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Ashton-Franklin Center High School Reviews

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The small town environment is great! We have excellent teachers, who know all the students and form a bond with them.
I really like the small community and that everyone seems to be friends. I would like to see AFC get more clubs and sports programs!
I have grown up in the AFC area. I have been going to this school my entire life and am going to graduate this year. There are not that many school activities that students can participate in, in high school. Our school is based on our sports and other things such as music, arts, or FFA get left out. Our FFA is probably the club that most of our school is involved in being a rural community. Things that could be hanged include the things are school bases off of. Such as sports many things get looked over because of that. Majority of our school are athletes and also in FFA.
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I really can't say there's anything wrong with AFC. The teachers are all passionate about the subjects they teach and always try to give help when it's needed. For the most part, the only problem I have had during my time at AFC is that I've found most of the other students to be difficult to deal with. There is no shortage of obnoxious and offensive jokes to be heard in the halls. Aside from that, however, I really don't see why AFC would deserve a bad review.
It is a nice but old school. The teachers and people are friendly. The staff is much more friendly and involved than I think they would be in the city. The environment makes the school seem safe. The school is aged and sometimes cold.
It is a small school, however I think that is a good thing. The teachers can offer more help to students because of the lower numbers.
There is not much variety in the foods we eat. Commonly we have the same sides and main dishes. The food is average.
If there is ever a disciplinary or controversial topic, it is usually brought up immediately by the faculty and administration and it is taken care of pretty quickly.
Teachers at my high school are very helpful if you come to them with your question or concern. There are a handful of teachers that are incredible teachers, and work very hard to make sure their students are successful.
At AFC High School there are many different clubs and activities that can support many different types of students. Our programs at AFC range from FFA, book club, sports, academic bowl, National Honor Society, and many others. The programs are supervised by highly knowledgeable leaders and are respected throughout the school. There is an extra curricular activity for anyone at AFC.
The quality to cost ratio was good
I had to re-think how I learn, but I've been able to excel in college.
AFC is a small school, so there aren't as many clubs and organizations as there can be. However there are a variety of organizations. We have a large FFA program that provides agricultural opportunities and fun activities for its members. We also have NHS that only qualified students can get into. There is a book club and we also have student government and class officers. We have sports teams and scholastic bowl. We have a yearly musical and a great chorus and music department. Overall, we have plenty of organizations and activities to keep our students busy.
The two options you can choose for lunch include the normal cafeteria food or salads. The salads are made fresh everyday and are customizable. You can choose your dressing. There is also a soda/drink machine along with a vending machine that gets refilled every couple weeks.
Everyone has a lot of school spirit which makes sporting events and homecoming a lot more fun. The teachers are outstanding and constantly go out of their way to make their student's feel comfortable and provide them with everything they need to succeed. Students are very open to new people and try to help them feel more comfortable in every way possible. I would choose this school again because my four year journey with it has been one I will never forget.
All teachers and staff are very helpful when it comes to students needing help. The guidance counsellor is always ready to help with personal issues, college issues, and ect. The office staff does the best to their abilities, and are always helping where they can. Bullying, dress code, and other policies are strict. Our staff wants to give AFC the best name possible and therefore keep their student expectations higher than other schools.
I love AFC High School. It has small class sizes and you can actually talk to your teachers. All of our teachers are easy to talk to and get along with, and are very supportive. We are a very safe school, and everyone who comes here enjoys it. Most everyone gets along well with one another, and bullying is not tolerated. Vaccines and physicals are required before attending AFC. Overall, our school is a well rounded place full of learning and opportunities.
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Most of the school is very involved with sports, every game the stands are full of supporters. My school is becoming more diverse slowly. Just like other schools if your new its hard to fit in but i met some nice people at the start of school and everyone was glad to help if i needed any. My school has very strong student involvement, from FFA to student council everyone is involved with the decisions that are made for the student body.
The teachers are amazing some of them have helped me through some really tough times this year. Yes some have not as good teaching styles as others, but they are all very knowledgeable in their courses. The teachers always have something to do that will be graded and we are told are grades whenever it is needed
The school is very old and the sinks are a hassle to keep on, we could use more bathroom space as well. My school isn't very technology inclined. I mean we have laptop's and computer labs, but the laptop's take at least 20 minutes to turn on and that's if your lucky! The guidance counselors do not really try to get to know the students so i talk to some of my teachers whenever i am having issues. We have one college prep class and that is College Prep English, also we have a college course in English as well. Most parents try to get involved in the schooling of their children at AFC High School.
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