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Aspire Alexander Twilight Secondary Academy Reviews

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MY experience at ATSA has been a enjoyable one ranging from growing as a school and being able to hold much more activities. As a school I believe it will continue to grow and actually have much more activities to offer to students. The teachers are on you and make sure that you keep on track, makes you feel that you will make it to college and be ready. The food is edible, but it could be much better in taste since its trying to give healthy eating to students.
This school has a great potential to literally make leaders for the future. It is a very new school making it a little harder to get on track. The school is starting to work out its kinks but as soon as the school sorts them out, the school could become one oft the best rated schools in the country. Right now it is getting itself off the ground regarding to sports. We do not have the best tools because of how funded we are. But we make due with what we have. The school activities like student government and peer mediation are a great way to stay involved with the school. The school has lock ins and different sorts of fun school activities that are offered to the students.
Although the community seems small compared to that of other schools, the personalities displayed are huge. My high school experience was full of friendships that I would have been less likely to make anywhere else. The teachers and administration have proven time and time again, that they are just as invested in your future as you are, and honestly care about their students as people, not career statistics. The teachers I've been in contact with have been understanding and positive role models for me as a student, and a person in general. All in all, regardless of what other schools may have at their disposal, my high school career would never have been as deeply impacted or geared toward positivist thoughts , as it is now, had I gone to another school.
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The teachers and staff don't really d anything against bullying.
We don't have most sports that other schools have and the ones we do, barely anyone joins.
The teachers at this school are always available after school, and they take time out of their day to help the students that really need help and that is what students need.
They make it extremely strict on students especially with the uniform policy. Also, the demerit policy seems a little inflated. Also we can easily get into more trouble with the demerits.
They strive for all students to go to a four-year university.
The academics of this school is incredible. The academics tend to challenge everyone and have them think at a higher level.
This school has great resources for everything that involves resources and facilities. They are very accommodating with everything as far as the things that they have control over.
They have a minimal amount of clubs that you can participate in and now just recently have high school sports.
The food at ATSA is okay. The taste is not great but the healthiness of it is great.
At Alexander Twilight Secondary Academy the health and safety is great. We are safe and the school food is very good for you.
At Alexander Twilgiht Secondary Academy there are no sports propgrams for the highschoolers but there are some for the middle schoolers. The highschoolers are incapable of working out on a regular basis which makes some of them upset and angry. The school should just have a better sports program.
Aspire Alexander Twilight Secondary Academy is a great school. It is safe for the students and staff. There isn't many problems that the school deals with. For example, bulling rarely occurs in our school setting. This school academically challenges its students academically and emotionally. The teachers here elp the students with different challenges they are having. This school has helped me become a better person.
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