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I enjoy=y being able to have my four years in Aspira. The teachers there and especially the counselors like to make sure that every student there are on track to graduate. With less that twenty five people in the class it is really easy to get the one on one help needed with the teachers. They also offer partnerships with the City Colleges of Chicago to get qualified Juniors and Seniors college credit at no cost to the student.
I like coming to school here I just feel like they need to work on some stuff. I like the teacher and I like the staff. The food is bad and the classes are decent sized. I feel safe when I come here and I feel welcome.
I like how friendly and nice everyone is. The teachers are really helpful and kind if you need help on anything they are there for you. I also like how you don't have to commit to coming to the school everyday, you can do your work online and on your own time.
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I LOVE my school;everyone is kind and I can be myself. I wake up every morning ready to go to school and I get upset when it is Friday ,the last day of the week .
it is very good we have meetings as to why we shouldnt bully others and why it wouldn be safe to treat someone else bad
they really dont offer much at this school

but its a really good school better than most
this schools is not bad not bad at all, better than most honestly and the kids are really great, but i just wish weve had more sports and clubs and things to make this school better and more fun
The teachers at this school are amazing. they are very devoted and friendly and they do help out struggling students, at points they do become kinda strict when they need to. they are just really amazing and they totally know what they are ta;king about, there on there game. Yet they didnt get an excellent and that is because they do make differences with students, sometimes when a kid acts up they act just like the kid and start yelling and he/she back. at points its like they didnt even graduate to become teachers, some of the guy teachers look weirdly at some students body.
The safety services in my school are great. The everyday routine is to check our book bags, pass through a metal detector and check for our ID's. It makes me feel safe around my school without having to think of the worst.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are fun to participate in them. But not all teachers get involve with these after school activities.
Teachers always provide their help before and after school. They are like parents they guide us and educate us with their knowledge.
Besides the fact that it doesn't provide enough sports or opportunities to join clubs, it does give a chance to succeed with nice educated teachers.
well the class are okay because there not bad but the student are the problem
well there is many opportunities at this school there are many programs that help you with your feature at my school but to be in the program you have to be citinz
well there is a lot of exprince In this school
My Teacher are great and respectfully in everything I actually like them and I injoy there class.
It is a Small school but there is really good teachers
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This school is very small, the entire senior class is approximately around 200 students. However the community here is great that we as students know everyone in our grade level as individuals. Few students here have transferred here from other big schools like Lake View and Gordon Tech and they all have said the same. They comprised this school as being more of a one on one experience with the teachers here, helping them improve on their studies as the year goes on.
I think that mostly this school is not as bad as it seem but, I think that there are better school than this one but I would not came to this school if I would to choose this school again. Something that I think makes this school different is that all the teachers get to know better their students since is a small school.
This school doesn't give us much options. Like for example, extra curricular activities.
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