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Astor Collegiate Academy is a very friendly environment and accepts all diversities of students. However, the school may seem to be disorganized and should provide students with more guidance.
I am appreciative of what this school does for me but i think it could be better. i think that we can have more college trips considering were seniors and teachers can make school more enjoyable.
Nothing special about the school, has the basic sports teams and basic classes.
School is decent size for the amount of of students attending. School is very diverse, and not very busy. The school has not many options for classes.
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Astor Collegiate Academy provides students with a staff who care for each student as an individual. The classes provided to students are challenging but insightful. These classes always find ways to use real world connections and make the class interesting. Astor Collegiate Academy is not one of the safest schools and can make the student feel uncomfortable at times. Yet, the staff always tries to resolve any safety matters as quickly as possible.
I enjoy that the teachers at Astor Collegiate Academy are actively involve do in their students wellbeing. I would like to see more extracurricular activities
In Astor collegiate academy you are able to meet amazing people, and gain a lot of Academic opportunities.
I liked that Astor Collegiate Academy provided several areas of study in the subject of mathematics and science. Changes that could be made with the school is the way class schedules are made up of.
I liked that Astor is a very diverse school. All the students, teachers and staff are like family. Its is easy to find someone to confide in. However, I would like to see a change in the way our programs operate.
In Astor, they give you a lot of information to prepare us for any upcoming tests but i would like them to be more close with the students because sometimes students would need an adult to talk to about anything including the problems that goes o in the school.
Some teachers are good, a majority should be changed. Students are terrible and don't care about academics, should not admit students by random selection if they want to increase diversity and graduation rate.
Although Astor made you want to strive for the best academically, the surroundings at time could be overwhelming and the teachers could have been better or dealt with situations more effectively.
I liked how the school pushes each and every one of its students to strive. they completely understand that it is up to student to decide whether or not that they want to succeed or fail.
I love the school, awesome teachers and staff members. They have an awesome way of running the school, having clubs and activities students can do after school and Able to be college ready and professionals.
The facilities were not the best because of low funding in yet another public school in The Bronx but the teachers I had were true professionals and they helped to motivate me to succeed because they saw potential in me.What the school lacked in resources were made up for through partnerships with after school programs such as GearUp and Trio and other extracurricular activities that were very helpful in my college application process. I will never forget the days I spent in this school. The things that I have learned, the relationships that I have built and the people that I have met will forever be a part of me.
Astor Collegiate Academy is an outstanding school both grade wise and behavior wise. The teachers and staffs work their hardest to make sure the students are being taught well and is accomplishing something on a day to day basis. What I would improve about this school is to have more extra after school activities so students could be more involved and also i would have more events like fundraisers, trips, college visits, homecoming dance, etc for the students.
I very much enjoy my high school. ever since my freshman year, the teachers, staff, and school in general has been a shining example of how education should be delivered and received. Learning is one of the main priorities in my school, and it is buffed with the many attributes of extra curricular programs, sundry a.p classes, and numerous other opportunities. At my school, we learn the basic core fundamentals of all classes, and gradually learn more and more each year. The classes are very much rewarding, if you are placed in an honors or even a.p class, you will find more rewards in those. I am currently in my senior year, and I have very much enjoyed the difficult but rewarding years of my highschool!
Astor Collegiate Academy is one of the 5 schools in Columbus. The teachers and administrators are friendly and the parents are involved. There are a variety of activities/sports open to the students.
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The teachers put hard work in their teaching, but the students aren't really college ready. But that is not the school to blame. Who ever focuses on their studies graduates from Astor a college ready student, especially with their AP courses.
I love the after school activities and they offer a lot of sports
Well the parents do come to our school events and our PTA meeting if they miss something the parents contact the teachers to reschedule another time to meet with them. The parents effort to be involved is really great.
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