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Asotin Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Asotin High School is overall a great school. The teachers are so involved and always put their students first. The school is considered smaller than most of the other schools around it. For such a small school there are many talented athletes that are found within all types of sports. The students within the school all seem to be very close with each other. I would highly recommend this school for anyone new moving within the area.
I have been going to Asotin since 4th grade and I am currently in 9th grade I would give my school a 5/5 rating. Asotin is a small school it's easy to join sports and make friends. The teachers are very nice and are there to help you and see you grow. The curriculum is very beneficial especially the English programs the only thing my school needs to work on is there clubs and programs we don't have very many options. Clubs that are available are FCCLA, FFA, FBLA and Science Olympiads.
Asotin High School is a great school to go to. The teachers and administration members here are always looking out for the students they teach. When kids are struggling, the teachers and their peers help them to better understand the topics they are learning. All of the students are very nice to each other and respect each other.
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Asotin High School has teachers that are all passionate about helping their students succeed in their future and education. Each teacher spends time outside of the classroom helping students when needed, and some even spend their prep hour helping struggling students. The resource officer helps keep everybody on campus feel safe and most of the teachers are reasonable when giving homework to their students. One thing that I would like changed in this school would be better communication between the Junior teachers when it comes to homework. Most of the Junior teachers tend to assign projects around the same time. This can be a little bit stressful for Junior students who are also trying to be involved in other school activities. But besides the lack of communication between the Junior teachers, Asotin High School has the best education system and best instructors.
As of now I am a senior at Asotin High School, and I can not say enough about the school. The value of education here at Asotin is extremely high and the teachers truly care about there students.
Most clubs are very active and involved nationally
I had trouble when I moved, but now it's great.
Only a select few could change to be better.
I've been going to my school K-12, I love it. The best thing about my school is that it's very small, everyone has your backs including your teachers. I've had many great experiences, and they are mostly during volleyball, basketball, and softball season. I wouldn't trade to go to this school for anything else. The downfall to this school is, that it is small, and things do spread through the hallways very quickly, but every school does. I love being apart of a school that has an amazing education system, the teachers care a lot about the students. I would choose this school and recommend it for everyone, its located in a great community with a population of 1,598 people, and that community is what I like to call, my hometown Asotin, WA.
The teachers really focus on the kids and continue helping them until they understand. I really like how it's small, more one on one time. You're a student, not just a number.
Asotin High School has been the best choice I have ever made. Asotin has made me the mad that I am today. The teachers have taught me to be responsible, hard working, smart, and respectful.
Great groups and advisors, but at the disadvantage of being a small school.
We have a computer lab for the high school and a computer class that has a good number as well. Most teachers either have laptops or Ipads for us to use to access the internet during class. Every teacher also has a Promethean board to teach class with. I believe Asotin has a vast majority of tools for their students to use and learn from.
The food isn't great at this school, but they always give you the option of salad. Many of the school lunches are good, but half of the time you wonder what ingredients it has in it or if it is processed. The milk that they serve everyday is always good, and they always have fruits and veggies to go with your meal. If I had the money to eat somewhere else, I probably wouldn't eat there anymore.
We just acquired a school cop this year and that puts a lot of ease to most students. We have surveillance cameras around school as well, so there hasn't been many crazy actions lately. Asotin mostly consists of nice students who wouldn't bring any harm to others, but they might not make the correct choices. There are a good number of people in the school that may use alcohol and other drugs on and/or off of school grounds. Other than those handful of people, this school is a very safe school to be at.
We might not have every sport or club possible, but we have a great variety to choose from and they are very rewarding. For example, our track program consists of any type of person you can think of. You have throwing for the strong kids, sprinting for the fast kids, jumping for the athletic kids, and long-distance for the kids with high endurance. You don't even have to be good at a specific field, you are rated at the beginning of the year and you try to beat that time or distance at each event. The extracurricular activities at this school are amazing and we have amazing support from them, so I give Asotin a four out of five.
The principle has strengthened the dress code this year by not allowing as many dress option. The guidance counselor helps every student very well on how to get to the career that they want. The teachers provide great support for kids and help each individually with their homework. Overall, Asotin high school a great school.
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i love my school and my friends here
it has its ups and downs
i love my sports and activities
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