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ACS is an amazing community where every child is ministered to on a daily basis. Facility improvements have been recently made with a focus on security. Tuition is affordable and the on-site cafeteria is a plus. The faculty is caring and truly does an amazing job in all areas. The education is not lacking at all and is rigorous in all grade levels.
Not Christian-like at all. It's not about what you know it's about who you know. They act like they are there for you but they fake people. Really got to watch out for the people in charge, they are the real backstabbers.
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Because the school is so small it really allows the teachers to focus on student's individual needs. In my experience I had a few teachers I formed great relationships. There were also some teachers that made their class really hard, but in the end prepared me the most for college. When I was there the sports were not really that great. The teams had fun but not always the best coaching, but I've heard they improved a lot since I've graduated a few years ago. Lastly, all the staff are godly men and women who truly love the Lord and the students. Many of them have taught me lessons both in and out of the classroom that I still remember to this day.
This school has helped me spiritually and academically. It has given me the skills needed to pursue my college education goals. It will be an experience I never forget.
As a current senior at this school, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be taught by all the wonderful teachers here. It's great to be able to not only have a great education but also to be taught biblical principles.
I love how our teachers do care about us. The different lab experiments were fun to me. I like the events they do for us.
Our building os pretty old but it is in good conditions. We have a computer lab with new computers. The teachers has one day the stay at school late for helps class.
My school is small so we don't have a lot of options. I'm currently taking Biology II as my honor class. We also have Spanish I and I, art, and chemistry II. We have Jr. and Sr. Beta, 4-H, and spirit committee.
Our principal listens to us when we have a situation, and he helps us figure it out. Our guidance counsler tries to help us if we disagree with something that involves the dress code.
I think my school is a safe place. They keep a record of each kid that goes to the school that is allergic to something, and they put a list in every classroom. We only have one officer on the premises. There has been no incidents that caused usto have two.
The school itself is small and we have portable buildings for many classes. There isn't much use of technology: We are behind other local schools in this area.
There aren't options for classes. The electives are not very good. I feel like I would have gotten a better education at another school.
ACS offers Spirit Committee, Beta Club, and 4-H. There's not too many options.
There are great teachers and there are terrible teachers, just like most schools. The teachers really do care about their students though.
We don't really have many options. They just reintroduced football and volleyball this year. We are apart of the Christian league. We have a fairly okay school spirit. We have a spirit committee that encourages support of the teams.
The staff and faculty are very involved with the students and try their best to help them. However, they do not take enough action when rules are broken. They claim to have intolerance towards misconduct, but nothing is ever done.
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I feel very safe in this small private school.
Little to no activities for students to engage in--other than church.
It's a great school, but not for everyone.
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