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The Ashford, CT School District has excellent school. The teachers are wonderful . They are invested in making sure the child learns and receive a fantastic education.
We moved to Ashford last year and my kids have absolutely thrived! My fifth grader finally feels challenged and excited about school. It is apparent the principal and staff care a great deal about the children and their education. I have been most impressed by their approach to science and also the robotics program.
Ashford is a great school vary helpful and understanding to ones needs and they put the real meaning to them being there for you I have nothing but good things to say about Ashford and appreciate all that they have done for me and my future
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It was nice to stay in the same school building for so many years, because I got to really know all my classmates and teachers. I wish school systems in general would take bullying more seriously, because I was bullied a lot through school and even when reported, teachers didn't do much about it which is a huge let down.
The school nurse is very competent, and follows the necessary procedure for a school nurse to the T. Anti-bullying forces are strong, and the teachers and other school employees are always on the watch for signs of mental illness in students, especially depression. There were no large technological security measures or police services at the school when I left, but that may have changed. Fire and lockdown drills are common and respected. As a whole, it is very safe- the only reason I didn't give it 5/5 was because I don't think the safety of the school has actually been tested in a real-life scenario.
I would definitely choose this school again if I had the chance to. The small community breeds a lot of familiarity between students, so friendships become strong and intimate. Even the teachers are allowed to know everyone on a much more personal level, so, for the most part, when they do not need to be administrative, they can be as friendly and peer-like to the students as they are with one another.
Most of the teachers care very deeply about the students and take an interest in their lives, making sure to be conscientious of the students' concerns and communicating well with them. The excpetions to this tend to be neutral, but these are not common. They are all skilled in their areas, and there is never any fear that the class will fall behind and not cover certain material.
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