a chicken sandwich and there was a feather in it. I am scarred for life and so are my friends that sat with me freshman year.
Astronaut High School is a wonderful place where my second home is. Astronaut has great facilities, amazing teachers, and friendly environment. I think those conditions are enough for what a good school is.
Spent all four years there and will soon be graduating from there. My father was one of the first students to graduate in the first class at astronaut high and now I'm right behind him.
I enjoyed attending Astronaut High School. I have met many new friends & acquaintances. All my teachers seem to have their students best interest at heart & they have allowed me to be me.
The school takes the safety of it's students very seriously. They also make learning fun and support school spirit. They allow kids to be creative and as long as it doesn't disrupt the learning process. But they do need to practice a bit more enforcement on some things in the dress and some of the food could be better. But in all it is a fantastic school.
Astronaut needs more college readiness techniques and newer teachers who come with new outlooks and methods.
There were some very impactful teachers who cared about actually teaching students, however most others just seemed like they were there for a paycheck and didnt care. THe school is an arts academy but much more focused on sports. All the athletes pretty much have things handed to them and act entitled whereas the art, drama, and music kids have to bust their butts to raise enough money to just get by an get what they need
I have been going through astronaut high for all 4 years and i love this school nobody likes going to school but our teachers do an amazing job at keeping us safe.
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Astronaut High School is the typical high school that most people would think of and as such, it is merely an average school. The administration has a problem with enforcing the student handbook and the school rules. It also has a problem in getting important dates such as school or club events out to the students so they can participate.
Astronaut High school is such a different experience to the schools that im used to back in Pennsylvania. There are a lot of changes, but a lot of things that i like. I like block scheduling, which is more than just astronaut high school, just the block scheduling in general is new and cool. I love all of the different arts programs they offer and how for events they really come together and i enjoy being a part of it. With all the pep rallys and games, even if theyre away the school is so spiritual and supportive of each other. Astronaut is also very willing to help kids like me stay in school and get to graduate from a familiar school and not have to keep moving, they really work with you. The faculty is great and really understanding of students situations. Its such a generous school, im glad to be a part of it.
I believe Astronaut High School is an over all average high school but it does have problems. When looking at the student body there is no diversity and no respect for other students culture to be honest most teachers and students are racist. Many of the teachers think it is appropriate to push their own opinions relating to political parties and personal views on controversial issues. When it comes to academics the school is good, I have had mostly good teachers who you can tell really care about their jobs and the classes are serious and informative.
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