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Ashland high school is moderately small but there are still plenty of people. There is definitely a drug issue however. I would guess that 65 percent of the people that go here do drugs consistently or have done them before. It also is not a very diverse school- the main race by far is Caucasian.
Being the Senior Class Vice President, I feel very involved and connected with the student body at my school. I am a part of many clubs and love going to sports games to watch my friends play. I’ve had some wonderful teachers over my past four years as a student at Ashland High School, but I have definitely had my fair share of teachers that I personally didn’t admire as much. I would like to see more diversity in the school’s atmosphere in the future. The school offers seminars for all students to begin preparing for college as early as Freshmen year. I have enjoyed my four years of high school, and will most definitely miss it when I graduate in 2018.
a'ight, but we ignore a lot of problems.

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I live 20 miles away from Ashland High School and overall it was great experience attending this high school. It has rigorous academic and the teachers help the students if they are struggling. The high school also have a strong community where students can find a community of their interests
Strong literature, theater, and creative arts programs. Outdoor Charter School and Night School are great options for non-traditional students or those who struggle with the typical classes. The faculty is supportive and well-trained. There are many different options for sports and other active pursuits for boys and girls.
More racial diversity.
More understanding staff (there's plenty of understanding staff, but more is more).
For some reason people think racism is funny, or ironic.
My high school experience at Ashland High School was one of the best. I have been able to become part of a large community in a small town, bringing us close together. The teachers work their hardest to give their students every opportunity to do great. Overall, Ashland High School is an amazing school.
Ashland High School has given me opportunities to learn about what interests me as well as having a platform to speak my mind and for the most part be heard. I would change the way we idolize sports and focus on bettering our community. I would also renovate on of our largest buildings to make it accessible for students with varying ranges of abilities.
The teachers and sports are amazing. The social acceptance and diversity assures everyone will not be left out!
Ashland as a community is pretty safe and AHS reflects that. Overall, not much attention is placed on security.
Overall, the school has wonderful opportunities for students to engage in a variety of activities. Many of the teachers are wonderful although some are hard to access outside the classroom and seem a bit checked out.
It is hit and miss. Some teachers are very good.
The teachers are nice and very helpful, but there are some who don't seem overly excited to help out.
I always look forward to clubs or extra curriculars they are a blast this school does them well
If I could re live my life with a million dollars but not go to this school or re live my life and go to this school but not get the million dollars I would choose the latter
Teachers are amazing they want you to succeed I haven't ever seen teachers this devoted to your success
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The teachers at Ashland High School are very well educated on the subjects they teach, and are sure to teach in a way that their students can learn easiest and remember well. The workload is a bit heavy, but that is what comes with extended knowledge. There is a diverse amount of classes offered at this school, such as classes on different religions, which are truly intriguing.
Michelle Zundel, principal until 2015, made sure that Ashland High School was a very safe school for all her students. Safety precautions such as fire, earthquake, intruder alert, and bomb threat drills happened monthly, so that everyone would know what to do in case of emergency. The school is protected with on-campus police forces, as well as security cameras that are patrolled constantly for any mischievous behavior.
There are many opportunities for everyone to find a club they can say they belong to. Every club is led by very dedicated individuals with great leadership qualities. Many are recreational, "fun" based clubs, but there are also many educational clubs based on helping others succeed. For example, the STC (Student Teacher Center) is the best place for students to get peer reviews and help from a higher intelligent being- student or teacher.
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