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Aspire Vanguard College Preparatory Academy Reviews

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The main thing that I like about Vanguard is the fact that they give you an opportunity to take college level courses to prepare me for college. The classes I have taken at MJC have really got me settled into a college level experience
Overall, I had it great. I always had great teachers who really cared about their students. But recently, the school has been all over the place. Many teachers act like students and the students are distrespectful to everyone. They are moving to a new location and getting a new principal, so things might turn around...but I honestly don't know if it will go back to the amazing school it once was. No AP classes are offered, so if you want something extra for your high school transcripts, work with MJC to get credits done.

I had a good 6 years here, I loved most of it. It really depends on you, but I wouldn't send my kids here. Especially after the truths Ive seen in the past few months.
I have thrived at this school. I am student body president, secretary of Key Club and I am on the basket ball team. I feel very safe and at home in my school and the teachers are all very caring.
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Although this school is not big on sports, its main priority is urging students to go to college. They want there students to be successful and have many options for their future. All graduating students are required to graduate with at least 15 college credits and an acceptance letter to a four year institution. Recently we invested our time in to having a Key Club. We volunteer and help others.
lots of sports and clubs. tutoring after school and teachers are involved
bullying is always taken care of, clean campus and good resource access
The largest class in my high school is over 30 students. My senior class has only ten students. Usually when I tell people this they are shocked that I still attend this school. They ask me repeatedly if I regret missing out on the "high school experience". I reply to them, "What experience am I missing out on?" The drugs, drama, and bullying? My school is so small that are no such problem. The last fight was years ago and it stopped before it even happened. At my school, everyone is like family considering how long we have known each other. Also, we all have a voice. In a small community like this it is impossible not to be heard. Everyone has an opportunity to share ideas with one another and work together on those ideas.
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