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You can't compare ASSETS to any other school on the island. They modify their teaching to help students with learning disabilities learn how to cope and be successful as a student. They give the students the knowledge and resources they have access to.
Assets School may have been expensive, but the experience was unlike anything I have ever seen. The teachers at Assets really feels more like a large family and they all have great personalities. They are willing to give up their time when students need help with certain subjects one on one. The campus was small, so it was easy for me to make friends and remember a lot of students. Although the high school campus used to be an old neighborhood and needs renovations, it is still a nice location. The campus is around the valley and you can see the harbor and ocean, something most schools would wish they had. Assets is a great school where they are able to teach many students with learning difference. Students can also advocate for extra time in tests, work with the teacher on a given assignment after school, etc.
Bullying, Drugs, Alcohol are not allowed in this school. If found, student is automatically expelled from the school. The faculty and staff make sure that each student is safe and feel welcome. The school nurse is readily avaliable at all times with any situation and so is security. There is a safe and secure way of picking and dropping off students to make sure that the student is safe and is going to the right car with the right person.
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Clubs and other extracurriculars are avaliable all the time. Clubs include but not limited to: Music, Dance, Choir, Art, Cooking class, Certain Sports, Outside art, etc. Sports are also available but level of commitment is not applicable. Everyone is open to join. There is no requirement to join.
No sharing of food allowed. Food is somewhat alright but not excellent. Cafeteria is outside and not much variety of food unless you have a health issue.
Teachers teach in a hands on approach and teach so that students have a less workload at home. Tutoring and special study options are readily available and the curriculum is updated to today's mix of history with the past.
From attending a school with small class sizes and great teacher experience, I decided to attend a high school that is similar but broadens my experience a bit more than this school. I realized that I work well with smaller class sizes and hands on experiences so I chose George Fox University in Oregon to study at. They provide small classes and hands on learning and not only that but Assets and my high school have both prepared me for the real world with college prep classes.
This school helped me to excel in my studies coming from a public school who did nothing to better my education. This school helped through tutoring and the 2 teachers and 18 student ratio. There was smaller class sizes, more outside activities and many opportunities to get me involved in student life. If I could choose this school again, I would despite the cost because this school helped me realize what helps me to excel in school and what environment i work best with. If i didn't choose this school, i would still be failing in academics today.
Assets has a few sports but are barely noticed around campus. The student involvement is at a medium level where it is noticed but not at a huge extent. The school spirit and fan support is low but could be better and the athletic facilities could use a upgrade.
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