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I really enjoy the classes offered at Asheville High School, but I wish the counselors would work more with the students to make sure the students get the classes they need and are interested in. The teachers that I have experience with are all amazing and work closely with the students to make sure they receive the help that they need. Clubs offered at Asheville High School are lacking in variety.
Asheville High is an excellent high school. It's diverse, engaging, and students are presented with many opportunities no matter what their grade level is. My experience at Asheville High has definitely been a memorable one, and I would recommend any upcoming freshman to attend the school as a student. Asheville High definitely has a lot of school spirit, and even if you're not the most outgoing, its spirit is clearly recognizable and it becomes a strong part of your identity over time. Asheville High does it's absolute best to set up all its students for success. Overall the atmosphere is very enjoyable and safe. The only thing I have to complain about is that the school lunches are not the best, so I would recommend brining your own lunch if able!
Asheville High has very good teachers and advanced classes to offer. However, it does struggle with funding and a constantly changing administration.
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I love this school. The band program is amazing. It is a hit or miss with the teachers. but those teachers just have different teaching styles. The school is very accepting of all races, religions, and sexual orientation. It's a very open school. There are so many options for non-academic classes. There is no popularity contest, you find your friends and won't be judged. There is a community college across the street and many many students take college-level courses for free. I overall like the school a lot.
My high school experience was fairly decent. I was mainly involved with the arts programs, that was the best part about high school because of the art programs.
I enjoy school my school because there is a lot of kindness that circulates. Of course Asheville High has its problems, as all high schools do, but it is still a nice place to be (especially compared to all of the other high schools in my area).
Fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed my high school experience. Great teachers, great course selection. Sports teams are fun to watch with an energetic student body.
Asheville high school is a good school academically, and most teachers are decent at their jobs. There were a few complete jokes though. I couldn't help but feel incredibly bored by the (though good and standard) curriculums and boring textbook assignments. Coming from a hands-on learning school, it could have been more engaging and fun.
Asheville High School is an amazing public high school. Asheville high prepares their students for college, w/ a college campus feel, and rigorous courses to help push students. The teachers he're generally care about the students, and will go out their way to see you succeed. The only thing that I would want to see changed is the cafeteria food, and that's all.
I have really enjoyed attending Asheville High school. It has a vast variety of classes for all the different interests that the students may have at the school. It also offers many AP and college level classes in many different subjects which allow the students to achieve a higher level of understanding while increasing their GPA.
I liked many of the teachers and quality of the education that they were able to provide in varying class sizes. There were many AP courses to choose from, which really helped enhance my education, and reach higher levels of excellence. But given the fact that the majority of the top 150 students in each class take those courses, they aren't required to take the state/standardized exams, and therefore the school's reports and rankings/scores seem a lot lower than they actually would be, and do not accurately reflect the learning of the entire student body.
I graduated from this school and now my daughter will. This has been the best school for her and her high school career.
I know It was a good experience because I would do it again. I've met friends I will have the rest of my life. High school is such a hard time, but It wasn't so hard in such a great school.
All of my teachers liked the topic they were teaching. I felt like they gave us opportunities to struggle and grow.
We have a lot of extracurriculars, but many become forgotten and are underfunded/poorly run.
There is a problem with giving harsher punishments to black students as compared to white ones, and many students have their accomplishments ignored.
Personally my main issue with my school isn't with the teachers it's with administration.
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The extracurriculars at my school are great if you can get started with them; they're generally not advertised as well as they could be. Many are mismanaged by faculty advisors.
My school definitely has its downfalls but for the most part provides an incredibly unique experience for a student, if they seek it.
The majority of teachers don't really try, but there or 5-10 teachers there that really make up for the others. These 5-10 teachers change the way students think, study, learn, etc.
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