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Where do I start, well with the teachers. Most of them are amazing some better then others. I can tell they care and want the best for everyone, but it's hard when all the students are stuck up brats who think it's ok to say there better then everyone because there parents or grandparents have lots of money. Most kids in the high school as every other American high schools they don't think about the fact that most of the people in the school they won't ever see again after high school. Over all assumption is bad it doesn't keep up with cleanliness for example I throw fruit in places and it doesn't get cleaned up for months, the food it poorly made. An example of that, I was at lunch going to get food and I saw they had donuts out for some reason. I found out why they didn't sell them at breakfast because it was and I'm not joking a hamburger bun topped with frosting and sprinkles. I don't need to keep going on about how bad the school it i think I got my point accrost.
Assumption is an incredible school that is truly a family and a community. The only downside is that the building is a little bit older so there is not air conditioning.
I liked how helpful the faculty and staff were - they were always willing to help if a student needed assistance with something. There was also a lot of school spirit within the faculty, which made students enjoy being there.

However, sometimes it was hard to feel welcomed at the school, as it can be very clique-y. It also focuses more on athletics than fine arts, and the arts rarely get noticed or recognized.
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I was worried about high school. Going into my freshman year, I was imagining the worst possible scenarios. In reality, the school itself was great. The teachers all took personal interest in each student, and everyone made me feel welcomed. Even now, four years later, teachers whom I have not seen in years still talk to me in the halls and check in on me. Our principal calls us the "Assumption Family". It sounds cliche, but everyone here is very close and many of the graduates seem to return to teach or participate in the community somehow.
This school provides an incredibly high quality education, while also providing an enviornment for students, teachers, and faculty to gain a deeper understanding of the Catholic religion and to grow in faith.
Assumption High School gave me many skills that I feel will help me succeed in college and my faith life. But socially, I would say the high school lacks communication and honesty.
I had fun at school for the most part even though they were very strict on the rules and a lot of the teachers were very nice for the most part
The students were not friendly, the education was simple, and few of the teachers cared. Sport and dances were more important than education. One teacher in particular would call students unattractive, or say many inappropriate comments.
I am not familiar with many of the safety policies at my school
There are many opportunities for extra curricular involvement
I have gained knowledge, but have been limited in exposure to real world situations. I enjoy the small school size and have made some good friends.
My experience is that I have found some of the teachers engaging and real world focused. Most are knowledgeable in their subject area but I have found are not open to varied learning styles and ideas.
While I generally feel safe at this school, at least physically, we do not have a school nurse, and students who feel depressed, suicidal, or who have committed suicide are ignored and forgotten. We have a counselor, but there is no code to follow for mental health issues that may arise among students. We have a significant amount of students who are depressed or unhappy, and the school refuses to acknowledge these problems or attempt to address them.
Most extracurricular activities involve sports. While I think this is a great thing, there is a minuscule amount of clubs that do not relate to sports. Some of the academic or student run clubs, such as writing club and anime club, are not acknowledged by the administration, and have a hard time gaining new students.
I appreciate the staff and the education I have received at this school. What I really do not like is the students. They tend to be very judgmental and unwilling to accept other students who come from poorer families or who have opposing views on religion, politics, or other common disagreements.
The teachers make an effort to get to know all of their students and understand how each of us learn. They incorporate a plethora of homework and project styles to ensure we do not get bored or fall into a monotonous routine.
I have always felt very safe at Assumption and the faculty has set up many accommodations to make sure this feeling stays intact across the school. Whether it be student services, guidance, anti bullying programs, or just the close ties with teachers and faculty, there is always someplace safe for people to go when in need.
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There is some form of sport or outside of the classroom activity available for a wide array of interests and hobbies.
I had a great time at Assumption high school academically, athletically, and socially. I was able to learn skills that directed me towards opportunities and skills that will make my future very bright.
The teachers are extremely passionate about the subject matter they teach, and through this, they are able to spark a strong interest among students.
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