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This school is dedicated to its students and wants the best for them in the future! We now have a therapy dog at our school named Huxley and he has made students so happy in the halls. There are electives for everyone at the school and it gives a great opportunity for students to expand their knowledge!
Ashland High School is a good school overall but the administration isn’t that great, they do a very poor job communicating with parents, and they need to practice safety drills more often.
Ashland High School offered excellent schooling that actually prepared me for college. I felt as though the material challenged me and allowed me to gain skills that are necessary to do well in college. The atmosphere that the students are placed in wasn't ideal for learning, but those who wish to learn will succeed.
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I would say it is a pretty average high school. We don't have a huge course catalog and diversity is lacking but the community is good and that makes up for its short comings.
Being at Ashland high school had its ups and downs but mostly positive things. They were honored with the "best high schools' award by the US news and world report. They had a variety of programs although I wish they could have expanded on the engineering field. One thing that I wish they could change is to have more approachable teachers.
Overall the school prepares the students incredibly well for college. Teachers and admin are friendly and encourage academic excellence. They also care about student well being, especially with a focus on mental health.
I have enjoyed many different things at my time at AHS. The community making me feel welcome as soon as I stepped into the building for the first time. The number of extracurriculars you can participate in, such as sports or clubs. The amount of friends and memories I have made at my time here is amazing to me. I never thought I would leave this place changed the way I did. And the number of things out of school like sports games, school dances, talent shows, the school play or musical, band concerts, anything to stay connected to the school life and the other students. If anything at AHS could change it should be student involvement! Students for some reason always feel scared to participate in things and end up regretting it afterward.
The teachers are very average. They don’t connect with the students. The food is terrible. The athletics are alright.
Great school with lots of opportunities. Countless clubs and activities to keep you busy. If there is something that is not available, you can very easily start a new club at the school.
I enjoyed my four years at Ashland High School, The community is very close and everyone at the school wants to help you succeed not only as a student but as a person. The administration and teachers all care very deeply for their students.
Ashland High School is a slightly above average school that is quite liberal, allowing students some freedoms in certain aspects. There are good clubs to join, with some focus on college preparedness that has been increasing in recent years, so hopefully that continues to be focused on. The academics have a diverse range though the school does lack the funds and resources to offer as many classes as would be preferred almost at one point only offering one language because of the lack of such resources. Sports would probably be a weakness for Ashland, with some good athletes but not due to training with Ashland usually but rather with outside clubs or teams.
Safe experience with teachers that seem invested in their students. Safety is a large factor from admin down to low-level staff. Kids that can learn are pushed to do their best while kids less interested in their schooling are still put into education programs that urge them to continue their studies. School spirit varies between grades, but teachers all support the initiatives.
Ashland High School is a great school community, but I often find that my teachers don't want me to do well in their classes. I understand that I take honors classes, and that they should be challenging, but it seems unfair to make tests so long that no one can finish them or tell your students that their grades are too good, and threaten to bring them down.
Great education system, great teachers, and a supportive environment. The school makes alot of effort to support their students and create a positive environment with lots of clubs and opportunities.
Pretty typical suburb public school. I had a generally positive experience but I mean it's still high school so not that great haha. I loved most of my teachers.
Half of the teachers were great, the other half had no idea what they were doing. The ones who didn't know what they were doing taught the students nothing, making them ill-prepared in following years (especially in subjects like math where the material builds based on what you learned last).
I love Ashland High School but there is also things i do not love about it, I love the special education department in which i am in, I think that the teachers are really nice in here and they show support for every kid.
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I enjoy Ashland High School because I enjoy the student teacher relationships that I see being built everyday. I also like the availability of teachers or other students that can help you when you need the extra support.
Bad Teachers! Wouldn't do again!
Don't take Chemistry with Ms. Sherman!!!
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