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I absolutely loved it! I had plenty of chances to move to a new town and different school but I just couldn't leave ole Aspermont! It really grows on you!
Students feel very safe in our school environment.
We have a lot of fun activities for students
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this school is great and I would recommend it to anyone.
The teachers at this school are very open to helping everyone that is willing to put in an effort and supporting them to move forward with their academic life.
Everyone is involved in School activities
A dress code but for the good

I don't Eat in the Cafeteria
Acceptance and friendliness is very good at this school. I have had no problems with other students while attending high school here. Everyone is very friendly.

Resources available to the students is very nice. There are many computers allowed to student for whatever they need. I do not ride the bus but I know the bus drivers and they are very friendly.
Teaching at this school is very well and you can get a lot of one on one time with a teacher if needed. Another nice thing that is available is dual credit with colleges.
The teachers and staff do a very good job of keeping school safe. Bullying does not occur and I wouldn't have a problem sending my child to school here.
What makes this school unique is the closeness of teachers and students. You feel at home and makes you want to go to school, not wake up in the morning and dread going to school. I would love to do it all over again.
School spirit is a major part of school here. Almost all high school students attend events and the majority of kids play some type of sport here. Not all facilities are great but they are kept very clean and sanitary.
The helpfulness of teacher and guidance counselors is very nice. However, the dress code is a little too strict. You are not allowed to wear shorts which I think if very ridiculous, especially in this region of Texas.
The school and teachers helped prepare me as much as possible for the real world. I really enjoyed school being here, it makes you feel as if you are truly cared for by all staff.
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