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Aspira Raul Arnaldo Martinez Charter School Reviews

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The school is very family oriented. I believe that schools that are family oriented can help a child understand the different virtues of society as he or she grows up. I thing I will say is that the school needs to work on getting more resources for the student in order to prepare them for high school.
I believe the school was very safe because we did have a lot of police men guarding our school , especially after school. They made sure we were safe and secure and did not allow anybody who was not a student to come into the building
Surprisingly, the most popular club was math. This is because we would have teams and go against each other testing how much we knew. Club were help every Monday and Wednesday I believe . Teachers stayed late and did not rush to leave.
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My favorite experiences at this school was probably being a cheerleader. It opened me up because I was shy at first and didnt like to hang around people but once I joined the team I became more outgoing . In the 8th grade I became co-captain and we even went to a cheerleading championship . Overall we won 2nd place. In all honesty if I was to do it all over again I would choose this school because of the environment. It made me feel as if I was safe and at home.
overall this school was an amazing school . Back when I went I was involved in a lot of activities and the teachers were so nice and helpful. They became my friends and someone I can look up to because they would talk about real life problems that helped me along the way. There was no drama at that school since it was small everybody knew each other.
the extracurricular activities is ok, it depends in what you interested in
I think the school in general need in upgrade in technology, staff, teachers etc...
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