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I love the majority of Ashwaubenon High School's teachers, but I wish the administration would listen to their staff (teachers) and students more on issues that affect us.
The school is very well kept. Most teachers will go above and beyond to help the students. There are a few teachers that aren't the best, but they are few and far between. The principals are strict, but they have to be to keep the school in order. Overall, the staff is very good, as well as the school. The worst part about the school is that there is no air conditioning, and there are only sub-par fans when the summer days get very hot.
I had the privilege of being able to select a high school to attend (WI School Choice) and reviewed many outside of the small town I live in. I know the Green Bay area well having participated in many sports activities from a very young age, and chose Ashwaubenon because of the diversity of students represented, and because of the welcoming environment and large variety of sports to participate in. The teachers, school counselors, office staff and students were very welcoming to me as a newcomer, and it felt like home. They encourage personal growth through scholastics and community involvement and practice what they preach, with teachers working side-by-side at fundraisers, community clean up projects, and other volunteerism. Ashwaubenon High School is more than just a school. It is a place where everyone helps and supports everyone else to succeed and be happy. It's a place where you learn more than what's in books, you learn what's important to be a part of community.
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My time at Ashwaubenon was one of many ups and downs. I faced countless challenges, but one thing I found there was help. I had wonderful teachers who truly cared about their students. I consider it a privilege to have gone to and have graduated from this school.
My favorite part of this school is the homecoming week. That week it doesn't matter whether or not you're popular or not, it just matters that you go to Ashwaubenon. The school spirit is out of the world; everyone participates in the dress up days, go to football games, go party, and have fun! Upperclassmen tend to be a bit rude sometimes, however that's typical at any school I assume. I'm afraid though about after high school because i know I am not prepared for college at all. I don't know how to register or live on my own. They focus more that you just pass the class with a decent grade. Some teachers though are some of the best I've ever had in my life so far.
I loved the Ashwaubenon District. Throughout my 4 years of high school, I have created many bonds with all of the teachers there and Ashwaubenon taught my many skills that I took to college.

I always knew I could ask any teacher for help. Those teachers helped shape my future and led me in the direction I am headed today. I still email a few of my old teachers and let them know where I am in my life. I am grateful to have made those connections.

Ashwaubenon has helped me prepare for college. When I went to college, I knew how to properly take notes, study for exams, and I knew all of the best test taking strategies. My first year of college was a breeze.

I am forever grateful for Ashwaubenon High School. I have created lifelong bonds with my teachers and I learned many life skills that helped me a lot in college. Ashwaubenon is a great district and I would recommend it to anyone!
Most teachers are awesome. They are very sophisticated and friendly. They focus on working with students one on one to ensure an excellent education. The classes provide great learning opportunities. It is a very safe school and prepares you well for what comes after high school.
This school holds it's academic standards high. Good mix of teachers and classes. Plenty of extra curriculars including a great performing arts club.
Ashwaubenon High School is a fairly decent school, however, there are a few things that, if improved, would make it a much better environment. This school has closed-campus lunch, forcing everyone to eat the food provided at school. This would not be so bad if there was more of a variety of food available at lunch, and for more reasonable prices. Also, many of the teachers are not actually willing to offer one-on-one help to students struggling in that course. They will just say to look in the book or ask a classmate who understands it, which can sometimes be helpful; however, they are neglecting their duty as a teacher when they do that. It can be very frustrating and disheartening for students that certain subjects do not come easy to.
During my time at the Ashwaubenon High School, I have had my fair share of pluses and minuses. One thing that I would like to see more of is actions taken against kids who are getting targeted and bullied. However, the staff are all very open and willing to talk whenever I needed to, and for that I am forever thankful.
Over my four years of high school, I have had the time of my life at Ashwaubenon. We are known for having lots of school spirit during any sport. The school overall is very supportive of every child that walks through the halls. Personally, I have had many medical challenges throughout these four years. From sports injuries to a feeding tube the school faculty and students have been behind my back the entire time. I am very glad my mom decided to transfer my brother and I back in middle school because many things would be different if she did not. I am going to be very sad leaving these halls in just a few months. I am so glad my little brother still has two years because it gives me an excuse to come back to the football games. Ashwaubenon is an amazing school and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Some of the clubs are very well-run while others are not; it all depends on the commitment of the advisor.
Ashwaubenon High School provides a variety of clubs, so any student can get involved.
Most of the teachers are very approachable and put in the effort to meet your needs; however, like most schools, there are a few poor teachers who do not put in any more effort than a simple lecture.
There are a lot of clubs and organizations at Ashwaubenon, and there is a wide variety.
I have had an amazing high school experience, and I would definitely choose this school again if I could do it all over. The quality of education and teachers is very high, and it is a very safe and comfortable environment.
The teachers really care about the students, and try different methods of teaching in order to help the students learn better. Some teachers may use review games or packets, or using power points to effectively teach the lessons.
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There are quite a few extra curricular activities at this school. However, unless you're part of a sports team, you won't see much money put aside for your club or organization. It's pretty much all about football.
Most of the parents at this school are overall just very stuck up and only care about their own kid. No parent really goes out of their way to be nice to others.
The teachers at this school are overall very good. However, at every school you are going to find teachers that people don't like. The quality of teachers would be defined as above average. Some teachers would rather give you worksheets than teach, but there are a few teachers who are amazing at what they do.
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