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Aspire Langston Hughes Academy Reviews

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Aspire Langston Hughes Academy is a very small school. Student do not quite realize it, but we are a family. We all create these memories full of laughter, tears and even anger but there is no school tighter than ours. When something goes wrong there is support everywhere from staffs and students.
I have attended LHA for all of my high school years, and have grown to fall in love with it and call it home. As a Senior, I know and understand how much our counselors and teachers are willing to do in order for us to succeed, and I cannot be more grateful. I am proud to attend this school and to see it help even more students get ready for life after high school.
It's a very friendly and safe school, but the administration and certain policies at the school can be a little tough to put up with.
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I really enjoy the diversity on this campus, but I really do not enjoy the disorganized events we hold at this school. This school has lots of academic advantages and will guarantee you to be college for certain.
Langston Hughes is a college for certain school, and is really diverse too. Teachers and staffs are always there to help you, and guide you throughout the years. They offer college classes, and the best college counselors that guide you through your college applications, and anything else that you need help with.
Definitely a small school, but 100% better than any other public/private school in Stockton because of the college preparatory environment and motivation.
Going to a college prep school help with preparation for college but also helped with preparation for a life taught me many things on not only how to be a student but how to be an adult
The experience at Langston Hughes has made me feel under-prepared for further education despite it's claim 'College-For-Certain'. Gives the false pretenses that the students will be prepared for the college they get accepted to. Many staff members have been a great help in building the self-esteem of their students, but moral is still low for many. The budgeting needs work, but many teachers do pour their hearts into teaching.
I have been attending Langston Hughes Academy since the sixth grade and have been in the aspire realm since kindergarten. My experience at this school has not been the complete best if I'm being honest. I feel as if we need a bigger campus because share a campuse with an elementary school and the classes are cramped fitting 32 kids in one classroom. And because the the school is under aspire, i feel as if I do not get the typical high school experience but I cannot speak for everyone. I will shed some light on this review, thanks to the school, i am enrolled in college and taking college courses to get my AA by my senior year of high school.
Ridiculous school. As a student we were not always treated with any type of respect. If we said anything that was agains the ideals of a worker it was complete shame, devastation, and much too serious. The bias feeling all around was terrible. It was work, and more work, not to mention typical class work and then the massive amounts extra that were always given. Too many expectations and not enough help to reach the highest achievement that the school wanted, and it was not for the students, but only so the school ratings would increase.
I like how they set us up to succeed in college, but I wish they would pay more attention to the concerns of the students.
I am a high school senior, and this school is good at getting us prepared for college through the introduction of college courses for students. Also, this school is decently diverse, but has many people come from different backgrounds. This school is lacking school culture and a change needed is more school spirit and this school is smaller than an average high school. All in all, it is good to experience and get ready for college.
I have been in Aspire schools since the second grade and was in the elementary school on the same campus as LHA. The school wants you to go to college, but it is very much a they will only help you if you help them. It is very easy at this school to fall behind and become apart of the students that don care about school. It requires dedication and hard work to truly succeed here, but they will prepare you for college
The vision they have for the school is very inspiring, all children from the school get into a college. It is a very loving and caring school, with the staff knowing your name on a first name basis, making it seem like a community. Although it's emphasis on college is much needed, allowing more sports and social events would make the school even better.
Aspire Langston Hughes Academy is a great school for students are ready to go to college right after school. They have many different programs for students.
It is a great experience a bumpy road to the final goal because of my own faults. I would not change a thing.
What I liked about Aspire Langston Hughes Academy, is the diversity that this school has and all the individuals will come together in time of need despite their differences. I also liked how this school is willing to give you the college experience and prepare the upcoming high schoolers for college. One thing I would change about this school is the certain ways things are done. Also the way certain Staffs behaviors. The principal should worry about not only the students behavior, but also the staff, because some act immature and do not have a respectful behavior at times and feel like they should treat us how we treat them which to them its not a lot of respect.
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It's a good school, they are all very supportive of your goals and dreams of going to college and they push you to be your greatest.
What I liked was the amount of support I have recieved from every individual teacher which is a huge advantage of applying for a smaller school.
I love Aspire Langston Hughes Academy because, they provide free college classes and the opportunity to get our AA degree for free. They treat the students as if they are college students, so its like we get a feel of how college is before we actually get to our college we desire. Also I like how we have to be accepted into a 4 year university in order to graduate, even though you may or may not want to go to that college there is still the opportunity to go to college if we wanted to.
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