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Ashley Ridge High School Reviews

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Ashley Ridge is a great school! It brings great potential to all incoming kids who want to go somewhere and if you work for it the teachers and everyone there will help you get right there. They are passionate about getting the students to where they want to be in life whether its college, military or work force.
It's a unique school. Most people love interacting with science and animal's; even cooking food. There are so many fun thing's to do there and I love it because it gets better every year!
Ashley Ridge High School is a fantastic school with multiple different courses that allow students to explore early on what they would like to do for the rest of their lives.
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I loved ARHS and how the entire school is like a family. The principle is just amazing and has a big heart for all of her students. The administration is very nice and treats all students equally.
Our AP program isn't as remotely good as Fort Dorchester's IB program where the teachers actually communicate between each other to not overburden students. Ashley Ridge is in a constant state of chaos as teachers have their own agendas and often don't care about students
The school is nice and always clean. The teachers are fantastic. The school is very diverse and open to others. You feel like a family at Ashley Ridge. They want you to excel.
Ashley Ridge provided many resources to the students to help with courses they struggled with, and boosted all of the students confidence by rewarding them on their achievements.
It was a great school. I had a very complete and well rounded high school experience. The teachers were great and there were many extracurricular activities offered that helped shape me into the person I am today.
Ashley Ridge is a good school all around. The teachers are helpful when asked, they try their hardest to give you everything you need to succeed. I am glad that I went to ARHS for all of my high school year.
I spent the four most productive years of my life at this school it taught me lots of things varying from education to life lessons. I have matured a lot at this school and I will say I did enjoy a lot of the teachers her some people will have mixed views about the school but everyone will be able to say that they have matured a lot since their start at the school
The teachers I had were mostly receptive, intelligent, and good-hearted people, who fostered a quickly-evolving learning environment and, in addition to making me the person I am today, teach with relative passion daily. I am honored to have gone there, and while I don't intend to return for at least a decade or so, I will always have undying respect for the way the school is run.
Ashley Ridge High School is a school of many students and many faculty members that all blend together to be one big family. With constant encouragement to achieve academically, students have the ability to truly chase their dreams. Ashley Ridge is a school that not only one is proud to be a part of, but one that students can walk the halls feeling safe, loved, and inspired.
Ashley Ridge High School is a good school, and is without a doubt the best facility within Dorchester District Two.
The teachers were very helpful and understanding. They helped me to feel comfortable and active in class. The staff members are really nice.
What I liked about Ashley Ridge is that it was challenging and teachers really seemed to care about students.
A good variety of Honors and AP classes and opportunity to take courses in interesting areas like engineering, computer science, biomedical and other areas. Lots of academic clubs, and sports teams, ROTC, volunteer opportunities.
I love Ashley Ridge because of the various academic opportunities available to the students. There is an unlimited amount of clubs and organizations that students can get involved in to enjoy their high school experience even more. To top it all off, Karen Radcliffe, the principle, is absolutely amazing. I never knew a principle to care so much about their school and the students and be so supportive. She is at majority of the athletic, academic, or extracurricular events cheering on her students and encouraging them. She does everything she can to make sure that Ashley Ridge students are the best they can be and that the school is run efficiently.
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I truly felt safe, learned a lot, made great friends, and always had a school activity to participate in.
Very clean school. Academics are great, athletics are improving. Students are involved in the school and it is practically a family.
It was a relatively alright experience. We have a lot of good programs, and a good set of students. Things I would like to see change is equal treatment of alternative athletic activities, such as color guard.
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