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I truly felt safe, learned a lot, made great friends, and always had a school activity to participate in.
Very clean school. Academics are great, athletics are improving. Students are involved in the school and it is practically a family.
It was a relatively alright experience. We have a lot of good programs, and a good set of students. Things I would like to see change is equal treatment of alternative athletic activities, such as color guard.
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My high school experience at ARHS has been great! The teachers and Administrators are very involved and work hard to ensure you are successful. ARHS has a lot to offer academically.
Ashley Ridge is a newer high school. It has amazing academic programs, phenomenal teachers/ staff support, outstanding school spirit, and good diversity. ARHS has a range of academic programs: BioMedical program, Culinary Arts, Horticulture, Teacher Cadet, and many more. All of the classes given help us prepare for college, and the real world. Even though the school is newer, the teachers are fabulous! They care about the well-being of their students, and they work hard to help students achieve. The school is also well known for the school spirit distributed by the student body. School spirit even expands to the community, due to the school helping the community a lot. ARHS also has a good diversity. We have some international students that range from Germany to China. However, every school has a couple of downfalls. ARHS has dealt with a lot of construction on the highway it lays on. However, the good weighs out the bad. ARHS is an amazing school.
I have been at Ashley Ridge High School for four years. Overall, I really enjoy Ashley Ridge and consider it to be one of the best schools in our district. We have a wonderful administration that seems to care about our well being and each day is met with joy from each and every one of them.
The schools cleanliness is something I notice compared to other schools I’ve been to. They seem to keep the school as clean as possible. Their high standards may sometimes be aggravating to the students who attend, but are intended for success
Personally the school was alright I was a brand new senior and was excited for the new adventure in this new environment. What I was not prepared for was the craziness of the school. Some of the rules are just absurd and the drug problem there is just over-welling. Also the student life there is just disappointing. Before at my old school we'd have amazing pep rallies and many fun spirit weeks, but here the pep rallies are just weak and the spirit weeks are nice. On the bright side the teachers are amazing there fun and have great lesson plans and they really want us to succeed and the food is actually really great.
I enjoyed my four years at Ashley Ridge High School. I can truly say I will miss most of my teachers, kids in my class, and being able to walk the halls. I hope that the "tension" between students will be better in the future. It is all about who likes who, who dated who, and who did what in school now and not enough attention is towards learning. Most of the kids I have noticed, in any school, have lost all respect for the staff and adults in school. I wish for that to become better so, the "body" of the school becomes more welcoming. Even the facilities are kept clean and made sure that most profane words and statements are cleaned up. The staff is ever-so helpful and involved in the students academic lives. Overall, my experience at Ashley Ridge has been more than memorable. Once a Swamp Fox always a Swamp Fox.
When I first moved to Ashley ridge my junior year I was very nervous to be going to a new school, but on my second day I met two very nice people who've been really good friends up to me senior year. The teachers are supportive and help out whenever a student needs it. There are many clubs to join that will get you involved to meet new people.
Ashley Ridge has so many kind people people and amazing classes. The school offers unique courses like the horticulture, biomedical, and other STEM and vocational courses. Students are given the chance to prepare themselves for both college and career readiness by graduation and have many opportunities while attending the school. Go foxes!!
Ashley Ridge is one of the best schools in my district. Our school has new, clean facilities, our teachers to above and beyond to help us learn, and the administrators play an active role in keeping the students safe. This school has provided me with a safe place to expand my education and express myself.
I enjoyed going to school here. The teachers were really great. Whenever I needed help with something there was always a teacher that was willing to help even if he or she wasn’t my teacher.
The interconnectedness of the students invlovement is very satisfying. Although, I would love to see more of an outreach to students regaurding tutoring or any other help needed.
Honestly my personal experience is very wonderful. It is my first year attending the school as a Senior however I had an older cousin and sister who had previously went to this school well and had nothing but remarkable comments about Ashley Ridge as a whole. I feel the exact same way. I have been provided with a numerous amount of opportunities there than my previous high school.
Ashley Ridge is a great school no question, but like everything it has it’s up’s and down’s. The way things are prepared for you are definitely great and beneficial. I’ve enjoyed my years there and def would recommend Ashley Ridge to anyone in the area or coming to the area.
I had a very well expirence attending Ashley Rigde all four years. The school was very big on supporting the athletes during all seasons. If you needed help there was always someone there to help you. There are plenty of classes to take to will get you ready for your future career like CATE or Vocational Classes. The best thing about the school is the support we have for the athletes and when we do Swamp Fest, a feild day for the special needs for any school who wants to participate, absolutley the best thing ever. All together the school is great.
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Ashley Ridge High School is a great school with many different classes. These classes all have great teachers who want to help their students reach their fullest potential. They strive for academic success, while having fun for all. I would like there to be better math teachers.
Ashley Ridge High School is filled with wonderful teachers and staff that really do love their job. The staff care about the students education and as a person as well. Ashley Ridge is a great school with programs that no other schools around have.
Ashley Ridge was a very engaging, fun school to attend. Academics are very centered and activities are given as rewards year round.
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