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Assata Alternative High School Reviews

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MY overall experience with Assata HS was horrible. Academics status was okay but, the teachers were steady changing, to much violence and just not a school I would prefer to others.
I do not think my best memory of my life has approached me yet. However, I feel my high school years at Assata have been the most memorable. I strongly believe that Assata high school is the open door, into the rest of my life.
The last days of my high school career are fast approaching and I can only imagine how I'll be feeling when I step out of Assata high school grounds for the very last time. Throughout these three years, I have felt a lot of urgency about graduating high school. I didn't think that the time to graduate would come soon enough. Now, that time is finally nearing. I cannot believe that it has come this fast.
I Start Going To Assata My 10th grade year they help me get all my right credits and they hands on.The School Really Small But I Love It Because Its More Learning And Less Drama.,
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In my opinion it's a very great school it teaches you a lot and the teachers are very one-on-one and they love to help.
I and two of my sisters graduated from the school and two out of the three, including myself, graduated as valedictorian. It is a great school that helps you with all the classes and qualifications that you need to graduate.
The teachers are great, they're always there to help you when you need it. Far as getting help with college prep resources I'll give that a D. Are school is very small it looks like a house. the hallways are small.
Once again the teachers are excellent, but Assata is an alternative school and if I had the chance to do my senior year over I would go to a non alternative school. I know you can't really change time but all I can say is that I'm going to college.
There's no clubs at are school but if any of the students are willing to participate with each other and make up a group or club then the school is alright with it. Depending on what it is.
Students aren't allowed to have there cell phones in school at all! Those are taken at the beginning of the day and given back at the end the day. If you are caught with your phone, you will get it back on Wednesday only and if your caught with the phone on Wednesday you'll get it back that following Wednesday. Are school is very strict but this policy is not one of my favorites.
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