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Assabet Valley Vocational High School Reviews

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My experience with Assabet Valley was great! I always enjoyed the school's way of adapting to your individual learning style. The teachers and staff were always really caring and wanted to see you succeed. Overall, I enjoyed my experience learning there and would do it all over again.
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School has pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of achieving and I want to wake up every single morning and come to school ready to learn.
Choosing Assabet Valley as my high school was the absolute best choice of my life up to this point. The extra-curriculars, the technical programs, the teachers, everything was top-notch, and definitely an improvement over my home town's school district, where giving one star would be generous.
I've had countless opportunities at this school that I would never have at any other available to me. Being able to work with a law firm to record one of their presentations, building a circuit I designed to display my name through a series of switches, or meeting people from all over the world at an exclusive student summit, the list goes on and on.
The Aztec pride will only grow, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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I was a transfer student into Assabet my junior year and I thought it would be hard making friends, but everyone is accepting and kindhearted. I found my place here and want to furthermore my education
I love this school and technical high schools in general so much! I get to come to school everyday, excited to learn/do more of what I'm actually interested in instead of wasting 4 years of my life to do it later. This sort of "break" from academics has also Improved my overall mental health which has brought my grades up to straight A's!
Strongly recommend it for the community and advancement of your career. No matter your backround you are accepted. Its good to have a shop skill to fall back on. School activity’s are extremely fun to be involved with and very popular. Dances are well attended. Clubs and athletics are great. The shop decision is a process so you can try all shops to make it easy for you to choose what you like and are good at. Taco Tuesday is phenomenal! Football just took the Superbowl and have a freshman team full of talent. Lacrosse is awesome. Softball team is wicked good too. If you live in the neighbor towns you should apply.
I had a very enriching experience having gone to Assabet. The amount of opportunities, and events opened up to me was absolutely boundless. This school have me all the tools I needed to succeed, and went beyond the generic expectation and let me run with it. I gained a sense of leadership, knowledge, and all of the leadership traits that a Marine cadet embodies and I carry this with me today, and will for the rest of my life. Assabet gave me so many opportunities that I cannot thank them enough for.
Assabet Valley High School changed my life for the better in so many different ways. Coming from a different town, I thought it was going to be difficult to fit in and make friends. However, I was immediately shocked with how welcoming everybody in the school was. Both students and teachers alike made me immediately feel safe and welcomed into my new school, which helped me make friends and connect with others. Assabet is a technical high school, and after considering the different vocations which I could take part in, I eventually chose the Biotechnology program as my focus of study. This helped me evaluate my likes and dislikes of possible career choices. If I could change one thing about my high school, it would be to expand their facilities and building space in order to enroll more students. Assabet let me explore my interests more thoroughly than I thought possible, and I wish that all students could experience what it is like to attend such an influential school.
I loved everything about Assabet Valley the teacher were amazing and they becoming so close to me. they want to see me success and they always try to help me out.
Assabet Valley is a vocational school, So as a student I spend half of the school year focusing on a trade and the other half focusing on academics. Going to a tech school is overall an amazing experience because so many doors can open up during and after high school whether it be for sports, careers, colleges, even having just extra knowledge to be able to change a tire or color someone’s hair. Not only does the school offer a trade but we have some of the best sports teams,clubs, and classes to offer as well. Everyone that makes the choice to come to Assabet is guaranteed to find something right for them. The school is filled with the most kind hearted and understanding people. Each and every person working in the school is supportive and wants their students to succeed. Assabet is a 100% positive environment all the time. Everyone wants one another to succeed and everyone helps make the school a great place to be!
My daughter went here for a short time. There were tons of fights, academics were substandard, they give A's when should be giving C's or D's to students. Kids probably love it because of that! They get A's for mediocre work. There are a lot of drugs here too and smoking, pregnant teens. Not impressed.
Assabet is a place where your dreams aren't shut down. Teachers encourage your dreams. They pick you up when you fall. Teachers are so approachable and helpful.
Going to Assabet was the best choice I have ever made! Like most places, you get out of it what you give in. That being said, it has some amazing resources to take advantage of if you are willing. people are kind and friendly. Not judgy at all, not strong cliques. I recommend everyone to check this school out
Assabet provides students with a large selection of technical programs and presents them with many opportunities to explore so they can experience each one for them selfs and pick their favorite
I liked my experience at Assabet Valley Vocational High School. The teachers were very active in the community, the sports were great and the work load was fair. However, the sports fields weren't the greatest for soccer and lacrosse. Most teachers wanted to get to know you more and cared about the success of their students, some others, not as much. Overall, a good experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an education and to learn a trade.
I could never regret choosing Assabet Valley as my High School. The teachers were amazing. Truly caring for their students, and made the academics all the more interesting. The ability to switch from technical program to academic classes every other week was also a high benefit in going to Assabet. I graduated from the Culinary Arts program and truly feel I gained the skills and knowledge to not only work in the food or hospitality industry, but cook and provide for myself and family as well. Something I would like to see change at Assabet would be the preparation for College, as well as real world skills classes. The differences between college and high school are so drastic and different, and I do not believe the teachers or the curriculum fully grasp that. There should also be classes in place to teach students the important everyday tasks that they will have to face in the future, for example home ec. classes should be reintroduced to high schools.
I am a senior at Assabet Valley RTHS, in the nursing assistant program. Four amazing years are coming to an end for me, and I don't want to leave! This school taught me how to open up socially, to do my job, and never to judge another peer. The people in this school learn more than just paragraphs in a textbook. They learn to thrive in the world outside of school. My school is inspiring and overachieving. We work hard every day and work hands-on with real people of society. Going out to job sites and performing skills we have developed, that is why my school gets five stars. I recommend to anyone of any background with any amount of experience to apply to this school. If you have any kind of dream, this school will help those dreams grow into realities.
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Assabet wanted to see the children succeed. They worked with all the kids equally, no matter what size, shape, or mental ability. They wanted everyone to succeed. I believe assabet truly cared about every child and believed in every one there.
A lot of people think little of trade schools, but I can say with near absolute certainty that Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School is the single greatest high school in the entire state of Massachusetts. The faculty are friendly, helpful, and don everything in their power to help their students succeed, the shops provide students with a hands-on education in any one of a multitude of trades, although the conventional classes are excellent t preparing their students for a college career. After school, there are countless clubs and activities that carter to every interest imaginable, whether it be theater, gaming, literature, or just about anything else, and as for sports, they're free to play!
At Assabet Valley everyone fits in somewhere the diversity is so far apart it pulls us closer together wether you want to be a hair dresser or a mad scientist or a chief there's a shop for everyone's dreams. Not only are the shops amazing but teachers are even better they understand us they push us to be the best we can be.
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