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Its a amazing school that has amazing teachers, without them i wouldnt have gotten this far. They are all so kind and amazing with a open heart.
I like the atmosphere of the school. It’s like we are all one big family. The teachers are very nice and they are all very helpful. We have some of the best teachers at Ashville High School.
Ashville is a great school and food teachers. The custodian is the sweetest! The have an excellent band and band director!
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Ashville High a school is a very small school but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I graduated with 89 people and i wouldn’t trade the friendships i had with all of them for anything. Because AHS is so small you really get to know all of your teachers and other administrators. They staff at AHS truly cares about every students well being and they want to see every single one of us succeed. I am so thankful for everything AHS did for me and so proud to say i’m an AHS alumni!
Ashville is a good high school, but we’re in need of new facilities as well as resources to help improve everything as a whole. There is only one computer cart that is rotated throughout the school. Our school is outdated compared to others in our county. The environment of our school is great compared to others as we all really accept anybody no matter race, religion, etc. Most of the teachers are very good at what they do, but some were just thrown into the position to teach a class and don’t really even know much about the subject there teaching
Ashville High School has a great faculty and has the capability of becoming a better school. Ashville High School strives in athletics, but is lacking in education and resources. Ashville High School is the oldest and least funded school in St. Clair County so it’s understandable that the education is less than desirable, but overall the faculty is the best I’ve ever seen. They actually care about the students and our future. All of my teachers have helped me with both college applications and scholarships. I can go to my teachers with whatever I need and they will change their schedule to accommodate the needs of any student. If funding was better, I truly believe my high school could be the best high school in Alabama.
My experience at Ashville High has been a great one. The small community makes the school easy to be involved and easy to know all students and staff. My academics have never been in jeopardy here at Ashville promptly due to the caring teachers here who become very involved in seeing their students succeed. The school provides many clubs and outlets to be involved in from golf, fishing, football, to academic clubs. The school provides many resources such as technology. The only thing that needs to be improved here at Ashville is its internet connection which is to be fixed soon. In all I can say I am proud to be graduating from the home of the bulldogs. The relationships and knowledge gained here will definitely stick well into my future career.
I like that all my teachers seem to genuinely wish to see me succees. They all do anything that I need in order to understand the topic we are covering in class. I do not like that certain classes such as Spanish must be taken online. I wish that class was available with a live teacher.
Health and Safety is not a big issue or concern at this school. People rarely get hurt or sick. There is one school nurse for the whole school system, being the elementary, middle, and high school.
Sports get the most attention at this school. For the longest football was the most popular sport, until the talent level went down and several coaches were replaced.
I would not choose to attend this school again. Although I was involved heavily in the schools activities and academics, my experience there wasn't the best. I didn't like the favoritism, the small mindedness of the people there, and the position I was put in academically.
Overall, the teaching is mediocre. Most teachers have a "Favorite" student(s) that they treat different from the rest. They do enough to make sure you can at least get into community college.
Parents need to step up and be good parents. The parents are very sensitive to what their children do and need to talk more to theri children about respecting their teachers.
The teacher there are quality assured and very much worth attending ashville high school and graduating with high expectations. They will help you with scholarships and finding the right college that a senior needs to go to for an elect major. The exams are highly expected for the children to take and if they don not pass 1 or more of the exams, they will immediately put you in remediation for a particular subject in order for you ro recieve the education needed to grauduate.
My school had a problem with teachers. Several teachers at my school have been arrested for teacher/student relationships or drug use. Overall, I do not feel entirely safe.
Most clubs at my school require a certain academics standing. While I agree with this, there are no clubs for the art programs. All clubs at our school focus on academic even though the academic rules are not upheld by the school.
My high school is an average high school; however, one huge targets this school. At my school, you do not even have to lift a finger if your parents are friends of the principal. I know many students who could be late to school everyday and never receive proper punishment. A positive about my school are the student athletes. Being involved in sports all throughout high school has taught me life lessons about working hard.
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At my school, there are a small quanity of teachers who truly care and work hard to better our generation. On the other hand, most teachers just teach students enough to get by. I have one teacher who can not even properly pronounce words frequently used in AP biology. I feel like I am not learning enough to excel in college.
Staff BARELY goes out of their way for anything.
All coaches/sponsors truly love what they do.
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