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Honestly my personal experience is very wonderful. It is my first year attending the school as a Senior however I had an older cousin and sister who had previously went to this school well and had nothing but remarkable comments about Ashley Ridge as a whole. I feel the exact same way. I have been provided with a numerous amount of opportunities there than my previous high school.
Ashley Ridge is a great school no question, but like everything it has it’s up’s and down’s. The way things are prepared for you are definitely great and beneficial. I’ve enjoyed my years there and def would recommend Ashley Ridge to anyone in the area or coming to the area.
I had a very well expirence attending Ashley Rigde all four years. The school was very big on supporting the athletes during all seasons. If you needed help there was always someone there to help you. There are plenty of classes to take to will get you ready for your future career like CATE or Vocational Classes. The best thing about the school is the support we have for the athletes and when we do Swamp Fest, a feild day for the special needs for any school who wants to participate, absolutley the best thing ever. All together the school is great.
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Ashley Ridge High School is a great school with many different classes. These classes all have great teachers who want to help their students reach their fullest potential. They strive for academic success, while having fun for all. I would like there to be better math teachers.
Ashley Ridge High School is filled with wonderful teachers and staff that really do love their job. The staff care about the students education and as a person as well. Ashley Ridge is a great school with programs that no other schools around have.
Ashley Ridge was a very engaging, fun school to attend. Academics are very centered and activities are given as rewards year round.
I'm a proud Ashley Ridge Graduate, this high school is full of amazing people their is a place for everyone. one of the best schools in South Carolina
Good school I graduated from here May 2016. The faculty and teachers try to stay engaged with there students through learning, one thing I will say is I feel that some students are not ready for college, most people I graduated with had to take remedial classes once they got into the college. I feel as though some of the classes prepared me in some ways. The school always has the students participate in something such as spirit week and homecoming week, they are very serious about bullying and do not tolerate it at all. I will say there are fights but that's at any high school you go to, the problem is there are too many students in the cafeteria. If the school did not have so many students in the cafeteria there would be fewer fights, etc. All and all, Ashley Ridge is a good school.
Ashley Ridge to me is lots of school spirit. Our school's administrators and faculty make it a duty to make sure every single student is always involved and doing something for the good of themselves and the school. School spirit is what we take pride in at Ashley Ridge(it's all about the cardinal and gold)! Besides school spirit, academics and education is also a priority. Teachers allow students opportunities to fix their grades and we have lots of ILT time to also get extra help if we need it. Students never go lacking.
Ashley Ridge was a great high school. I enjoyed it when I was there and I made lots of friends and have made great grades all year I was there. I also loved all my teachers I had and recommend this high school to anyone.
The school is diverse and sometimes brings a welcoming feeling for the uprising freshman. Ashley ridge has the best academic status out of all of the school locally. Kids will get many opportunities to make great achievements while at Ashley Ridge and will enjoy a positive atmosphere in some cases.
This was a pretty good school... Teachers take time to help us , but on the bad side there are some teachers that dislike us football players and they are harder on us.
Ashley Ridge is a very fun school to attend. It is also very educational. I learned lots of curriculum when I went their, and I enjoyed the time there when I spent it with my friends.
My experience at Ashley Ridge High School was an unforgettable one. I can still remember how much I enjoyed my freshman year. My freshman year was probably the second best year of high school. I was nervous at first, but then I met new people and was reunited with my peers that I've known since elementary and middle school. To be honest with you the people at the school including the adults made the school such a great environment to be around. I don't remember much about my sophomore and junior year because they weren't my best years there, but once you get past those two years senior year is nothing but a breeze. Don't get caught sleeping your senior because if you do you'll miss out on the most fun year at Ashley Ridge.
Ashley Ridge is a nice school with a growing campus and classes that meet all student's needs. I play football and golf and enjoy both sports and our school's athletic programs. The teacher's are well qualified and do a good job of meeting the student's needs.
I went to Ashley Ridge High School for all four years, there are some bad parts but also some good parts. I loved almost all my teachers. The staff seems to always be there for students. They prepared me for college in some ways.
The teachers in the AP classes are great and very determined to help the students succeed. The "College Prep" level classes are what we would have called "remedial". The kids don't really want to be there and most have no ambitions beyond getting out of high school.
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Ashley Ridge High School is like every other high school. You have your incredibly hyped athletes who are popular, the brainiacs who know everything, the art students who make amazing art but can be weird or stuck up, the ROTC kids who believe ROTC is life, the low lifes who are smart but don't show their potential, the trouble kids, and the average kids who get by with good grades and are a part of clubs, but they never really shine out in school. The school itself is very clean and decorated and it has excellent teachers. The administrators effectively do their jobs of controlling the chaos of the students. All in all, Ashley Ridge is diverse and supportive of its students. It provides suitable classrooms to learn in and the food is not half bad. The only thing they need to do is find a way to not have 5 test on one day because that is a lot to ask of students, especially those who take honors classes.
Would like for teachers and administrators to acknowledge students who are doing well in classes. Seems like a manority are overly critical and dont tecognize those who are doing well. Bad behavior gets more recognition than good
I like the teachers but the bathrooms are disgusting and so is the girls locker room. Overall the club's and activities are very fun and diverse.
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