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Ashland High school lacked diversity and an understanding of what that is. While some teachers tried to share information about it, it was not made a priority by the administration or school as a whole. Because of this lack of knowledge, it is an extremely unsafe school for students of different backgrounds. The school also puts all of its money and emphasis on the athletics and does not address the extream mental health crisis affecting the school and continues to cut programs that help support struggling students.
I do not physically attend high school. Instead, I take online courses through the Rural Virtual Academy (RVA) that are offered through the high school. For that reason, I do not have an actual connection with the high school, even if I am graduating with them.
Ashland High School, overall was a decent school. However they did/do treat kids as if they are elementary kids. They have decent teachers, some better than others in all departments. Other than that, attending sporting events, school dances, or other activities make it more enjoyable.
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During my tenure with the high school; that was five years ago, it was your average typical high school. Staff and educators are 50/50 on friendliness and grumps. some are great; some... not so much. I had my fair share of educators who could've been more helpful and treat me with more respect. Otherwise, its been updated on the infrastructure since then and I haven't been inside. From what I hear, its become quite lavish.
Ashland High School was a great high school for me to attend to prepare for college. Both the staff and students were a great group of people that I managed to get close to throughout the four years I was there. There were plenty of activities both during and after school, so I never felt bored! Excellent school overall.
Ashland High School afforded me an excellent education but was run by a flawed administration that does not always treat students with the respect they deserve.
Ashland has been an alright school to me. It is just a tough atmosphere here to coincide with. I really enjoy the teachers here they are always willing to help me if I need help in a class. They are willing to make time for me to come in on free time and get help.
Ashland High School, the joke of all high schools in the area. Not including the new renovations, there is literally no positive thing about this school. I can't even say how much I've hated being here. The academics are subpar because of poor teaching and limited choices.
My day at Ashland High start off on the right foot. Between walking through the front doors and arriving at my locker, the Teachers and I greet each other; which always puts a smile on our faces. Throughout the day I am challenged with a variety of courses, from Organic Chemistry to AP English. At lunch time, I feel like I'm at a high-end restaurant. I have five lines of food to choose from. Each line has something new everyday. As I'm getting my food, the chefs and I make small talk. Again, this communication brightens both of our days. When my school day ends, I don't leave the school. After most days, I have clubs to go to. Whether it's Drama Club or Tech Club I always have something to do. Ashland High is located by the chequamegon bay of Lake Superior. The beauty of my school matches the beauty of the greatest of the Great Lakes. Ashland High is a great school, a beautiful, my school.
The school really cares more about the sports than drama and music. Our school is getting renovations everywhere but the auditorium and music classrooms. It's a little disappointing because so many students are involved in the drama and music Department. I'm involved in the music department and I play sports. So, I'm glad there's going to be new opportunities for the athletics but, I'm still upset about nothing changing for the musically gifted students at my school.
I love the staff and I made great memories here. However, the academics do not compare to those offered at other schools. They help the kids who are falling behind but fail to help those succeeding and I think that's a problem.
This year the entrance to school from the parking lot locks once the bell rings. You have to go to the front and push a button to be let in. The front office has a camera and can see who is pushing the button. That was a big step toward making the school safer.
. The Spanish club plans Sweeties and you can go on the Spain trip if you are a member. There is also Student Council, Decca and pep band as well as marching band. I participated in sports and we have all sports available.
I don't know if I would choose this school if I could do it over. Some teachers are very good and helpful while others are not. It's very political and many cliques but I understand that could be at any school.
overall quality of teachers - There are some real good ones but there are also some not so good ones.
I enjoyed Ashland High School. It was a great experience for me and I loved the staff and teachers they were always so helpful and nice.
My school is alright with sports. only about a quarter of my school plays sports. I think we are a D2 school. I have played almost every spot that my school offers. We don't have a pool but the athletic department is poorly put together and put too much stress on the kids.
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There are not a lot of clubs. In fact I think there is only Spanish club and German clubs. Which I have attend some Spanish club meetings but I think its fun and very well put together.
There were some good clubs out there, but there could've been more. I know it's a small town, but all the more reason for more clubs and organizations.
Graduation didn't really seem real to me since I graduated early but Mr. Whiting was good at giving life pointers even though I had him for one class. He was motivating and helped motivate me to do my best once I left highschool which so far I've been doing great.
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