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I've been attending Astec Charter School since the 6 grade. I've seen it change in a lot of positive ways that hasn't only helped out the students but, also the community. Astec's mission is to help everyone they can so the individual can succeed and become the best. Myself having a firsthand encounter really appreciate the teachers, faculty, alumni, and many others that have helped me to achieve were I'm at.
What I like about ASTEC is the small town feel of it. Everyone knows everyone and everything, so its very easy to build a relationship with students and staff. The school also makes you feel like you mean more since its small. Its very easy to gain recognition and trust here and that's something that everyone can love.
ASTEC Charter high school had (In my Opinion) one of the best educations in the city of Oklahoma City. The teachers that i had there, has experience on what they teach. My Government and English 4 teachers has experience of being a lawyer and the other for literature. I was only there for a year a after i met these 2 teachers alongside my P.E. teacher these were the best teachers that I've had these teachers explain the material the right way and helped me be a better student. My government teacher (Mr. Scott Nation) help me not just in book smart but he for sure helped us in street smart. The experience of being at a school where it's in a mall was pretty cool even though the mall was already downhill with only having 2 restaurants, Government offices, a law litgation group office,a dentistry, HP offices and a Charter School. I went there my senior year for a basketball opportunity. I only had to take 3 classes so i made life easier for me.Pretty good experience.
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I am a student at Astec Charter High School and have been since freshman year as I am now a senior. Astec has a very friendly environment and almost everybody is kind to each other and include each other in many things. Astec population of students is very small so everybody knows who each other is. Astec has very friendly and involved teachers that help the students the best that they can so that they can succeed. The school counselor is always helping students sign up for scholarships and always encourages college for the students. This school is very safe as it heavily enforces a no bully policy. If a student is being bullied Astec has black boxes that students can anonymously put the name of the person bullying them. Astec has a few clubs and a few sports that students can participate in, which include soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Overall I had a very good experience here as all the students are well behaved.
ASTEC is a great school to go to because everyone there wants you to succeed after you graduate. They make sure you have the necessary requirements to make it in you new adult life.
I came here with false hopes and promises. I came to ASTEC because the school really tried to show off their "state of the art" technology labs along with its filming classes. This school is basically only functioning because of the teachers and it really shows once they leave. I had three different teachers for a single year of Computer Science. Each one brought the supplies we needed, both software and hardware. Once they left we would be stuck doing filler work that didn't have much to with the class. That same year I had a total of six different teachers for Competitive Speech. It was difficult to say the least. A new one would come in and the class would have to fill them in on exactly what was happening. At this point I am just happy for the teachers I do have as they have helped greatly with stuff that isn't even under their subject. I know for a fact I won't recommend anyone to ASTEC.
I have been attending Astec since 6th grade. Each teacher is willing to help every student reach their highest potential. The classroom ratios are very good. The teachers are all very good at their jobs. Our classes provide us with the knowledge that we will need later on in life.
The teachers help their students prepare for college by making the students learn how to be responsible and time manage everything the students do.
My experience at ASTEC has been excellent. I love the people and atmosphere here. If I was in another school I think I would have not enjoyed it as much. Everyone is really friendly and the teachers and faculty are very respectful.
I like their caring for one another. The readiness to help their students in need with scholarships or with even financial aid as well
The things I like about ASTEC is the faculty, the teachers are kind and helpful when you need it, you can really get a connection with teachers, and they treat you like adults, with respect. Another thing that I like about ASTEC is the opportunities that they provide for their students like scholarships, community service, and assistance for anything you need. An issue that ASTEC has is that ASTEC is a Charter school, which means it has to provide its own funding which may show a lack of materials for students and teachers, but that doesn't stop the teachers from trying their best to give their students the best education they deserve. The Rowing team is my favorite sports team at our school.
I like that ASTEC is a diverse school. It is fill with outstanding melting pot of personality personality and culture. Although, ASTEC is a charter school, meaning that it provide it's own funding. This can cause lack of resources for the scholars. In general, I would rate it 4 stars.
I would of have had a good experience, if the school was not too much focused on dress code and more on education. Astec had some good teachers, but we kept having teachers leaving about an average of 4 to 6 teachers a year leave due to faculty, or students. Astec needs better with staff communication between each other and their students, as well as, bettering the food and having more money towards their other sports than just one sport which is more of basketball.
I've attended ASTEC Charter High School since freshman year. The teachers are strict but they really teach well. Each year at ASTEC, I've been motivated by my teachers to succeed in my education. I have matured greatly and have became a better student because of them. I dislike the fact that our dress code is so strict to the point where we have to change shoes if they're not a solid black or white. It's not effective because students do not obey the dress code rules enough. We also lack school spirit since students easily get annoyed by the rules and regulations.
Astec can be a good school if one does not like to do anything and literally just go to school. They have no clubs or activities and the ones that they do have you have to have no absences, no tardies, and a high GPA. Also they are always hiring new teachers because they always end up quitting, but the teachers they do have and that have been there for years do know how to teach. Overall its an alright schools, and they have nice computers.
ASTEC is a school that focuses on helping each student reach their full potential Their teachers are more than qualified and show that they really do care for their students and their success. This school provides opportunities for their students that not every school offers. It gives them opportunities to shine and find what it is that they want to pursue when they get older, especially for those students who struggle financially since it only costs 30 dollars to enroll.
Here at Astec it's very nice and calm. It's not like most high schools.. They actually care about you and make you put effort into your work. They expect something from you because you made the choice of coming to astec.
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Not very many extracurricular activities but the ones that are available are great.
I enjoy the school. Great people and teachers. Only thing I dislike are the policies that are enforced by administration because sometimes they care more about how the school's reputation rather than whats better for the students.
Most of the teachers are passionate about what they are teaching and accommodate to the students' needs. Most of the teachers teach in a way that gives the students an easier way to understand topics.
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