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Being in rural Kansas, Ashland High School does not have much access to a wide variety of teachers. Therefore, students don't really have much of an option as to what classes they want to take. With that being said, our school feels very safe. (And, the food is excellent!)
It is a very small school with not a lot of diversity. For the most part, students are exclusive. Although, there is no bullying.
I participate in the all school play and cheerleading. The cheerleading program is okay. It has improved but could still be better. I am involved in the all school play and that is tons of fun. I love all of the few students that are involved with me. It is a program that is slowly growing and improving. The people that organize the all school play are very passionate about the play and do everything they can to put on an excellent show and give the students a quality experience.
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The only activity I have been involved in at Ashland High School is the cheerleading. It has been a fairly good experience.
Although this school is not my favorite, I have to give it credit for safety. There is no bullying at our school. Although kids can be mean and exclusive, no violence occurs at school.
This school is located in an extremely small Kansas community. Everyone will be in your business. It is not advised to move to this town from somewhere else because everyone already has their social groups picked out. From personal experience, I moved to this school a year ago and I have yet to be reached out to. Most people at this school are extremely close minded. I would not come back to this school if I could do it all over again.
We have a great principle who is very involved with the students. He is constantly seeking new ways to improve everyone's experience at Ashland High School. However, I have been disappointed with the academics of our school. I attended a private school for the first two years of high school. During those years I was expected to be excellent in everything I did. The work was hard and I always had homework, but I was learning how to learn on my own and do it well. My junior year I transferred to Ashland High School and was immediately shocked by the poor academics and low motivation. Students are spoon fed all of their work. It's no wonder most kids are failing in almost every academic level. This is a problem that needs to be fixed in many schools nation wide. Get teachers that can actually teach in a way that will motivate students to succeed.
I know it is difficult to make a hot meal for a couple hundred kids everyday so I try not to complain too much, but there definitely could be serious improvements. Most of the students find the food acceptable and can get enough to eat. However, the ones who are hungry enough to eat a whole meal usually end up a little nauseous. As for nutrition, they always have a salad bar open with vegetables and other interesting foods, but the hot meal is tasteless and orange most of the time.
We have a very kind counselor at our school who makes sure seniors are registered for ACT tests and scholarships, but she can only do so much. College and military representatives of all types are invited to the school and students are allowed to ask all the questions they need. Between those things, students need to look to their own future and get there however they can, knowing this school would support them the whole way.
My school offers various academics and extra curricular activities and is high ranked in national testing. The school's program is neither difficult nor easy, but is well balanced between projects, homework, and tests. There are few AP classes, however there are teachers certified to offer classes for college credit through a program at Dodge City Community College. The small community helps education thrive due to more personal teaching methods adapted to each class, offering the students applicable knowledge.
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