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It's a great school. It may be a small school, but it is filled with people that would definitely make your experience here great.
This school is great for student who don't like bigger schools. Aspire Pacific Academy provides your students with advantages to go to a good college.
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caring teachers other not so much over all really friendly staff. all the school was a clean space. really caring staff that would help you during at any point during the day. this school did not have sports something that I was looking forward the good thing is that the school was connected to the sports from a another school. this school gives a lot of opportunities. likes camps and other activities
I like the fact that this school provides one on one help with students since its a small school. They tend to care about how the students are feeling at all times. If something seems to be up with the students involving issues with one another they will provide students with an environment to talk it out.
its a good school however much need improvement, and the food is average and the students are good. the teachers are very nice and they have nice people bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
I would like to see more diversity in my school. i like the college readiness and the resourcefulness of the school. the teachers are very involves and are outstanding when it comes to helping the students. Its small compared to other schools but that only increases the bond the students have each other. There is not enough representation of other races/ethnicity.
the environment with teachers is well connected with students. counselors are also well communicated with student. They are fairly strict in what need to be fixed. Although they should give the student a little more privileges and better quality food. educational wise this school gives lots of opportunities others don't. gives and advancement to college preparation and guarantees you get into a college.
I've been at Aspire Pacific Academy since the 6th grade and i'm a high school freshman now and it's been a great school, providing extra curricular activities and college classes. The teachers are all very explanatory which helps me understand the topic or subject in more dept. What I would like to see change is for them to be more strict on turning in work and more complex work because I feel they "baby" us to much with giving us exceptions with work and if this changes I believe more people will be on track.
I liked that this school helped me advance in college by offering courses that gave me college credit. I received about 25+ credits straight out of highschool.
I love how organized the school is. The staff hold weekly meetings in order to assure students are safe, learning and enjoying themselves. Instructors are scheduled to have office hours for students. However, every instructor accepted walk-ins and or appointment tutoring services. The school is connected with parents as well. Messages are sent to parents on a wide variety of topics; fundraisers, grades, meetings, etc. The school may be small in size, but it offers advantages for teachers and instructors to have more time for their students. Likewise, it's also adept for a class to know each other. Aspire Pacific Academy offers college classes for high schoolers preparing them for a future college course environment. Aspire Pacific Academy is affiliated with both high schools, Huntington Park High School and Linda Marquez for sports. Aspire always puts their students first. Their education and safety is their priority.
Aspire Pacific Academy is very focused on helping students be college ready. After graduating and going to college I realized that they really help you get into colleges and look good on paper. However, APA did not really prepare me in the academics portion for college. Everything is good oriented but it needs that extra push in academics.
well, they offer good scholarships and the only thing i would change is if they showed the amount of money you got over all from all the scholarships you've received.
I had an amazing four years at Aspire Pacific Academy. the teachers and faculty got me to where I am today. One thing I really liked about APA was that there was a real sense of community and family that you got from the environment you were in. I knew everyone there was there to help me succeed. The only thing i would change is perhaps the size of the school. although a small school has its advantages, maybe a bigger size would give it more of a "classic" high school feel.
the office staff are the ones who decides who gets to walk in through our doors for the safety of the students, i believe i speak for all the students who have attended or are attending this school feel very safe.
there are different activities for students to participate in, if there isn't a club that you want, you are allowed to talk to student body and they can allow you to create a club and get a volunteer staff and participates for the club. getting involved in clubs at this school is one way to be closer as students and as friends.
by attending this school, i was very involved in student activities and it made me realize what i want to do as my career. i became a better person at this school and i would go too this school again if i could because all the students became my second family, and i got all the necessary help from the teachers at this school.
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the teachers and staff at Aspire Pacific Academy were and are great teachers who truly care about their students and wants us to succeed. they take time out of their lives to help us and when they ask you how you are doing and actually want to hear the answer, i could talk to any of these teachers and can approach them with a problem or if i need advice about school, work or even about my personal life.
Aspire Pacific Academy is a very unique school because everyone here genuinely cares for one another. If I had the chance to come back to the school, I definitely would because I love everything about it and my experience was amazing.
Aspire Pacific Academy is an amazing school and has effectively prepared me for college. The students and staff are extremely friendly and helpful as well. In addition, the teachers are dedicated and they all show us that they truly do care about each and every one of the students. I have nothing else to say but that this school is great and I will never forget attending such a safe and amazing school.
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