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I like that some of the teachers are very involved with helping the students and help students get the resources they need for personal and academic problems. I'd like some of the academics to change and more foreign languages to be offered.
My experience is very good so far at Ashford. The reason I go to this school is because my mom went here when she was in high school. This school is great and helps a lot when you are a new student at the school.
I would have liked to see opportunities such as ROTC, track and field and more interneships available for students at Ashford High School.
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Ashford Highschool is a fairly clean and we'll kempt school and is recommended if you're interested in taking general classes in a generally nice environment. If you're interested in taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes then I'd suggest looking elsewhere. While this school offers an Honors Program it is unfortunately not very different than general classes aside from stricter deadlines for assignments and extra work to complete from the same level of difficulty in most subjects. There are a few honors core subjects that simply put you doing work of the general classes in the grade above you, but no higher than that and none of it goes towards college credit nor does honors placement provide additional help for students looking for extra merit to add to thier transcripts.
I have been a student at Ashford Junior High and High School for six years now and seem to be fairly familiar with the campus and how things work. I have watched as the administration worked to make the school a better environment for everyone around. The teachers here do their best to ensure you get the knowledge you need to be ready for college. With part of our school including older buildings, our campus is not a clean as we all would like it to be, however; the students could be the cause of some of the uncleanliness also. To make a difference, every student would have to be willing to put forth the effort. With the students cleaning up after themselves, much of the trash lying around could be eliminated.
Ashford High School is a good school because you meet a lot of different people. Although, I think they need better teachers and help prepare students better for college and work life. Most students that graduate from Ashford High School are ill-prepared for life outside of high school.
I love Ashford because the teachers are very helpful and keep students in class they push us to our education I would not want anything to change
My favorite thing about Ashford High School is the small town atmosphere. Teachers and students alike are very close and really know each other. They never hesitate to lend a helping hand where needed. The only thing I would change about Ashford High School is the academic opportunities offered. Presently, there is only one duel enrollment class offered and no AP classes. Spanish is also the only foreign language class offered and classes in the arts are limited.
The teachers and counselors were very helpful with anything I needed! They offered all the classes I needed along with dual enrollment. Some of the students aren't that friendly but I got around just fine.
Since my school is in a small community feeliing unsafe is not as common as in a large city. Bullying is not really a problem at my school since almost all the students are close to one another and stick up for each other. Although we do not have a security guard at our school we have doors that can only be opened by ringing a bell so that administrators can see who is about to enter before they allow them to come in. We have a wonderful school nurse who is well trained and ready to help if someone is ill or gets injured. I am completely satisfied with health and safety in my school.
Our school has many great clubs such as Key Club, Robotics, Drama Club, Beta club, SGA, First Priority, FBLA, sports, and band. The only issues our school has with clubs is that not many students are involved, although the students that do participate are very involved. This year to try to increase club participation we had a day for club officers to talk about their club and why students should join. Another problem we run into with clubs is members come up with great ideas but not of our clubs receive funds so in order to do anything the club must raise its own money. This prevents our clubs from accomplishing all the things they could if they had outside funds.
I attend a school in a small community allowing us to get to know our classmates well. This allows students to study in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable. It also means that are school is very involved with the community; when something bad happens to somebody or there is a natural disaster in our community some organization in our school is there ready to lend a helping hand. Attending a small school like mine has taught me the meaning of helping people and lending a helping hand when needed.
The majority of our teachers are amazing people who love teaching and helping kids. They are always there to help students if they need it. Our teachers interact well with the students and get to know them well since I attend a small school.
the school nurse is great. shes fantastic and she does her job well. we have a school resource officer that comes on campus every now and then. the bathrooms are gross and the cafeterias are somewhat clean.
im in band and the band gets no support and gets laughed at. nobody appreciates it. the clubs are very basic and they dont really do too much of anything. the teachers are tired because of all the others things they have to do besides teach and cant teach properly and the students are tired from the heavy work loads
i honestly wouldnt want to do school all over again its just to stressful and i have way to many friends who have graduated and went to college who tell me that we as highschoolers have more homework than they do in college.
Every teacher is different. very few teach well, some dont teach well and a couple dont teach at all. most teachers do stick to their grading styles, however some teachers like to change up confusing us as students because then we dont know what to expect. i have one particular teacher who is amazing at what she does and truely geniuniely learn in her classroom and her material sticks with me outside of the classroom. other teachers simply want us to just memorize stuff.
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My over all experience would be amazing. I have learned so many things became friends with some of the greatest people, and the teachers never give up on you.
Athletics are a very important part of this school. Students as well as members of the local community participate in supporting the athletics.
The teachers at my high school are devoted to their students and their success. Many work to adequately prepare students for life beyond high school. The teachers are very supportive and encouraging of all students.
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