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Assets academy is an interesting school to say the least. While the academics may not be challenging, the relationship that students have with their teachers are amazing. The teachers really care about our future and do everything they can to help us. I’ve had a teacher sit us all down just to tell us that she loves us and we deserve the best in life. This school is like no other.
I loved Assets , kind of like a second home. The teachers were so nice and they helped me with everything that I needed . Assets is a school I will never forget , it will always be a piece in my heart ,something that will never fade away .
I like that the school has smaller classes to where they can help my child on subjects she struggles with. And also the staff tries to help students graduate school early.
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ASSETS Academy is a great alternative to the traditional high school. ASSETS features small class sizes, teacher to student mentorships, and a ropes course used for teaching the social and team building skills necessary for success in the workforce. While ASSETS does not provide advanced academics at their campus, they are located within walking distance from the regular high school, giving students the opportunity to still take advanced classes. ASSETS holds a "power hour" time for clubs and organizations, thus eliminating the need for students to stay after school for extracurriculars. Upon being asked, most students would describe ASSETS as a home, a family, or a safe place. Those descriptions encompass what ASSETS is about and what they strive for.
I attended 2 over populated highschools in Texas. Assets was the 3rd high school I went to and I was so happy to be there. My graduating class was a max of 200 and our graduation ceremony was quick and wonderful. Assets Academy is a 1 on 1 school which is better then anything else out there; plus the faculty are there because they want to help. They prepared me for college and were willing to talk to me at anytime of the day, I never had to schedule to see the Principal or the counselor. This high school deserves the 5 stars.
This school Is the best school ever
Whe dont have extracarricular activities
Its been amazing i feel so safe in this school and im not afraid to ask for help ive really opened my self up to this school
They are amazing for pushing me to my best potential and i appreciate their love and care so much if it wasnt for them i wouldnt be the student i am now
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