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I have attended this school since Kindergarten, and I will be graduating in May. Going to an all girls school is nice because the "distraction" of boys is not present, but it gets old after a while. There are only ~50 students in each grade, so you get to know almost everybody.
In recent years, I have found that some departments have been lacking. There is too much emphasis on the music and arts, rather than what will be more beneficial for the work world such as languages, math, and science. There are specific people in the administration that get on my nerves, but it is only a select few. The majority are great to work with.
Academics are great and for the most part, prepare the students to go off to college.
I would really like to see a change in the uniform policies and lunches . In the past years we have had a healthy lunch policy but the majority of students do not eat the school lunches and skip lunch. Some of the teachers are qualified to teach here but others are often very bad and do not teach well/ prepare for AP exams. I often find that other schools are ahead of where we are in AP courses.
The community is very welcoming and accepting. They prepare you for college and the traditions are wonderful!
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My daughter went to school here for 16 years, then attended Rice University. This school is so wonderful! She loved her teachers and they inspired her to become a great writer and a leader. She has excelled in college and has held top leadership positions on Honor Council and as President of her Residential College (and many others). Ashley Hall School has heart and soul, and will offer your child skills for them to go out into the world competitive, confident and high achieving. I cannot say enough good things about this school.
Ashley Hall provides students with a vigorous academic environment and challenges students to be innovative leaders in their community.
I’ve been at Ashley Hall for 10 years and I believe there is no better education. Ashley Hall mentally and physically prepares you for college and if you are having trouble in a subject, teachers are always there to help.
Ashley Hall is an amazing experience, in which they prepare you for each grade you are about to enter or college. Their curriculum is challenging, but that helps create a better environment and helps with your academics. They are not only focused on academics, but also offer plenty other clubs, sports, and other activities, in which create a well-rounded school.
Ashley Hall is a great school that is very academically competitive, with an intense focus on liberal arts, humanities, and class discussions. I have found that this encouraging school environment has driven me to do very well, and given me more academic motivation then I have ever had.
Amazing, nurturing school offering top-notch individualized education. Dedicated teachers and staff. Gorgeous facilities. I have learned so much there.
I loved my experience at Ashley Hall. All of the teachers and faculty were amazing and I made friends for live there.
Ashley hall is not all it is played out to be. The school advertises it to be very diverse and a welcoming place which is far from the truth. The teachers put limited in to helping students and the school lacks grabbing students attention in classes by having few to none hands on activities to relate to subjects taught in class. The sports lack equipment and are not focused on. Some teachers can lack compassion for students and even make rude comments in class. The lunches are bland and lack to extravagant and can make the food tastes even worse. I feel that ashley hall pays to little on big details and to much on small details.
Administration is rude and self-centered. School does not care about actual students, just how the schools appearance and reputation. Food is better with new chef as well as new nurse. Teachers significantly lack- in need of some young blood that can actually connect with and understand the students. Overall student body are elitest republicans forever fed by their parents with no diversity. They have photo shoots for all "foreign' looking student to prove how "worldly" they are. No clubs or activities, sports are weak. Highly disappointed- would never send my kid.
The nurse does absolutely nothing and is racist.
The clubs rarely meet or accomplish anything.
I hated this school with a passion.
The Harkness teaching style is atrocious.
There are some really outstanding teachers but they are balanced out by some teachers who do not meet the high standards. More do however, than don't.
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Academically, it's terrific. The one thing that has hurt the school experience is the elitist culture and lack of true diversity and acceptance of those with differences. This does not apply to faculty, but it definitely applies to students.
The all-girls environment is amazing. Communication skills are greatly developed. The main issue is that the administration doesn't seem to trust the students. It always seems as though they expect the worst from us. From dances to assemblies, they constantly are warning us not to do anything to make them look bad. It feels as though they care more about the reputation of the school than the actual girls.
At Ashley Hall, I truly believe that I have received a better education than I would in any other school in Charleston. The Ashley Hall community is incredible, and the people I have met at Ashley Hall will be life long friends. The all girls environment makes it easier to find your voice, and have confidence. Girls with the will have the ability.
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