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I experienced severe bullying at my last school. The teachers weren't supportive, and everyone cheated on tests. Asheville School is the opposite! No body would dare to cheat EVER!!!!! Nobody is unkind and the teachers are almost more supportive than the average parent! It is insane how much love there is in the community. All of the students actively participate in sports and the arts. We have an exceptional mountaineering program and EQUESTRIAN team! There are a bunch of horses, and this year there is a 4 month old horse. The dorms are friendly and the friends are forever. I strongly recommend this school. The diversity is amazing for a southern, christian school. There are many international, black, and lgbt students. It is an excepting community that I am proud to be a part of. I am only a sophomore, but I see life in a better way now. Before I doubted everyone, now I believe in people.
Asheville School has unparalled academics that truly set you up for the upcoming college work ahead. The administration is constantly involved in the student lives, and teachers are more than qualified to teach. The campus is beautiful, with rolling hills and trees that turn bright shades of orange, yellow, and red during the fall. I would highly recommend attending!
The best quality education for the students stable mental and moral development, which comes from a strong bond to the community. The faculty members and friends you meet here become your lifelong mentors and buddies. The school offers diverse opportunity to the students and support them in many ways.
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Asheville School is a community and academic focused school. The faculty are incredibly dedicated to every student's success and growth within the community. I love every moment I had there.
Asheville School was the best decision I (and my parents) ever made. The school's size makes it a warm, familiar community where the faculty are fully engaged and involved. The sports program allows students to try new things, never turning anyone away because of ability (or lack thereof). I could go on and on, but Asheville School genuinely changed my life. I met my best friends for life there, and wouldn't change a thing.
My years at Asheville School were amazing. I learned so much, not just academically but about myself! I was taught and mentored by a wonderful administration that cared about my growth as a person. Because of the great experience that I had, I recommend people to Asheville ALL THE TIME!!
My four years in Asheville School are probably some of the most valuable moments in my life.

The school helped me grow in terms of mind, body, and spirit. The rigorous academic program and supportive faculty (almost over)prepared me for life in a college with a tough academic program. The various extracurricular activities let me try things that I had never even thought I would do or be interested in. Moreover, the school atmosphere based on honor and kindness helped me become a person who values honesty and the presence of others in a community.

With upcoming investments in athletics, the arts center, technology, dorm life, etc., the school will become an even better place for growth.

Most importantly, Asheville School was a place that I could call home. Even after graduation, I always receive a warm welcome from alumns, current students, and faculty during alumni events or visits. Good to know that my "home away from home" will always be there waiting for me.
I attended Asheville School as a day student and it was such an amazing experience. I loved the rich history and traditions there and made lifelong friends with whom I'm still very close (nearly 15 years later). The faculty were competent and caring, the facilities were well kept, and the community was truly nurturing. Of course, nothing is perfect - but for any flaws, faults, or shortcomings this school might have, I believe it is a wonderful place and I was more than prepared for college when I graduated. I love my alma mater. I know not everyone had the same experience as I did, but I really value my time there and would recommend it to anyone interested in attending.
Asheville School was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. In addition to making life-long friends, I learned more about myself than I ever thought imaginable. I was pushed both academically and personally to be a better student, and perhaps most rewarding, a better person.

Academically, AS provided continual support and encouragement by the faculty. AS also required participation in some sort of afternoon activity. This environment encouraged students to jump into the unknown. Finally, I met my closest friends, some of whom are all over the world. I don't think I appreciated the importance of this opportunity at the time, but I certainly appreciate it now. Now more than ever, I can't overstate the importance of exposure to other cultures.

My review comes with 1 caveat: Asheville School is not right for every student. It was right for me. Hands down. It opened doors mentally, personally, and years later, professionally.
My daughter absolutely loves Asheville School. The close community, the dedication of teachers, rapport with classmates, co-curricular offerings ... stellar!
Best three years of my life. I can't say enough about the positive impact my time there has had on my life. The community, culture, and campus are second to none.
I love Asheville School. The four years I spent there were some of the best of my life. The academics are rigorous and prepared me extremely well for college. However, the best part about Asheville School is the strong sense of community that is felt on campus. While I was there, I truly felt at home. I cherish the relationships I forged with both students and faculty, and I know that they will last a lifetime.
Asheville School's impact on my life is profound. It is a community in every sense of the word. The faculty not only teach, but also coach, counsel, and nurture in and outside of the classroom. The relationships built by students last a lifetime. Asheville School fully prepared me for college as well as life by instilling the importance of community and building meaningful relationships.

I will always be grateful for my time spent in the mountains learning how to have a conversation rather than text on a cell phone, for the English teacher who supported and encouraged my love of writing and asked hard questions, for the field hockey coach who ran hill sprints with us, and for the classmates and friends who supported the culture where working hard was the norm.
I attended The Asheville School and enjoyed my four year experience. The academics were challenging and prepared me for an easy transition into the workload at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
I was very fortunate to have been able to attend Asheville School. The academics are challenging but my preparation for college was more than I could have ever expected. As a student you recognize that each faculty member has a genuine care about your well-being and is invested in your growth as a young adult. The sports facilities are state of the art and offer everything from groomed playing fields, weight rooms, gymnasiums and an indoor pool! The arts program is also stellar including theater, and music programs. Asheville School is an exemplar of diversity with a strong percentage of its student body being from abroad. I would recommend that anyone considering Asheville School to visit. Once you drive up Asheville School Road and look to your left and gaze upon the rolling hills and Mount Pisgah you will understand why so many people, regardless of where you are in the world, call this wonderful place home. Go Blues!
Our son graduated from the Asheville School in 2011. He had a remarkably positive experience there - academically, athletically and socially. We, as parents, were impressed with the tenor and pace of communications from the School. This boarding school, nestled in the mountains with a stunning view of Mt. Pisgah, provided a nurturing environment in a purposefully small, close-knit community, while at the same time expecting high standards for performance in the classroom. The Honor Code provides the students with clear guidance about school rules and policies, and helps to inculcate values of integrity and, when appropriate, personal growth. The very best thing about the school is its stellar faculty. Their expertise in teaching is top notch, and their caring attitude for each student remarkable. I highly recommend The Asheville School to any family considering a small boarding school with high academic standards.
I am extremely grateful for my four years at Asheville School. The life lessons and experiences I gained while attending are a background I would not have had in my life otherwise. I wouldn't know I had missed out, but I would have. The academics and reputation speak for themselves, but the intangibles of college preparedness and "life-readiness," while difficult to quantify or measure, are the learned skills at Asheville for which I am most thankful.
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The faculty and staff are totally committed to supporting and enriching the lives of students and their families. The students are generally kind, compassionate, motivated, and they buy into the idea of participating fully in the life of the school community. Also, you could not ask for a more beautiful setting.
I graduated from Asheville School in 2016 and just went back this past weekend to visit. I was immediately thrown back into the camaraderie, community, and comfort that is this amazing school that I had the pleasure of graduating from. At my current university, I feel more than prepared for what college life has thrown at me, thanks to everyone involved at AS. The tight-knit community allows you to form deep personal relationships beyond the classroom and I believe that that is extremely rare in the education system today - public or private. I could write about how much Asheville School has shaped me into who I am today for many pages but I highly encourage that anyone who is even the slightest bit interested in this place, to go on a tour, so that you can see my words come to life on the most beautiful and inspiring campus that I had the utmost pleasure of attending. Go blues!!
Life changing. The three years I spent at the school were some of my best and prepared me for success in life. It's a small tight-knit community where everyone knows and cares about one another.
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