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Astronaut High School offers its students a fun and safe environment to learn. There are many opportunities for students to get involved and push themselves toward success. AHS began to work towards a new goal where 100% of its students graduate and continue their education at a college, university, or other technical/trade school.
I liked Power Hour, my classes, my old and new friends, and the many opportunities to do great in school. I'm in Interact Club, Student Government, and Mu Alpha Theta. :)
There are many different types of people and lots of different clubs one can find or create. The school also has lots of spirit when it comes to football games or pep rallies. If I could change something I would try to change the food the cafeteria serves. Some of the portions seem small and the options are not always great. They have a variety but the some options are not satisfying.
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Teachers were very caring. However I do not like how small the school is and how we dont have much to do to participate with the school.
I like Astronaut's effort for the vision of their students success. If I could change one thing about Astroanaut, I'd change the culture of the students.
Astronaut High School is quite a mixed bag. While there are many teachers who are passionate about learning and education, there are also many who are focused far more on athletics, and the test scores and graduation rates certainly reflect this duality. Certain students who strive for success in the classroom can achieve many great things at Astronaut, however, there are many more unmotivated and lazy students who do not receive the proper guidance in order to succeed outside of the walls of Astronaut.
My favorite thing about Astronaut was that there are a lot of student bases activities. I thought that it is cool to get to all the students involved. The thing that bothers me the most is that it feels like the faculty cares more about sports than academics.
The teachers are good and actually care about the students beyond just teaching to a test. It's got a good variety of classes and lately clubs, and overall it's probably one of the best schools I've been in. (Besides the food, but lets be real - school lunch is always bad, so I wasn't expecting too much there)
My time at Astronaut High School was mediocre. I liked how they offered duel enrollment so I could get some college out of the way before graduating. Some things that I would have wanted to change would be the teacher caring more about the students' academics and future careers.
I really loved how Astrobaut is structered and the way it is hosted. The teachers give the students a wonderful working atmosphere day in and day out!
The teachers are very helpful and understanding of students needs. The faculty works hard while maintaining a positive attitude.
i have to say all good reports about this school. This school makes you feel welcome and feel good about yourself. Couldn't ask for a better school!
It's got a lot of very good AP programs and also a very nice Health Science Academy Program. Most of the teachers genuinely care about teaching.
Astronaut is generally a good school. The teachers are friendly and always there if you need them. They are also adjusting things around the school to make it more safe for us as students, such as adding gates and locking all doors except one once school starts in the morning.
I was an honors student, so the teachers I had were much more involved and compassionate compared to the teachers of regular courses, from what I've heard. Most teachers genuinely care about their students and offer help whenever it is needed, but there are the select few that are there just to make money. Astronaut offers dual enrollment, which is incredible. BUT when it comes to scheduling and making changes to the school, it seems like not faculty/staff really cares about the negative impacts that has on the dual enrollment students, such as not being able to graduate with an AA. Overall, Astronaut is a pretty decent school, but there is definitely a lot of room to improve.
Throughout my high school career, I have moved five different times and attended a different high school for each one. Among this short list, Astronaut High is easily one of the better schools. They maintain a high amount of student organizations and activities that allow for a "national" standard and heavily encourage academics within the student body.
Astronaut High School is one of the best academic and social public high schools in Brevard County. Astronaut High School takes on a very large responsibility of being the most diverse and best school in Brevard. All of the faculty and staff are very personable and caring towards each of the students needs and drive to get the very best education. The student life on campus is second to none, as where sports, clubs, band, ROTC, academic clubs, are all 100% supported by the community and staff at AHS. I am, without a doubt, fully satisfied with my experience at AHS and would defiantly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing high school experience.
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The AP classes that I have taken have been challenging and I enjoyed them very much. They are taught by great teachers, and the classes are filled with great students. The growing performing arts department will fulfill anybodies creative needs.
Astronaut High School was a small to medium sized high school. This school has a plethora of teachers that are just biding their time until they retire. I did not feel like I got the best possible education offered. I feel that without me taking classes at the local state college I would not be prepared for the coursework at the University I am at now.
I liked everything about Astronaut the academics,sports and teaching staff. My four years here have been amazing. I'm happy that I'm graduating but also sad that I'm leaving
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