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The phrase was always "College for Certain" and indeed did all seniors who graduated got accepted to a 4 year university.This school was about 400 to 500 students.Everyone knew each other and were like family.Although the school had some problems here and there we all had he same goal and that was college for certain.Yes some took a different route in life some became teen moms others dropped out of school or passed away but at least they had the opportunity to know that a 4 year university was awaiting them to an open door.
There are a certain set of rules one must abide by. When the rules is broken consequences are put into place, such as breaking the dress code a parents must be contacted and the proper attire must be brought to school.
The school provides great services the heater and air conditioner are always working. The college counselors are for the most part well inforrmed and when they lack information they confirm it and let the student know.
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I have had a great experience teachers build an actual bond with the students. Although, the only negative part would be the sport deparment and the fact that they do not offer much of a variety.
The teachers are very involved with the students. They are always willing to help a student when they need assistance.
There isnt much of a peer pressure issue. No one really bugs anyone else, bullying is rarely seen and fixed quickly when occured.
The school recently opened up a gym and constructed a soccer field. There arent a variety of sports because there is limited space. If students want to play sports such as football, baseball, and other field sports exempting soccer they must go to a neighboring school.
Personally while i attended that school there were no active clubs for students to join.
There were a few cases of bullying, but where well taken care of quickly and professionally. Situations never got to the worst case scenario.
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