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I am a senior at Assumption High School, and my experience has been good. I have gotten an amazing education at Assumption, and I am very grateful for these past four years. The education and teachers are amazing, and the small class sizes make it easy to get one-on-one help, and the teachers are there for the betterment of the students.
I loved my time at Assumption High School. Because I went to this high school, I felt prepared for college, and I felt like I grew stronger in my faith.
Assumption High School is a top school in the area. It prepares its students well for college and pushes its students to strive for their best.
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There are a lot of opportunities for after school extracurricular activities.
There are a lot of opportunities for after school clubs.
The clubs we have aren't terrible and they aren't exclusive so anyone who wants to can join. Most of the clubs come with a letter grade so if you don't show up you are docked in your grade so most people show up/ are committed.
One thing that makes this school unique is the fact that the teachers, for the most part, do care about you and your education. You know the teachers ever since 8th grade and they know what teaching styles work for you and when you don't understand something.
While most of the teachers are amazing to be taught by, there are a few who are stuck with their ways and refuse to change even when the students are struggling with the way things are being taught.
There are not many extracurricular activities at my school. Student council, jazz choir, and international studies are among the most popular. All are year-round events, and require lots of commitment.
It has a brand new security system with cameras at every door and automatic locks. Bullying is a rarity.
More is expected out of all of the students to meet the standards of the school which I think is a good thing. The school hot lunch program sucks because the school can't support its own lunch program; it has to rely on government funding.
All of them are available at any time of the week. They genuinely care about the students and make sure to personally know all of the students.
There is bullying at Assumption High School, but it goes unnoticed by teachers/staff. Students aren't at risk of physical abuse, but verbal bullying is very common. Physically, students are safe. The school has good policies regarding safety. There is no school nurse or psychologist at AHS, but the school is clean for the most part, at least as good as any other school. Health and safety are not big problems here.
My experience at Assumption High School was not a memorable one. There were a few good experiences, but they were all sports related (State cross country, girls State basketball). The experience at school itself was not good. Most of the students there are inconsiderate of others, untrustworthy, and disrespectful. I would not attend this school again if I could because their are few people their that I could be friends with. Favoritism was also huge at Assumption. Two families run the whole school, for the most part. Some are staff, and some are students, and they all get away with a lot of bad behavior. They are also automatically favored for higher positions, awards, etc.
There is no doubt that the teachers at my school are very knowledgeable in their respective fields. However, their teaching styles are not always effective. They typically do not teach in a way that appeals to students, making it hard for students to either understand the material being taught, or making it hard to focus. Often times it takes a one-on-one talk with the teacher to understand the material. Most of the teachers do not care for student opinions, however. They tend to think that what always has been always will be. This affects their teaching styles. Not all the teachers have the same grading methods, but are consistent in their respective grading methods. Overall, the quality of the teachers is not spectacular, but good enough.
I hate almost everything about this school. This school really only cares about two sports; basketball and football. It makes it hard for those in other sports to stand out. Also academically it is below par. The science department is lacking and the math department is very hard to get along with at such a slow pace it moves. The English department is decent in the first two years however the teacher is not clear on what he is looking for and is very moody so it is hard to succeed in the class. The social studies department holds very smart teachers however one of them is very condescending. This school has a very strong choral department and religion department however all other extra-curriculars are dying. This school is lacking funding and is dying so there is not much point in going here.
Almost all of the teachers go above and beyond to help students.
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They do the best with what they have and make it great!
I very rarely witnessed bullying. Teachers always keep an eye out for such things.
some teachers favor students, but overall is a great atmosphere
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