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The ethnic/racial diversity and the age diversity at Asher as well as the acceptance of ones sexual orientation, is shown through out the school between the staff and students alike. It is truly a place anyone can come fit in.
We do have security guards at our school, however they do not really do much. Most of the time they are found sitting in our gym. We do not have a school nurse, nor do we really have any health programs. Personal safety, you have to take matters into your own hands. In the case of stalking, the staff did not do much. Overall, the school is safe yet in an instance that something comes up you have to use your smarts, and safely.
Our school does not have an adequate gym (it is less than half the size of a traditional gym - remember, we are in an old elementary school), locker room, track, poor, weight room, soccer field, anything.
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There is one thing that makes Asher an amazing school, the teachers. I could not stress enough that without them that I would not have the drive and ambition that I do now. However, they do not have the tools that could make them so much greater. Starting with the building, it is an old Elementary building that was converted to the Alternative Education/GED prep building. The ceiling tiles have asbestos in them and are falling down and tape is used to hold up wiring in the ceiling so it does not fall on students. In two (of the four) computer labs we are still using old Dell computers with CRT monitors. In the female's restrooms, we do not even have stall doors and sometimes the sink faucets do not work. Some rooms do not have heat in the winter where as others do not have air conditioning in the summer. We do not have a library, so the English teachers have taken it upon themselves to bring in books from home to try to start something that students could have yet there are obviously no college-prep books. Our guidance counselors are not properly trained, nor do issues get resolved. For example, our graduation packets were given to us in the middle of March of 2013, yet the deadlines for our state were due in the beginning of March 2013. Many students attending do not have the money for college, relying on grants and scholarships. Also, many times our class credits get mixed up to where we are taking more/less classes needed for graduating. We do not have a bus system. Parent involvement seems a little more lax than traditional schools, yet I do see many parents attend conference more than a traditional school. As I stated in the beginning, teachers are wonderful. They will help you after class, even though they do not get paid for it, to make sure that they can help you with where you need to go.
Most of the staff is very friendly, yet how the way their jobs are handled is absolutely horrendous. When giving packets on time for graduation, they gave them late so many information for scholarships and grants did not apply to the students anymore because they were past deadline. When it came to another student that was stalking another student, nothing was done about it and the student continued. Another student had issues with their ACT, because the school has their grade incorrectly printed. Many of the counselors do not have the information that we need for college. Also, many do not have degrees in order to properly help the students.
The teachers try to teach us as much as they can in the time given. You can tell that many of them would like to teach us more than what they are restricted to. They break learning down and will you help you when needed. The thing that is amazing about teachers at Asher is that they also give you "real world" help, translating the work that we learn into how we can use it in our daily life. When I went to a traditional high school, I never received an education like I have here. My math, for example, has jumped over four grades with only one semester at the school. I am proud of the teachers that are there, and they will push you to do your best. They listen, and they will help you learn. Many of them also allow you to express yourself in the best way possible. Sadly, we do not have any AP/Honour classes at Asher, which many teachers want. The workload is evenly spaced out. What is nice about the Academics is that we have two hour classes twice a week, which prepares you for college and it makes it easier to get your work done. The only reason why I do not given the Grade an A is for the fact of how restricted the teachers are on teaching, the lack of AP/Honour classes and some school books are outdated due to the lack of funding (IE: We have math books from the late 80's for some classes).
I do not eat at the school aside from a snack in the vending machines. For the drink options we have, it is mostly soda. For the food options that I have seen (and many complain about) mostly includes greasy food: hamburgers, pizza and fries. We do have salads that are offered but the lettuce looks wilted and brown.
With being an adult education, there students that are over the age of twenty years old that are trying for their High School Diploma. All organizations, however, only take students that are twenty years of age and younger. This is unfair considering the other students (twenty one years and above) have to play in order to receive their diploma, yet we are offered no organizations that we can join. However, we do have a chess club and running club which is nice. We do not have any organizations that are that of a traditional school (track club, football team, soccer team). The teachers are very involved with helping.
There is only one reason why I am giving this school an A+: The teachers. Being twenty one years of age, it was hard going back to school after dropping out of a traditional school at the age of seventeen. The teachers here pushed me to where I want to be, and to make sure that I will be going to college. They have helped me evolve into a person that I can say that I am proud to be. Being laid back teachers, it makes learning easier. They will help you when needed, but push you as well. The teachers are the only reason why I would give this school such a high grade. Other than that, it would be a very low grade due to the poor maintaining of the school, and how the counselors and advisers do not convey proper information.
Asher, being an alternative school as it is, has a wide range of diversity when it comes to the students that attend. There is a mix between many different nationalities and sexual orientations, but that is never the issue at the school. It is not something, that like many traditional schools, focus on. Everyone there sees (for the most part) each other the same as they would themselves. Of course every school has their issues, but that is not a large one that affects Asher students.
The food is alright, made fresh daily, pizza is delivered everyday.
the teachers have their days but for the most part they can be helpful
Everyone pretty much gets along, the Teachers and Administrators are very helpful. There really isn't fighting and people just do what they need to do for themselves.
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