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Overall, my experiences with Ashland have been fairly average, the last two years of my education has been split between this and a technical center. I see many of my peers not being college ready, there is very little diversity, and the culture is very similar throughout. But overall, it has always been a small community, but there is always room to grow.
I moved here in the middle of my senior year and they were so welcoming and the academics here are amazing the teachers are so helpful and I'm beyond glad I came here for my senior year
Ashland District School’s goal was to help all students achieve their diploma. The teachers would help out even when you didn’t deserve another chance. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to any other highschool.
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Very small and close knit school. If you like sports there are no tryouts so you are automatically on the team. The food is not that good. The teachers, for the most part, love their job and try the best they can to teach us.
We don't have too many issues.
We have a wide variety of extracurriculars
Our arts programs are very respected and successful
A couple of teachers are not at all engaging
Our teachers are experienced and do whatever possible for us to achieve our academic goals
Our school is brand new and top quality in all resources.
There is some sort of bullying that takes place in school, but most of the time is teasing and our school officials take good care of it. Overall, health and safety policies at this school are highly enforced.
Our whole school staff does whatever possible to enforce school policies and rules.
At my school, Sports are probably our biggest extra-curricular activity. I can think of seven sports organizations kids at my school are involved with. Those sports include soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, golf, volleyball, and skiing. Our school also has an outing club which many students are in.
There really isn't many extracurricular activities. There's sports and FFA, but that's it.
I wish there was more students. It's a very small school.
Most teachers are awesome. There's a few that lose papers often and don't teach the material though
We have a very good bullying policy. There really isn't many problems with the administration and policies. We are allowed to have phones in between classes and at lunch.
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The bullying policy isn't very god, the teachers just really want the problem to go away. I don't think that they care to deal with it. The health teacher does a really good job about teaching us the effects of drugs and all that, but I think that it just gets kids more interested in trying them.
The level of enthusiasm put towards the extracurricular is great! The coaches are really involved, and as a small school it's great that we can at least do some sports.
My experience has been awesome so far. I like the fact that all the faculty as well as the students are open to new students no matter what their background or ethnicity is. Don't get me wrong my high school still has clicks/groups, but everyone is willing to help the new kid(s) fit into a group. Also the teachers are willing to help if you are having trouble in any of your classes. If I had to do high school all over again my current school would definitely be my first choice.
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