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Aspire Benjamin Holt College Preparatory Academy Reviews

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Aspire Benjamin Holt was a very good high school. I was pushed to do my best everyday while I was at school. Ben Holt was always good at letting their students know that college is always a possiblility no matter what the circumstance.
I enjoy my experience here in Ben Holt, as the community here is wonderful and supporting. However, I'd like there to be more college courses available here on campus.
This school was designed to help all of their students get into college. They care about your grades every moment you are there and the teachers are there to help you when ever you need it. It is a great places and all schools should be like this one.
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I, unlike many of my classmates, appreciate Ben Holt very much. Although it focuses heavily on academics, it prepared me for more life experiences than I would have know or been prepared for at a public school. The ample opportunities they gave us to take college courses have helped me so much. Because I took college courses all four years of high school, I have been academically reclassified as a sophomore in my first year of college. It may not be a typical high school and it may still need some improvements, but I do not regret attending Ben Holt.
This school pays for its high school students to take college courses throughout the school day. The school is small; everyone knows everyone.
The school provides a lot of benefits that will shorten your time in college, but does not actually do much else to prepare a student for college. Very limited options for advanced classes. College classes offered are also somewhat limited. High rigor with no short-term reward, but overall could be worth the college credits.
Benjamin Holt is a good school when it comes to academics, but our lacks on fun activities that other highschools have. As to sports, there some of miscommunication between coaches and the school. But they are great when they prepare me for college. For example, they offer to us college clases that give us college credits and college readiness. Parents need to be more involved in the school in order to know what is going on in the school. Overall, it is pretty good, i recommend it.
Many diverse clubs are offered to all students
It accepts the unique views of all students
Teachers devote their time toward students
I was the officer of three clubs and organizations. I had one of the most wonderful experiences
I would never give up the years I had at this school. I made many close friends and had many wonderful experiences.
The teachers at this school can be very helpful and devote their time to helping their students succeed.
Aspire Benjamin Holt overall is a great school. The school has great academics and give each and every student the chance of a good education. Most students leave Ben Holt with the ability to do great things in college and have a good job once they graduate from school. Overall Aspire Benjamin Holt is a great school.
The teachers at Aspire Benjamin Holt are all wonderful. All of the staff are very friendly and care for the students to be successful in everything they do. The teachers always are willing to take time out of their schedules to be able to help any student in need. All of the teachers have different teaching styles that work for each student. The staff have all been to college and really promote the we should be "college for certain". Overall Aspire Benjamin Holt staff is great!
This school focuses on students' safety all of the time. During school hours, the gated door that lets people enter the campus is locked. It must be rung first and when given permission, the door will open. At every corner of the hallway there are also security cameras that monitor us everyday.
Just recently there has been an increasing amount of clubs that began at Ben Holt. In terms of the number of clubs, there are more than enough clubs at this school for students to join, taking in consideration of the student population. There are also different sports here that many people can be a part of. All the teachers have tutoring after school too which students can attend if they are struggling.
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It is true that this school has a small population of students but it also has the most guidance in terms of getting into college. Though this school is also very academically challenging, it prepares us well for college. There are times when the administers are very strict and I feel like I'm missing out on a real high school experience. However, when I think about what this school has prepared me for the future, it seems that it is worth it. I've made great friends at this school and have had countless experiences here that I wouldn't have gone anywhere else if I were to do it again.
Teachers at this school are very knowledgeable and uses their knowledge to help out the students at this school. Most of the teachers I've had so far are great and care about the students.
This school is pretty safe, there is many security doors and motion sensors. Also there is cameras.
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