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Ashland-Greenwood High School Reviews

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Our school nurse is also our secretary, drug dogs come in once every 2-3 months.
The sports seem to trump over all other extracurriculars but that is to be expected, FBLA and FFA are some of the best in the state along with the band!
It is an enjoyable school, the community is the perfect size. People know who you are but they aren't involved in all your business. The school spirit is incredible!
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The teachers are 100% for the students!
There is very little selection of extracurricular. The teams are also not very good.
There isn't anything special with the school. There isn't enough activities, which other local schools have.
There are few good teachers. Most don't push the students to do better.
Yikes. Ashland is a trainwreck of a school with few resources for students and multiple teachers who act inappropriately. Sports are the main focus of the school to the point that is detrimental to the social situation for students. Additionally, test scores are more important than learning and progress.
It's a small town, everyone knows everyones face and name. Don't let that scare you though, it's actually really comforting to be able to get to know all the kids you will be sitting on the stage with when graduating.
Teachers are always available after school, so if you ever have a question or need help you can go in. They actually encourage us to do so.
FBLA is a organization that gets students involved in the community and school
The food is average. It is healthy, there are options.
The school is general is very friendly. The teachers and students are very welcoming. You almost never hear about bullies.
The condition of the school is perfect, very clean and everything works. The counselor is very understanding and good at his job.
The most popular club there is to join is FBLA or FBLA. They are very fun clubs and everyone involved seems to enjoy them.
It is a very friendly school. Everyboby knows each other and everyone is welcome.
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