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Not bad, just wished the principals cared more tbh. I just think they care more about appearances than the actual state of the student
Academics, teachers, and college readiness within the honors track in all subjects are beyond expectations. Diversity is poor and facilities are currenly under construction.
I enjoyed the attention that was given to the arts and sports programs. Teachers are truly dedicated to their students wellbeing and education. I hope to soon see the teacher receive more appreciation from their higher ups.
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My class size is huge I currently go to the Career Tech High School and we don't get any of the stuff that the kids my home school do. My home school is Ashland High school. They do a pretty terrible job of keeping us up to date with what is going on.
My experience at Ashland high school has been nothing short of wonderful. The teachers, students, and all staff and faculty have influenced the way I approach life and see it in a new way. The programs I have been involved with have gotten me ready for real life experiences and have fully prepared me to take on the task of college, and life in general. I truly am blessed to have been a part of such an amazing school with such amazing people that truly care about where I go and where I’m at in life. I will remember my time at Ashland high school forever, and it will always have a place in my heart.
I like Ashland because it's small enough if you need help, you can find it easily. Some typical drama here, but it's a great school.
The staff at Ashland High School goes above and beyond to see that every student is doing their best. If they are not the teachers work endlessly and tirelessly to see that they will improve. Ashland High School also does a great job at recognizing that not every student is preparing for college and lets students explore other options like the military and work force.
Great experience in high school. Ashland was a great place to go to school and I always felt safe. Definitely boring for older college students but a great place to grow up.
The best part about Ashland High School is the teachers. Most teachers genuinely want their students to succeed, and they do everything they need to in order to ensure this. The science, math, and music departments are especially good. Throughout my four years in high school, I participated in many different sports and clubs, all with great coaches, teammates, advisors, and members. This enabled me to pursue various passions as well as discover new interests and meet new people. Without these opportunities, my time in high school would have been much different.

In terms of the school itself, Ashland prepared me well for college and the rest of my life. While I challenged myself with a more rigorous course load, I was always able to get help when needed. The classes that I took certainly aided me in terms of standardized testing, and my scores always reflected the hard work I put in and the quality instruction I received.
I loved Ashland cause it had good people and the education was amazing. The teacher were very easy to get along with. Best high school in Ohio
Ashland High School has a wide variety of activities and clubs that you can be a part of. The staff cares about your future and wants you to do well in life, and there is constant support from everyone. With all of these pros, however, the school lacks a cultural diversity.
Very little diversity and only a small handful of students are in a track for academic achievement. This being said - there are a handful of truly outstanding teachers and administrators. They need to improve academic accessibility for classes "outside the box" and re-think internal policies. Sports are revered as with any school and are very diverse with tennis and swimming offered as well.
I had a wonderful experience at Ashland High School. The teachers were very caring and really connected with you. The atmosphere was pretty good, except sometimes it can get hectic. Also, there is a lot of athletic favoritism at the school. There is wonderful AP classes and college class opportunities. I had a great four years!
Ashland High School has been my home for the past 4 years, and it has overall been a fantastic experience. There are many different activities to engage in, and different outlets for everyone. With Ashland University as an option for classes as well, it is easy to find something one enjoys. The different programs in the school are well developed, and prepare students for college. For those who plan to go straight into the workforce, Ashland provides ways to prepare them as well. Ashland High School also finds many ways to get involved and help the community, whether through clubs or different school sponsored events. I have had an amazing experience at Ashland High School, and feel ready to move into the next chapter of my life.
The school has great atmosphere as well as intelligent intuitive staff who really enjoy teaching. #Arrowdomination has really united our school and everyone in it be the absolute best they can be through, whether it be through academics, sports, or creativity in ideas for around the school. Although i will only spend one year at AHS before I graduate, I will look back fondly on the time, the people, and the experiences I encountered.
Ashland High School is in a well-balanced and supportive community. I am currently a senior, and I am loving life. With the help of the school's guidance counselors, I was able to put in the work to free up my schedule for this year. Now I focus all my time and energy in the areas that I love. I am heavily involved in the Drama Club, and even more involved in the music department. I play two instruments in the school's orchestra, and I am student director of Ashland's Acapella Choir. I am a member of Ashland High School's National Honor Society chapter, which has helped me find volunteer opportunities (that I love, by the way) in the area. Many more clubs and programs are available at Ashland High School as well. It is not heaven on Earth, but no place with the words "high school" in it is. Ashland High School, however, is the best place with the words "high school" in it.
Overall, my experience at Ashlamd High School has been very positive. I have enjoyed participating in the various honors classes as well as clubs and other extracurricular activities. One unique thing that the high school offers is Latin; most public schools do not offer this language. I took Latin and was thrilled by the amazing teacher and the amount of knowledge I gained. Another thing that I love about Ashland High School is that the students and the community are both very engaged in the different athletic events. The stadium is always full at the Friday night football games! Though all these are compelling reasons for me to choose Ashland High School if I could "do it all over," I still believe that the teachers deserve the most credit. I know that some of the truly amazing teachers I have had I will remember for the rest of my life.
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Most of the teachers at Ashland High School love what they do. A lot of teachers are so enthusiastic that it's very hard to feel bored in class. Almost all of the staff is very knowledgeable in their subject. If a student is struggling, the teachers are more than happy to help. They are very flexible and are willing to work with the students' schedules. As long as students are willing to work and communicate with the staff, anyone can succeed.
There are so many things to choose from, and whatever you choose you are guaranteed to have fun.
My experience at this school was amazing. I would definitely choose this school again because of the togetherness of everyone. It was one big happy family.
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