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Aspire Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy Reviews

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I like the support students of all grades receive and how small the school is so everyone knows eachother.
This school was alright. There needs to be more sports though, when I was there all we had was soccer and they recently just added volleyball. There are not many clubs as well. However, the teachers are very involved with their students, they care about them and want to see them succeed. It may be small but that's what makes it better, everyone knows everyone, so you're never alone. Unless you like to be alone, I know I did, you can be alone too.
Although my 9th and 10th grade school years weren't the best, the school's academics have been improving. The Admin team has been working to expose students to STEM careers and now offer classes like STEAM honors and Design Thinking to high schoolers. Teachers have also helped students prepare for the ACT so the average ACT score isn't an 18 anymore by explaining the sections of the test in detail and give tips to avoid wasting time.
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Lionel Wilson has a small campus and student population but that means that teachers build stronger student-teacher relationships. Everything the school offers helps you become a competitive candidate for college.
Really small school, great community environment. Lots of school spirit. Teachers really want all students to be successful in their learning and go to college.
This school is TERRIBLE for Black students. DO NOT send your Black child here.

Administration does not believe in kicking out students who pose threats to the learning environment. They foster hostile work spaces and think that restorative justice is better than true student and family accountability.
Its a preparatory school, the lunch sucks and you'll find a handful of teachers that are great people and teach properly but the whole school tends to have no spirit and is very disorganized in my opinion.
The school is very small so you receive more help from the staff. The staff really cares about your academic excellence.
Lionel Wilson Prep is a small school in Oakland California. This school is a college preparatory where students are getting prepared for college. I believe this school is good because it has a great connection with their students and their goal is to have students prepared for college. They set really high standards for students to reach their goals and dreams by making their way from high school to college.
This school gave me the necessary tools to get me into multiple universities, but not the tools to survive at one.
It needs more diversity. Admin worries too much about people wearing hoodies. Needs more extracurricular activities.
Aspire’s curriculum is great. The teachers genuinely care about the students and try their best to help us succeed. Lionel Wilson Prep provides college classes on campus to make it easier for us.
I like how the teachers show they really care about you. They all have good intentions and only want to see students succeed. This school offers a lot of support and help for students when they are applying for college. Also, they really push everyone to their potential and give students resources to be successful.
Students are unhappy with faculty and they protest frequently. One good thing would be that they really encourage taking college classes, which can be very beneficial in the future.
The teachers here are extremely dedicated to their work. Unfortunately they are focused on the students that fall behind which means that those who are where they should be or ahead don't get as much help moving even higher in their education. These students are then left alone and never inspired or helped go even further.
Dean of middle school is a disgusting human being!!! racist, thief, rude, etc... Very bad choice of staff.
Something that I would like to see different is for the school to be more funded. Due to the lack of money we are not getting to experience that "high school life" because we don't have any a sports besides soccer, for any event we want or fun things to do our grade is responsible to fundraise money but only allowed 2 food sales a year! We rarely have any field trips, we've been to a few college tours.
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this is a great amazing school. anyone and everyone should attend. wonderful experience for all. I love attending the school since I have received so much support from all staff.
All for years of high school were met with support of all staff. They did not just see us as students but as people, young adults, who a preparing for entering colleges. We were individuals with different possibilities
My over all experience in this charter school Lionel Wilson has made me the person who I am today because I've learned so many useful things that are going to prepare me after I graduate. I've been in Lionel since 6th grade and now I'm a senior.All these year that I've been here I've had great teachers that had helped me to reach my goals and for me to be prepared for the college.This school mostly wants students to be academically and mentally prepared for college because college is no easy route.For example, one of my weaknesses was that I didn't read a lot, but since the school has enforced us to read more during class and home my reading has improved.Also, I used to have bad grades but with the help that I've gotten from my teachers my grades have changed for good, which I'm glad about it.
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