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Aspire Triumph Technology Academy Reviews

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Not many options, just 2 options to choose from.
Make us work hard and persevere.
I dont eat lunch because sometimes the food is disgusting.
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I wouldnt reccomend this school because its boring. Not many sports or interesting events are available.
We dont have many classes available
The school is located in a somewhat dangerous community and many security measures are always put in place. I say for the size of our school we have a large amount of campus supervisors always walking around. When there is something wrong in the community and the police show up the school holds all classes and everyone is made to go inside classrooms until they get the go ahead from the police.
There is almost no extracurricular opportunities at the school they can't really afford to fund anything. They are however a new school and it may be test scores.
The school is a college prep school so they emphasize college mainly and one of the graduation requirements is to be accepted into a four year university. Most students get into at least a state school for their graduation but they can choose to go to the military or work after high school. Most of the alumni do tend to keep in contact after graduation sharing their experience with others who they know that are still in high school.
The Spanish Class helps with celebrating the hispanic culture. There are no other class that celebrate culture. They dont got assembly's or performance to show and express one's culture. This school is very poor on expressing culture although there is a student body government but many dont want to get involved in it. The school has created a Gay Straight Alliance after school but many people dont participate in it. If someone is gay, bi, or lesbian, everyone accepts them. This school doesnt fight between ethnicity and everone feels welcomed.
The English teacher pushes us hard to improve our language arts and writing skills. He believes in us and makes class entertaining even though he gave alot of work. The physics teacher on the other hand didnt know how to teach well. Everyone fell behind as she couldnt control the class. The other teachers were friendly and knew what they were suppose to do.
The principal is very friendly and is always smiling at the student as he walks around campus. The guidance counselor isnt very good at talking with kids with problems. The office staff is very poor and the people who work doesnt seem to have the passion at working there. The dress code includess khaki pants with purple shirt that includes the school logo. We cant wear gang related stuff.
The school has somewhat of a prepaid contract with someone that provides all the food. Usually there are only maybe two to three choices and they aren't good to begin with. I guess if anything they only service food that has no type of allergic reaction towards people.
Everywhere you go there is peer pressure but, we tend to avoid it was much as possible here and there is even anti peer pressure in which if an older class man hears something about something bad they tend to tell their lower class man to not do it. Everyone accepts everyone else and if they don't they tend to keep their opinions to themselves for the most part. There seems to be no challenges between ethnic/racial and sexual orientation.
The school can sometimes be too strict with rules such as taking our headphones even if they aren't being used and just hanging out of our pockets. Other than that the policies seem pretty in place for various reasons
The teachers are very good at their job and their field of study. The school currently only has one AP class but it will soon start to improve considering it is still working its' way up the ladder.
All the teachers are good at that they do but sometimes don't know how to keep the class intrigued in the subject matter enough to keep people from causing distractions. Also there are always just those kids who don't know how to behave themselves and a lot of the teachers are young or do not have enough experience to handle these type of students.
The new campus has brand new buildings, tech labs, and among other things. The guidance counselor is one the best I've ever had she knows all about scholarships, deadlines, and almost everything that has to do with colleges and if she doesn't she will resource it for you if you already have it done it yourself and couldn't conclude anything from it. There is always tutoring available from teachers on certain days and for people in the after school program there is tutoring everyday. Parents are involved as much as they can be except that meetings sometimes interfere with their work schedule's. There is no transportation such as buses to the school you have to either be dropped off or take public transportation which isn't far from the school.
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I've been at the school since it started and while it has been fun it has been tough too since i know everyone there for a long time. The classes are small which helps you focus and people are friendly although sometimes their exterior may not show it. The teachers and students together are what make this school so unique. There are teachers from every type of school UC's, IVY League, small private, large private, etc. The students show great promise in what they strive for and even the ones who aren't certain and fool around show glimpse of remorse or regret for disrupting their classmates and over the years have calmed down the school is not as rowdy as it used to be when it first opened and it shows the maturity they are gaining so quickly. i would definitely choose if i could do it all over there are some of the best type of people in the world here. People who would sincerely care if anything happened, we've had a few deaths of our classmates and you can see the entire school united as we pray (even though we are not all religious) for their rest in piece. It's also quite outstanding as how much the students want to learn and be independent for themselves.
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