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Okay for what it is. Would love to have more AP Classes offered, more college prep outside of the talent search programs, and initiative from the teachers and administration to introduce new things. Some teachers are incredible and really love what they are doing, but others couldn't care less about their students actually learning. I would also appreciate more support for non-athletic extra curriculars financially.
It’s pretty much what you’d expect for a smaller school. It’s got opportunities but you can always have access to them. They have a lot of different options in the arts and they have a good selection of sports. I wish they would add more electives that are more fun though. I also wish they wouldn’t just have one class period for some classes. I think you can tell that most teachers really care about the students and want to help them learn. The office staff and principal are great and do really good work. The counselors are really nice and you can talk to them about anything. I feel like if the school had better funding, they could really improve a lot of things. Overall, AHS is a pretty average high school.
There was a lack of attention for students who were doing well. Essentially, if students were going to graduate, it did not matter if they were being challenged or receiving the best education they could. It only mattered that they showed up and did well on standardized tests to earn money for the school. Male sports teams were shown overwhelmingly more support (monetary and not) than other sport teams.
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Astoria Senior High school is so positive! I love it. I have been here for four years, throughout those four years I have learned a lot, I have grown as a person emotional and physical! I am so thankful for my cross county and track team! Staff at Astoria High School staff is very supportive on what ever we need!
Astoria High school gave me the tools that I needed to perform and transition into the college level. It's my hometown high school where many of my existing memories are reserved and where the were created. I love the school spirit when it came to sports! I wish to have been more involved and for there to have been more diversity within the staff. One of the things that I loved was that it was a small school everybody knew everyone and it something amazing. My overall experience was a good one. I felt safe going to and coming home from school. I now look back and reminiece on the unforgettable memories that Astoria High School has given me.
In all honesty, Astoria High School is a decent school. For one, it has very good teachers who really do care. It just wasn't a great experience for me, though, mostly due to my fellow students. Everything else about the school is pretty decent.
As far as the academics go I wouldn't exactly call it straining, but there were definitely some courses that kicked you harder than others. No one at that school would ever dream of attending an Ivy League school, but even if they did they would never get in. Our courses weren't rigorous enough, and there wasn't a single AP class until my Senior Year. I guess you could say your average student was a white hick with a 2.5 GPA and plans on going to Community College if any college at all. Of course that doesn't speak for the whole school, but its a fair synopsis I would think.
Astoria High was a quality place for me. It did what it could, where it could do it for the students of AHS and there were collectively far more opportunities to participate in cocurricular and extracurricular activities than anywhere else in Clatsop County. I did feel, however, that more liberties could have been given to the students. I didn't feel very trusted even though I carried a 3.86 GPA throughout my highschool career.
There is plenty of drills for fire, earthquakes and lock-ins.
I'm not a huge fan of sports, so I have little to say about them.
I really enjoyed going here. I have nothing to compare it to, but it was enjoyable.
The teachers are dedicated to helping the students learn. There are honors classes but no AP classes to take. The schedules don't always give you every class you want. Honors U.S. History, Human Anatomy, and Honors English classes are known for being the most difficult and instructive. Your schedule can be difficult if you make it that way or it can be fairly easy.
The food options meet state and federal health requirements but most isn't preferable. Good kitchen staff, clean cafeteria, not a lot of desirable variety of food.
High quality weight room, lots of students participate on sports teams, variety of P.E. classes.

There could be a lot more school spirit and all of the fields are good quality except the track which is in very poor shape.
Principle and vice principle are very qualified, orderly, fair, and interactive with the students. Counselors and office staff take care of the students' needs and put the students first. The policy of no off-campus traveling during breaks helps students stay in school and get to class on time.
There are a variety of extra-curricular activities, but they all cost money and can be unreasonably expensive, and the quality of the activities themselves could be better; even so, they are almost always beneficial to the students and help to improve the quality of student life and academic performance.
The principal, counselors and staff are all helpful and genuinely care about the students, but there is a huge drug and bullying problem in the school.
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It could be worse, but the budget and quality of school management in general need to increase in order for the students to become more involved in the school. The overall experience could improve with a better learning environment.
There are a few teachers who really went above and beyond for their students. My Sociology teacher even made a point to tell each of his classes at the beginning of the term that he would adopt any children that his students may have after an unplanned pregnancy if they didn't want to abort.
It's not the worst, but not the best.
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