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The things I like about Assumption is mostly the faculty and administration. They are incredibly nice and hard working people to make sure we accomplish what we need to get through life.
I’ve had an amazing experience at Assumption High . It molded me into the student i am today . I am ready for college thanks to the administration for getting me ready. Coming in as a freshman I was very afraid but everyone makes you feel
Assumption High is a great school. Teachers are very helpful in helping us to prepare for our future.
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Pretty good school. Here you can get the education that you need for college readiness. Good atmosphere and easy to meet new people. Also a pretty big school
My experience at AHS was great! I was involved in student activities. I also was crowned homecoming queen during my senior year! This school has taught me a lot and the staff is amazing! They hold great relationships with the students as if they were their own children.
I had an overall great experience at AHS. However, this may be due to the fact that I'm a 4.0 student who doesn't cause any trouble and minds my own business. I do know faculty at Assumption to be close-minded. They're homophobic and racist. But as a straight white person I've had no issues! It's just I do know that people of other races or sexualities are often treated unfairly by administration. There's also a lot of favoritism displayed by the administrators towards students as well as the staff. Just again I've somehow still had a very pleasant high school experience, probably because I enjoy showing school spirit and being above average (which isn't very challenging at this school).
I am so proud to have attended Assumption High School for 4 years. I had such a great experience in high school and I am lucky to carry the values that I gained from Assumption with me into college. The teachers at Assumption made school fun and they were always overly helpful.
One of the interest clubs is health occupation. In the morning instead of going to class, you go to the near by old folk home and help the nurses with there patients
The school itself was small, but it still supplied me with what I needed for a good education
Majority of the teachers have there own unique way of teaching. Most of the time it's easy to follow along and understand, but every now and then I had to view it in a different way that I thought was easier to understand.
It is a great and safe school!
There are many clubs here and many students are very involved.
My experience at this school is very amazing I tend to stay ahead in class and my parents always push me to do better.
The teachers try to stay on top of thing for the students benefit.
work hard and you will achieve
It is the best school in this surrounding that offers the IB program that prepares students extraordinarily to participate in many programs.
This school doesnt really focus much on athletics or fitness. They dont have much money to support these programs.
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Teachers can be mean sometimes and most likely to have a favorite student. They sometimes help and sometimes not help.
A lot of people are punished through detention for whatever simple wrong doing they did.
Despite it being not orderly fashioned school it still had good course that will help me throughout college.
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