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I go to school at Ashland high school. I been going to ashland school all my life. My time at Ashland has been bitter sweet. The things enjoy the most at Ashalnd is the sports they have and my senior sponsors. I feel should work on the food that they cook. They should work on school in general.
The school is very small so everyone knows everyone business.
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The workload is an easy workload that we have to get ourselves use to doing things on our own . The curriculum is sometimes difficult to we students . Us as students make sure we at least try to get our work done if not understood.
There are after-school activities that are more like sports or making the halls look better for different things. These after school activities or programs i wish may improve over the years to become more helpful to we students. The administrator wants tries to help us strive for our best
Parents also have other things to strive hard to make sure that the student needs.
The teachers do the best to strive hard to make sure all of we students are to the point we can understand things we don't understand.
The workload is difficult some days i have several tests in one day.
There's not many extracurricular activities.
In all honesty my favorite experiences are the senior trips .
Since I've been at this school only two teachers have taught me effectively and made sure I was very aware of what was going on .
The safety at my school could be better for the students and the teachers but sadly my school does not have enough money for that.
There alright but should be more for the school.
Parents are very involved in the students and school.
All of the teachers are great at there jobs.
the parents in ahs are very active and helping when it come to the children and their well being
the teachers are great at ahs. you couldn't ask for anything more.
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We don't have many clubs to chose from. The beta club is amazing !
The school is okay , but it could be better. We barely take field trips or have anything exciting going on, but we do work hard! We went from the bottom of the grade scale, to the top of the grade scale since I have been in school.
Although some of the teachers at AHS need improvement, most of them genuinely care about their students. Ms. Sandy Childs is awesome!
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