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Assumption offers such a varied selection of classes that you are able to take several in almost any field that you can imagine. This allows students to test different areas for career or college major decisions. Academics are at a high level. Assumption competes at the highest level in all sports.
Assumption has a wonderful community feeling while also being intellectually stimulating and full of opportunities. Such a wonderful school!
I loved my time at Assumption. The school fostered an environment of care and growth, all while empowering us as young women to chase our dreams. There are endless opportunities for extracurriculars and if something isn’t offered, you are always able to create your own path.
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Assumption High School does an excellent job to build a positive community setting for young women to develop
Assumption High School offers a wonderful education program with academia similar to entry level college courses. I was among the few that were ahead in class when I began my freshman year of college, thanks to the teachers and curriculum at AHS. Along with an expansive education, AHS also has multiple sports teams and clubs to participate in. The sports are highly competitive while being extremely fun, I was able to play 4 different sports throughout my time at Assumption and it was such a great experience for me to take care of and train my body, and make lifelong friends. Amazing school, wonderful caring teachers and staff, and a head start to a productive future.
I am not in high school yet, but I went to their open houses and a lot of my cousins and aunts and friends went and are going to Assumption High School. They all loved their shadow visit. They said that the school itself was welcoming along with the students. I know when people think of Assumption they think athletic and sports, but Assumption has a very good academic program. They are the only high school that offers certain classes that give you college credit and other stuff. (Can not remember the name of these classes). I would choose Assumption High School, how about you?
Assumption is truly an amazing school. They focus not only on education of the mind, but of the entire person. Their mission statement includes a focus on integrity, compassion, faith, and excellence. We have a fantastic academic program, including Advanced Placement and Dual Credit classes, along with an emphasis on service and social justice. Outside of school hours, there remains a strong sense of community through the many extracurricular activities offered.
It was the best. They teach you academics and about becoming your best person outside of school. Truly educates the whole person.
I loved the atmosphere of the school and the people as well as the teachers. The school is known for their community service and how much they give back to the community. Every year you're there, you do service. The school taught me so much about how the community is important and how you should always give back. The school also shows a lot about how they are a community and how close each class is. My graduating class was very close and we all knew each other. We were all very easy to talk to and could talk to anyone. yes, there were cliches, but everyone is nice to everyone. The teachers truly loved to teach and were very good teachers. they wanted you to do well and cared about your future.
I fell in love with Assumption in 7th grade when I shadowed! At the time everyone made me feel like I was already part of the school! I experience that same feeling every day when I walk into the building even now that i am a Senior!
I have had a great experience here at Assumption. My past three and a half years have been amazing and I will always love this school. It has a great atmosphere and a great community. The teachers here are great and i feel that they have really prepared me for college.
Assumption has given me excellent academic preparation for college, as well as a unique high school experience. AHS has blessed me with many of my bestest friends and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school.
The teachers and staff at Assumption are always there for your daughter! It is a happy loving environment for your daughter to spend her high school career. The education they recieve is some of the best in the country !
The academics are amazing! But the administration needs to get onboard with supporting their LGBTQ students.
Assumption is a great school but there are better options in the city. They have a good academic and athletic program. However, it is very big and a little impersonal.
Going to Assumption High School was the best decision I could have made. AHS is a wonderful community of girls who are more like your sisters than classmates. There are your typical sports, theater, art, music and steam kids, but the one thing so great about Assumption is that none of those groups are exclusive. Being a Catholic school, they maintain an excellent Catholic education with a diverse amount of students who are of a different religion. Our school motto that we say is "Faith guides, compassion inspires, integrity matters, and excellence empowers." Assumption recognizes that each and every girl is different when it comes to their learning process. With six different learning levels along with a fabulous learning differences program, it has really helped me get through my four years and transition me into my next four years at college with a learning disability. I am truly going to miss this school when I have to leave to go to college.
Wonderful school and an amazing education I highly recommend any girl to attend this school. The teachers care about the students inside and outside of the classroom. This school prepares students for college. This college prep school is amazing!
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I loved every second of my experience at Assumption. It was academically rigorous, but it also focused on the development of its students as a whole person.
Going to Assumption High School was one of the best decisions I've ever made. There's challenging coursework, and teachers are always willing to help. The people you meet there are friends for life.
There is such a wide variety of clubs at Assumption ranging from theater, sports, art, global issues, environmental club, and even more. You can even start your own club super easily!
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