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Aspire Ollin University Preparatory Academy Reviews

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I enjoyed the culture it had and how the school felt like a family and a unit. It was one big family. Although there are disagreements amongst students and staff, everyone knew everyone. Felt very prepared for college. I was not prepared for adulthood. I made few lifelong friends. Staff there makes a large impact on many students. Staff truly wants to see students succeed. Gender neutral and popularity neutral. Call students scholars when addressed.
What I liked about this school is that they prepare youto go to college and they encourge you todo your best. The part where I want to see a change is letting kids do there own things, what I mean is to not remind them what they should do or what to turn in because that is a student responsibly not the teacher.
Aspire Ollin makes sure that the students are well prepared for college. The bond between the students and the staff is a great one. While walking down the halls, you will be asked/ greeted at least 2 times by a staff member. This school makes the students feel very safe, cared for, and prepared for college.
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Aspire Ollin has a vision to send every one of their students to college or at least make sure that they are prepared for college. At the beginning of every year the teachers would talk about what it was like for them in college.
What I liked at Aspire Ollin was that the education level was high and demanding, which was good because it is better preparing me for college. It is helping me out for college as the teachers grade papers, projects, and presentations by using college level rubrics, which would make us used to the rubrics when attending any university. Although Ollin is a very good school, one thing that I would like to see change is the diversity as about 97% of the school is latino.
What I like about Aspire Ollin is that our teachers have office hours at least once a week but if you ask if they can stay they make arrangements to be able to work with you. Something that I would like to see being improved is to have more clubs and have more advanced placement classes.
At Aspire Ollin I like that it is a very well rounded school and it is also very small which means that everyone who attends this school knows one another. The teachers care a lot about their students and the schools care about the students futures. The counselors at the school also check in with students and make sure that they are on track to graduate and are interested in the students future and do their very best to help them succeed.
Aside from the select adequate teacher or two, the school environment is hazardous. Preferential treatment is a commonality, and there is a greater emphasis on academic performance than on students emotional and mental wellbeing. Administration leaves a lot to desire, and students are forced to seek out counselors as well as other school officials. No real sense of community aside from the variety of cliques found among student body.
What I liked about Aspire Ollin is that they make sure everyone is ready to graduate and help out a lot when needed. I would like to see every single person to walk when they graduate and that goes for as long as they can do it for. Overall Ollin is an excellent school and wants the best for everyone.
The perfect environment to succeed. The individuals here are passionate and devoted to what they are doing. I believe this school places a lot of value in their students; fostering belief, hope, and support in each and every individual. You are truly set up to succeed here and are given everything you need to succeed from day one.
I have been at Aspire since the 7th grade. My time there has been very fun and has taught me many lessons about life. Even though I would like the school to be more diversed they did not look at me different because of my background or race. Before I attended Aspire I hated math and was very bad at it, but the teachers at the school pushed me to work hard on practicing math and know I am good at it. This school has taught me that every voice counts and to do what makes me happy. Without the skills that they have gave me I might have never took the risk in applying for Alabama State University or being ready for college at all. I really believe that Aspire has taught me the tools that I will need while I’m in college and I wouldn’t be who I am without the support I had in there.
They really do help you concerning college classes and how to prepare you for it. They mostly start helping you in 12th grade year.
My experience at my school, Aspire Ollin University Preparatory Academy, has been overall very good because i have been with the same teachers and staff since middle school, so it has a sense of familiarity and home.Everyone in my school is comfortable with each other and we all respect each other. The teachers and the principal respect our different cultures and embraced them through many activities, such as drawing murals of powerful latinos, and making retreats for the students to embrace being a woman and latina.
Aspire Ollin is a very good place to go to school at. The help that seniors get is amazing. The counselors care a lot about the students so I really appreciate them. Somethings that I would like to see as a change is to let the students do things on their own. The students here get everything handed to them so when the graduate high school they are just being thrown into the world without having any experiences on being independent.
The best thing about Aspire Ollin University Preparatory Academy is the passion the teachers show and the support system for the students. The teachers at Ollin are amazing. Their dedication to each and every single student is amazing and our success is their success. Everyone in that school does everything possible to not only get every student to college but also out of college and help them be successful people. Something I would like to change is how many activities are available. There's not many activities clubs and sports but that is due to being a small school.
The school does its best to make the school better and fun. The Staff do their best on trying to earn money from the students on their sale such as food or candy so that the money would go to dance and donation. The teacher are very well experience in how life works. The teachers also prepare us for college and living by yourself and how to use your credit card correctly. Overall its a good school.
My experience at Ollin has been very exciting because there are plenty of friendly faces all around school. The school is very small so everyone knows each other. The teachers are great and they are lenient when it comes to work, especially hard work. There is always office hours which is really good Incase you need extra help on homework or you just want to study for an exam teachers are always there to help.
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This school seeks for an opportunity for the students to be college readiness. Thus, my experience has so far been great, I’ve had a great educational Experience with my teachers and fellow classmates all 5 years I’ve attended at Ollin. The School build students upon the 4 ESLRS: Create, Communicate, Collaborate, and Critical think. Through this it has helped me build a stronger connection with the Ollin community and my academics. Our school is built upon many Hispanics/ Latinos and not much diversity is seen at Ollin. The change of request would be to build a stronger diverse Ollin community.
For a school that has been up for about 5 years, Ollin has managed to keep their performance with the scholars high.
Something I like about Aspire Ollin is that this school is unique. It's unique because teachers and staff members around campus put hard work and dedication to their students. This school focuses on sending their students to college. To maintain their goal the school provides college counsolers who always check in with student and talk to them about their grades. The college counsolers also start helping students think about what college would they like to attend as providing them with information about how to earn money for college. Ollin provides many information and support torwards the thought of college so their student can be successful later in their futures. Aspire Ollin University Preparatory Academy is a small school but has a very big heart when it comes to students achieving goals for their futures.
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